Monday, November 14, 2016

33 58 | MNF Preview, Bengals @ Giants, November 13, 2016 +Bengals 33rd MNF Game, Giants 58th

November 14 is the day leaving 47-days left in the year.  Ohio = 47 (Over / Under 47.5)

11/14/2016 = 11+14+20+16 = 61
11/14/2016 = 11+14+(2+0+1+6) = 34 (Giants)
11/14/2016 = 1+1+1+4+2+0+1+6 = 16
11/14/16 = 11+14+16 = 41

Week Ten = 29/38/83 (29 is the 10th prime number)

Home teams this week are 6-7.  If the Giants won, that record would improve to 7-7, if they lost, it would be 6-8 for the week.

Also, today's date leaves 83-days until the Super Bowl, or a span of 84-days.

Football = 83

The Bengals lead the series 6-3.  If they were to lose, they would be 6-4, and at the same time, the Giants would be 4-6.

New York Giants = 64/73/82/181
NYG = 46 (Giants would be 4-6 with a win)

Cincinnati Bengals = 75/84/156 (Thirty-Three = 156) (MNF = 33)

Notice this will be the 10th game between the Bengals and Giants, coming in Week 10, where Eli Manning wears #10.

Ten = 20+5+14 = 39; New York = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

As for their current season records, there could be a 'President Trump' tribute here.  He was just elected the '45th President'.  Forty-Five = 54; Fifty-Four = 54; Hell's Kitchen = 54

If the Giants lost, they would be 5-4 on the season, and the Bengals would improve to 4-4, something like '44'.  Donald Trump won the state of Ohio, on his way to becoming the 45th President, but only the 44th person to be President.  President = 47; Ohio = 44

The last time they played was November 11, 2012.  The Bengals won 31-13.

11/11/2012 = 11+11+20+12 = 54 (Sum of 44-points)

Let us examine the QBs for more clues.

Andy Dalton = 38/110 (Born October 29, 1987)
Eli Manning = 53/98 (Born January 3, 1981)

From Andy Dalton's October 29, 2016 birthday to the game is 16-days (span of 17).  His upcoming birthday is in 349-days or 350.

From Eli Manning's January 3, 2016 birthday to today's game is 316-days (span of 317).  To his upcoming birthday is 50-days (span of 51).

This will be Andy Dalton's 89th career game, and 85th regular season game.  He is playing for his 53rd win against Eli Manning.  Eli Manning = 53; National Football League = 85

At the same time, he is playing for his 35th loss all-time, or 31st loss in the regular season.

If Dalton lost, it would be his 25th road loss.  Giants = 25

As for Eli Manning, this will be his 203rd game all-time and 192nd in the regular season.

NFL = 192 (English Gematria)

He is looking for his 111th win, or 93rd loss all-time, both very special numbers to New York.  In the regular season, he is playing for win '103', or loss '90'.  After this week, his opponent is the Chicago Bears.  There might be something appropriate about the Giants earning their 103rd win against the Bears, just after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, with a 103 win season.

Eli is looking for his 55th win at home all-time, or 54th in the regular season.  We talked about how '54' connects to the election.  He could also potentially get his 111th win all-time, a big number in New York, and coming on MNF, just after a big New York Presidential election.

New York = 39/48/111

Now the head coaches.

Let us begin with Marvin Lewis.

Marvin Lewis = 55/64/73/82/145 (New York Giants = 64/73/82)

From September 23, 2016, his 58th birthday, to the game, is 52-days (span of 53).  To his upcoming 59th birthday is 313-days, a span of 314.  Eli Manning = 53

This will be Marvin Lewis's 217th regular season game, and 224th all-time.  He is playing for his 116th win, or 99th loss.  4th tie is doubtful 

If Lewis were to win this week and next week, against another New York team, the Buffalo Bills, he would have 117 total wins.  Buffalo Bills = 117

The opposing coach is Ben McAdoo of the Giants.  From his July 9 birthday to the game is 128-days, or a span of 129.  To his upcoming 40th birthday is 237-days or 238.  Notice he is the magic number in New York, "39".

Ben McAdoo = 36/72 (Monday = 27/72)

This is Ben's rookie season, so his record is 5-3, exactly what the giants are now.

Let us close out by examining the MNF history for the two teams.

For the New York Giants, this will be their 58th MNF game.  They have a historically bad record on primetime, MNF.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; 58-years since Greatest Game Ever Played

Recall, Donald Trump just won the 58th Presidential Election, this past Tuesday.

The Giants are playing for their 22nd win on MNF or their 36th loss.  Ben McAdoo = 36

What is encouraging for the Giants, is the gematria of 'twenty-two'.  Remember, this is WEEK 10.

Twenty-Two = 39; New York = 39; NY = 39; Ten = 39

Notice this will be the Bengals 33rd game on MNF.  MNF = 33

Thirty-Three = 156; Cincinnati Bengals = 156

The Bengals are playing for their 11th win in the 11th state, New York, or their 23rd loss.

Twenty-Three = 55 (Marvin Lewis = 55) (Eli looking for 55th home win)
Eleven = 27/45/63 (Monday = 27)


  1. I've got the Giants winning this one. Thanks for you're work Zach, always appreciated.

  2. 83 days till Superbowl 51 from today and a Giants win will give the NFL their 83rd home win overall for this season. It'll be 83-62 going into TNF

    83 = Football

    It will also put Week 10 Home win/loss ratio to 7-7

    77 = Championship

    Like AJAK92, I've got Giants winning too. A possible major clue for who will be in Super Bowl 51 perhaps. Like you've been saying all along.

    Thanks Zach!!

    1. Week Ten = 83

      Bye Week Seven = 51

    2. Today also marks the start of the 46th week of the year and like you said Giants trail 3-6 in the regular season against Bengals, a win for Giants will make it 4-6

    3. Are you keep the home win records for the season yourself? That was a great stat you referenced.

    4. Yup! I have each week tracked with an overall total. Currently 82-62-2 right now overall, looking for that 83!

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    6. what stats do you pay attention to on pro football reference because when I type in eli manning it says he has 102 wins but win I click on splits it says he has 103 in the reg season, so which one do we take from do we ignore the splits?

    7. I've never split before? I just use their regular season record under his picture and under passing stats, sometimes adding in playoff stats

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  4. Eli will get his 55th win next week against the Chicago bears (55).

  5. Giants win, then LOSE next week at home to the bears.
    If I'm right Eli will get his 44th home loss 44 days before his birthday, in his 193rd game. 44th prime is 193.

  6. aj green has 106 days from his previous birthday and aj green is 33 in the English reduction system, 61 is the 18th prime which aj wears, 34 has 54 sum of divisors which would be the giants record if the lose, plus if Dalton gets his 53rd win, 53 is the 16th prime

  7. Zach. Are you able to make the video on this?

  8. I think Giants will loose to be 5-4 like the Vikings.

  9. Closest Full moon in 68 years. 1948-2016
    Taurus:19, 100
    11/14/2016= 16,34,41(13th prime),61(18th prime)
    Bengals vs Giants All time record: Bengals lead 6-3 Giants are 3-6
    Full moon: 108, 63
    New York Giants: 64, 181(42nd prime)
    All time record 678-570-33
    New York: 39, 111
    Giants: 25, 70
    Eli Manning: 53 (16th prime) , 98
    13th season (6th prime)
    194th regular season game , 103 (27th prime) wins going for 104, or 91st loss
    205th overall game, 111 overall wins going for 112th win or 94th loss
    Manning vs Bengals: 3 games this will be his 4th game coming in with a 1-2 record. (1-3?)
    1/3/1981= 23 (9th prime), 85, 104,
    1/3/2016-11/14/2016= 316 days 10 months 11 days
    11/14/2016-1/3/2017= 50 days 1 month 20 days
    1/3/1981-11/14/2016= 13,099 (1558th prime) days or 35 years 10 months 11 days
    Ben McAdoo: 36,72
    39 years old. 1st year in league. 8-5 going for 9th loss or 6th loss.
    Born: 1/9/1997= 36,107 (28th prime),126
    1/9/2016-11/14/2016= 310 days 10 months 5 days
    11/14/2016-1/9/2017= 56 days 1 month 26 days
    1/9/1997-11/14/2016= 7249 days 19 years 10 months 5 days

    Cincinnati Bengals: 75, 156
    Cincinnati: 51, 96
    Bengals: 24, 60
    Andy Dalton: 38, 110
    6th season
    86th reg start 53-30-2 going for 54th win or 31st loss
    90th overall start 53-34-2 going for 54th win or 35th loss
    Dalton vs Giant: 1 game 1-0 this will be his 2nd game
    10/29/1987=37(12th prime),64,126,145
    10/29/2016-/11/14/2016=16 days
    11/14/2016-10/29/2017= 349 days(70th prime) 11 months 15 days
    10/29/1978-11/14/2016= 13896 days 38 years 16 days
    Marvin Lewis: 55, 145
    58 years old. 14 years: 115-98-3 116th win or 99th loss
    9/23/1958= 37 (12th prime) ,55,90,109(29th prime)
    9/23/2016-11/14/2016=52 days
    11/14/2016-9/23/2017= 313 (65th prime) days
    9/23/1958-11/14/2016= 21237 days 58 years 1 month 22 days
    Dalton stays at 53 wins vs Manning who equals 53? Or will Manning fall 1-3 to bengals all time in mannings 13th(6th prime) season and Daltons 6th season with date numerology of 41 the 13th prime.

    Eli Manning=53 (16th prime) on date numerology of 16. Also date numerology of 61 reflection of 16. He also has birth numerology of 104 going for his 104th win tonight in reg season.

    Dalton and Marvin both have birth numerology of 37. It the bengals win this will be a tribute to both of them and giants would then fall 3-7 vs Bengals.
    From todays date to Daltons birthday next year is 349 days or the 70th prime. Giants=70
    From daltons birthday to todays date is span of 16 days with date numerology of 16.
    Giants coach Ben Mcadoo will be 8-6 with a loss on Daltons 86th reg season start.

    I feel a lot more lines up for bengals tonight especially the 45,54 numbers that have been popular this week. Dalton is going for his 54th win all time and regular season wise as well. In his 86th start the reflection of the closest full moon in 68 years.

    1. Mcadoo record is wrong i think that was including pre season. So scratch that line

    2. The stats on Pro Football Reference is showing Dalton has 53 wins. On FootballDB it shows him to have 52 wins. We need to do more verification to how many wins Dalton has. I wonder why the two sites are different? They are usually consistent

    3. MNF is in its 45th season as well. Another 45/54 connection

    4. Similar for Manning. Pro Football Reference says he is 103-90. FootballDB says he is 102-89. Looks like the difference is Eli had 2 games he played in but didn't start in his rookie year. 1 site is counting them as starts. Uggghhhh

    5. Pro Football Reference says 102-89 for Eli

    6. yeah that's what I was saying earlier pro football reference has 103 when you click on splits for his career

  10. Giants lose cinci makes a playoff run and get the division lead

  11. any riddles on Lions? They look like the favorites now to win NFC North, every team in that division falling apart.

  12. I wonder if there is some tie-in to the Indiana Pacers vs Orlando Magic tonight.

    The game is played in Indianapolis tonight. The former head coach of the Pacers is now with the Orlando Magic, Frank Vogel.

    Frank Vogel = New York = 111 EO = 666 ES

    The next game the Indiana Pacers v Orlando Magic play is January 1st, the last day of the NFL season. Again in Indianapolis. New York plays Washington that day.

    If the Indianapolis Colts play the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, I wonder if this is some kind of clue to that.

    The current record of the Pacers and Magic entering the game is 4-6.

  13. Bengals would be 4-4-1 or 3-5-1.....the Seahawks are 6-2-1, the redskins are 5-3-1 and the cardinals are 4-4-1....having the bengals at 3-5-1 would continue the countdown

  14. Bengals(3-4-1, 1-3 Away) vs Giants (5-3, 3-1 Home)
    Bengals Win (4-4-1, 2-3 Away) Giants Loss (5-4, 3-2 Home)
    Bengals Loss (3-5-1, 1-4 Away) Giants Win (6-3, 4-1 Home)

    2014 Bengals - Week 4 Bye, 2016 Bengals Week 9 Bye (49) - Seventy seven = 49
    2014 Bengals through Week 10 - (5-3-1, 4-1-1 Home)
    2016 Bengals Loss (3-5-1, 1-4 Away) 2014 Reflection
    Bengals lost in 2014 Week 10 to the Browns. Making Bengals Home record 4-1-1. The Browns improved to 6-3, Giants can do the same also with a 4-1 Home record.
    351 Divisors = 13, 27, 39, 117
    Thirteen = 99 (Marvin Lewis 99th loss)
    Monday = 27
    New York = 39
    Buffalo Bills = 117 - Bengals game next week.

    2014 Week 10 team total points 524 points, not including the MNF total. 2016 Week 10 team total points 601 points.
    601-524 = 77. Home/Away win total coming into this game is 6-7. Giants win to make it 7-7.
    601 is the 110th prime.
    Divisors of 110 are 10, 11 , 22, 55 - Eli manning to improve to 55 home wins, Marvin Lewis = 55, Giants to improve to 22 wins on MNF, Ten = 39, Twenty Two = 39, New York = 39
    2014 Week 10 total points including the MNF total was 590.
    601-590 = 11. 31 is the 11th prime. Bengals 1-3 Away, Giants 3-1 Home
    Today is the 14th. Bengals lost 1-4 Away, Giants 4-1 Home. 41 is the 13th prime.

    2014 Week 10 home/away win total coming into MNF was 6-6. That MNF game total was 66 points.

    2016 Week 5 total points 594, coming into MNF game.
    2016 Week 5 total points 625, including MNF game.
    2016 Week 10 total points 601, coming into MNF game.
    2014 Week 10 total points 590, including MNF game.
    594-590 = 4
    601-594 = 7
    2016 - 47th Modern era Super Bowl
    625-594 = 35. Giants are 21-35 on MNF

    ***Here is my deciding factor.
    Last night's SNF game first half 33 points, and 22 points 2nd half. 55 total points. Seahawks won with 31 points, 31 is the 11th prime. Patriots lost with 24 points, 89 is the 24th prime.
    Wilson had 37 attempts. Patriots = 37/46, Dalton/Lewis Birth numerology = 37, Giants to improve record 4-6 vs Bengals. New England = 99, Marvin Lewis 99th loss.
    31 is the 11th prime. Giants are 3-1 at home. Week 5 on 10/10/2016 MNF total 31pts. 1+1+2+1+6 = 11, 10+10+2+1+6 = 29. Week 10 = 29, 10+10+16 = 36, Giants record vs Bengals 3-6
    Andy Dalton is playing his 89th Career game. With a loss, it'll be his 35th all time or 31st in regular season.
    Bengals 33rd MNF Game, MNF = 33
    Jesus was crucified on the cross at 33
    Metlife Stadium Coordinates 74 W. Jesus = 74.
    Giants going for their 22nd Win on MNF
    Eli Manning going for his 55th home win.

    If Giants win Home/Away Week 10 would be 7-7. If the game goes under the total, the Over/Under week 10 would be 7-7. This exact same thing happened in Week 5.
    HOME/AWAY - OVER/UNDER - "As Above, So Below".
    As Above, So Below = 48/57/66/84/156
    Thirty Three = 156
    Cincinnati Bengals = 156
    Sacrifice = 46
    Blood Sacrifice = 67
    Giants to improve their record 4-6 (46) vs the sacrificed Bengals

    I've seen alot of multiples of 11 tributes this week.
    If the Giants are going to make any run at the wildcard, it starts now!

    My Pick - Giants and Under.

    1. Almost forgot. #77 from the titans was ejected, total ejections this season 11.

    2. Couple syncs for my breakdown. Probably missed more, these are the only two I saw, watching the game every so often.

      First drive QBs. Eli 6-6, Andy 3-3.

      14-10 In the 2nd quarter with 1:17 (117) remaining.

    3. One more

      24 total points at the half. 89 is the 24th prime. Daltons 89th game. Pats had a total of 24 points SNF.

  15. what is up fellas, bengals playing in the 33rd game on mnf.
    dalton wears 14
    date numerology of 41
    47 days left in the year
    Ohio = 47
    83 days till Super Bowl LI
    Marvin Ronald Lewis= 83
    Week Ten= 83
    Dalton's upcoming birthday is 349 days away
    349 is the 70th prime
    Giants = 70

  16. Their are so many numbers pointing both far as 45 combos, Giants lose then their are 6 teams @ 5-4 and 7 teams @ 4-5, 13 total at 54/45 combo, as opposed to 5 teams @ 5-4 and 7 teams @ 4-5...If Giants lose that also leaves 2 teams @ 4-4-1, arizona and Cinci. I dont see what connection Cinci has to the election as its not Cleveland, but NY certainy does. NY Knicks won the night of election. I say the giants have a 50% chance to win !

  17. Eli has a span of 317 days fro his last b/day. 317 is the 66th prime. Dalton=66. This is Eli's 203 game. East Rutherford, New Jersey=302. Eli also has a span of 51 days to his upcoming b/day. McAdoo=51. McAdoo with a win will become 6-3. When you sum the #'s 1to63 it equals 2016. Take the G-Men!!

  18. Well, if the Bengals come out wearing orange, we'll already know.

    Also, someone else mentioned Jon Gruden will tell you the winner (indirectly) before the game starts. Who has his attention?

    1. turn on espn and watch the pregame at 6pm est and 3pm if your on the west coast and they usually give you the answer

  19. Interesting the only 5-5 team after this week is the Titans, orginally from Houston. I know 5 has been mentioned a lot with Andrew Luck and the Colts who they play next week

    1. Home teams on MNF this year are 6-4

  20. I feel like the bengals need this game more to have parity in the wild card chase plus the giants play easy opponents in their next three games and the giants already came in on a winning streak while the bengals are stumbling in

  21. Their last meeting 11/11/12 resulted in a Giants loss away, which gave them a record of 6-4 and CIN 4-5 at that point of the season.

  22. anybody know any thing about giants safety landon Collins looks like he is gonna be either a feature tonight in pregame or possibly on the gruden bus and he wears number 21, the espn time stamp says 1:19

    1. Interesting, i see Ernie Accorsi is being inducted into the ring of honor tonight. Ernie Accorsi=119/74/65 at Metlife Stadium 40/74 coordinates. Accorsi=41 11+14+16=41... also born in 1941

    2. tom coughlin is going in tonight at halftime also

  23. warren moon is gonna be the guest on pregame tonight but I don't really see that as a clue for either team being he didn't play for the giants or bengals

    1. Eli Manning going for his 55th home win tonight. Moon also connected to Houston since he played for the Oilers. Today is also 51 days before Eli Manning's next Birthday, and 10 months 12 days (112) after his previous birthday for the SB 51 Houston connection.

    2. I wrote about Warren Moon in the comment section of another post. Oliver Luck played backup to Warren Moon back when they both played for the Houston Oilers. Warren Moon is connected to SB 51. I just can't remember which post I commented in. Is there any way to search for it? I wrote it about a week ago..

    3. This is unrelated but I want to share what I found about Oliver Luck and this upcoming Super Bowl 51.
      Oliver Luck began his career as the star quarterback at West Virginia University. He was drafted in the second round by the Houston Oilers in 1982. He made his career as the backup quarterback to the legendary Warren Moon.
      Warren Moon= 55 (5's being coded around Andrew Luck)
      Warren is currently 59 years old. His birthday is on 11/18/1956
      The span of days from his birthday (11/18) to the upcoming SB is 11 weeks and 2 days (112).
      Warren also played for the Vikings, Seahawks, and Chiefs.

      In 2005, Oliver Luck, was named the President of the Houston Dynamo(MLS team). In 2006 & 2007 the Houston Dynamo won the MLS Cup.
      Their first MLS championship win was played on 11/12/06 (like Houston=112, 112 World Series, Prince died on the 112 day of this year).

      Also, Zach and others have mentioned how the #5 is coded around Andrew Luck this year.
      This is Andrew's 5th year in league and some other things that don't come to mind atm.
      The Houston Texans have hosted the Super Bowl 3 times. They hosted Super Bowl 8, 38, and 51. In Super Bowl 8, the Vikings lost to the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 38.

      Here's what's interesting about Super Bowl 38 having been played in Houston. Adam Vinatieri played for the Patriots that year and he kicked the winning fg with 4 seconds left from 41 yards to give the Patriots the win.
      The Colts won in Super Bowl 41.
      This was also the year of Janet Jackson's wardobe malfunction fiasco. wardrobe =41 Janet =14
      Wikipedia says, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King hailed it as the "Greatest Super Bowl of all time."
      Greatest Super Bowl of all time= 112
      Peter King= 51, 105 King= 41
      The Colts announced that they were going to draft Luck on April 24th but officially drafted him on April 26, 2012.
      The span of days from Super Bowl 38, 2/1 - 4/26 is 12 weeks and 1 day (121). Revelation= 121

    4. So Warren Moon turns 60 in 4 days.
      Indianapolis = 60.

    5. Moon first played for the Edmonton Eskimos in Canada.
      E is the 5th letter. E.E. = 5 5

    6. Moon sure does have a bunch of 5 coded to him.
      He was the 5 time Grey Cup champ in Canada Football (1978-1982)

  24. MNF
    Has anyone considered the Ring of Honor at halftime playing a factor in tonight's outcome?

    Jets @ Buffalo ..Buffalo had a halftime ceremony Jets W 37-31
    Atlanta @ TB....TB had a halftime ceremony Atlanta W 43-28
    Tonight....Cinn @ NYG....NYG is having a ceremony..?????

  25. Zach I have Eli going for 54 win on what site are u using that told u they have 54 already. This is messing my gematria if I don't have the right stats. Thanks

    1. Here's another stat this game is
      84 days or 12 weeks or 2 months 23 days
      from the Superbowl including today.
      Backwards 322= synagogue of Satan
      21=Ben, 21 wins for Giants on mnf, 48= New York

  26. what impact does this bright supermoon have on the winner tonight

  27. Eli is 8-8 on MNF. He wins the record goes to 9-8(98)
    ELI MANNING = 98

  28. Cincinnati non conference is 0-1-1
    Cincinnati win it goes to 1-1-1 (111)
    New York = 111

  29. did anybody see bill lynns long halftime walk commercial for the movie I feel like a false flag might happen during a football game in the near future plus Richard Sherman is also in the movie

  30. tom coughlin will be inducted into the ring of honor at halftime

  31. Daltons full name = 226
    Mannings 93rd loss.

    93 + 226 pair a lot.

    47 days left in the year. 47, 93, 226... Saturn ritual? Bengals 7th win all time against giants... and 4th of the season... 4.. 7.. constant connection.

  32. this one is tricky because I'm know ring of honor teams always lose on Thursday but on Mondays I don't know if its the same because wasn't dick butkus inducted when the bears won

  33. "Tom Coughlin" in the English Reduction system equals 56 (2+6+4+0+3+6+3+7+8+3+9+5), which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2

    "Tom Coughlin" in the English Sumerian system equals 822 (120+90+78+0+18+90+126+42+48+72+54+84), which reduces to 12, which reduces to 3

    "Tom Coughlin" in the English Ordinal system equals 137 (20+15+13+0+3+15+21+7+8+12+9+14), which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2

    "Tom Coughlin" in the English Gematria system equals 767 (200+60+40+0+3+60+300+7+8+30+9+50), which reduces to 20, which reduces to 2

  34. giants receiver from 1986 bobby Johnson

    "Bobby Johnson" in the English Reduction system equals 51 (2+6+2+2+7+0+1+6+8+5+1+6+5), which reduces to 6

    "Bobby Johnson" in the English Sumerian system equals 846 (12+90+12+12+150+0+60+90+48+84+114+90+84), which reduces to 18, which reduces to 9

    "Bobby Johnson" in the English Ordinal system equals 141 (2+15+2+2+25+0+10+15+8+14+19+15+14), which reduces to 6

    "Bobby Johnson" in the English Gematria system equals 1104 (2+60+2+2+700+0+10+60+8+50+100+60+50), which reduces to 6

    1. December 14, 1961 (age 54) Bobby Johnson & Giants go 5-4

  35. 14 years 11 months and 14 days since bobby has been sober

  36. espn put up a graphic saying giants have a 54% chance to win this game while the bengals are at 46%

    1. Ticker mentioned Vikings kicker Blair Walsh missed 4th extra point kick of the season, resulting in the workout of 6 kickers, only to keep Walsh on the roster. 4 and 6

  37. Justin tuck also goin in ring of honor

  38. Today is a full moon... I read something that the moon hasn't been this close since 1948. Also on MNF they had Warren "Moon" on there.. I wonder what that means...

  39. did Warren Moon make a prediction tonight??

  40. Another 81 tribute for this week...81 yards on 8 plays on the 1st drive.

  41. Replies
    1. I didn't see where the ball was thrown from...probably the 18 yard line.

  42. aj green had a 13yd td catch and andy Dalton was 3 for 3 on the drive

  43. Cincy is -1

    Minus one =110/660/464
    Giants +1

    Plus one = 102/612/465

    Another way to look at it.


    Look what happened before the game tonight. Randy Moss and OBJ exchanging jerseys on MNF. Moss #84, OBJ #13 = 97. It is the 97th season of the NFL, foreshadowing the NFC Championship matchup

    1. Not when he was on the Vikings. Did you even look at the image

    2. Yes, just making a point that it could be a diversion.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. OH no ring of honor for Giants K.O.D

    that says it's a bengals win

    1. Not really. It depends on other factors too.

      Often, the DOOMED team will have a ring of honor, more than the ring of honor itself dooms the team. I think it depends on what players are being "honored" in the ceremony.

    2. Coughlin was the coach and the Giants are breaking in a rookie H.C. The Giants look like Shit. Hence the -1 for cincy and Giants record.
      Giants best win, I in week one. Luckily DAK was scripted to lose. Notice the media has made a lot of references to Giants and Giants. Could it be Purple for Trump and NY for trump nothing else.
      They're about to have the same records 5-4
      Which add to 108. Hence #81 moss and Dalton #18 being highlighted tonight?

  47. First play of the game was a pass completed to #45. And he took it to the 45 yard-line. -sigh-

    Each team scored touchdowns on their first drive. The two players who scored have similar birth numerology, and they're numbers Zach has been mentioning a lot lately.

    Jerell Adams #89 (11th Fibonacci, 24th prime), born 12/31/1992
    AJ Green #18, born 7/31/1988

    12+31+1+9+9+2 = 64
    7+31+1+9+8+8 = 64

    1+2+3+1+(19)+(92) = 118
    7+3+1+(19)+(88) = 118

    Baseball/Thirteen connections:
    1+2+3+1+9+2 = 18, 7+3+1+8+8 = 27
    12+31+9+2 = 54
    7+31+8+8 = 54

    1+2+3+1+92 = 99
    7+3+1+88= 99

    It's been 106 days since Green's birthday, and 47 since Adams'. Also funny that Adams was born on the 366th day of the year, a very rare occurrence.

    1. By the way, the only other player in the game with a 64/118 numerology is Andy Dalton. So just in case he scores a rushing touchdown, or something, I guess.

    2. Instead, it's Odell Beckham, who doesn't have 64 in his birthday, but does have 118.

      5+1+1+19+92 = 118

      Other players with 118 are #33 Rex Burkhead (7/2/1990), and no-name TE's Tyler Kroft (10/15/1992) and C.J. Uzomah (1/14/1993).

    3. Jeremy Hill with the touchdown. He's the only ball carrier on the field with a 14 birthdate numerology just like today.

      10/20/92 - 1+0+2+0+9+2 = 14
      11/14/16 - 1+1+1+4+1+6 = 14

    4. Sterling Shepard, born 2/10/1993, scored a touchdown tonight. He is the only ball carrier on the field with a life lesson number matching today's.

      (2)+(10)+1+9+9+3 = 34
      (11)+(14)+2+0+1+6 = 34

  48. NYG gained to the NYG 22 with a 3 yard gain with 6:06 left.

    From what Zach taught me, I knew a big play was coming. Next play, Eli throws an INT to CIN to the NYG 7.

    Then CIN forgets how to play football and cannot gain 1 YARD in 3 tries.

    So predictable.


  49. If the halftime score is 14-10, there number 141 factors out to 3*47.
    47 days left in the year.
    Eli Manning, if he goes to Super Bowl 51, it will be his 3rd SB, also the 47th of the modern era.

  50. Bengals making no effort to score with all their timeouts and 1:17 left.... What a joke.

  51. Week 5 total combined team points were 625. With tonight's halftime score were at 625 points.

  52. Zach did you see Odell Beckham Junior's tribute to Michael Jackson?

  53. Paul Brown has some connections. Paul Brown e/r 41 date connect.

    Died 8/5/91 Date numerology 33

    Paul Eugene Brown e/o = 179 that's 41 prime

    Factor that in for the remainder of the game.

  54. tom couglin record with the giants is 102-90 just like eli manning and if the giants win it could symbolic like they both get win 103

    1. never mind manning has 89 losses so he prolly loses tonight to tie tom coughlin

  55. saints wearing all white with gold stripes color rush uniform for the 1st time ever thurs day whats does it mean

    1. White & gold versus black & blue.

      Hmmm.... I wonder if the NFL is trying to tell us something.

  56. No one ever brought up the Houston terror suspect that has a name like Harden.

  57. A federal investigator testified that Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, wanted to blow up the Galleria and Sharpstown Mall with a remote bomb. According to testimony, Al Hardan would put the bomb in a trash can and detonate it using a cell phone.

    They also say he received military training on how to use an AK-47 late last year at a farm just outside of Houston. Agents say the training was conducted with a confidential informant, and the entire event was recorded by federal investigators.

    The federal agent also said that Al Hardan wanted to sneak into a military base in Grand Prairie, Texas, and blow up Humvees.

  58. The government says it began investigating Al Hardan's alleged terrorism ties in 2014, when he began using Facebook Messenger to communicate with another terrorism suspect, Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, in Sacramento, California.

    The agent says Al Hardan and Al-Jayab messaged about traveling to Syria and joining ISIS fighters. In an apparently recorded conversation, he allegedly told his young wife that he was going to "make her a widow" after he gets his U.S. passport. Authorities say Al Hardan told his 18-year-old wife and elderly mother that he wanted to fight with ISIS, and blow himself up.

    Al Hardan was arrested on January 6 at the Department of Homeland Security.

    Prosecutors allege the Houston terror suspect has been assisting ISIS with material support and resources since at least May 2014, and also made false statements to investigators.

    Al Hardan appeared before a federal judge for the first time on Friday, answering some questions in English, others through a translator.

    The Houston terror suspect is a Palestinian born in Iraq, but has lived among us since November 2, 2009, when he entered the United States as a refugee. He is married with a 10-month-old son.

    Al Hardan was granted status as a permanent legal resident in August 2011 but was applying for citizenship.

    David Adler, Al Hardan's court-appointed attorney, told the court Wednesday Al Hardan was being held in solitary confinement at the Federal Detention Center. He hoped that arrangement would be changed. Prosecutors and Adler declined comment after the hearing. Trial is scheduled for March.

  59. NJ terror suspect also had bombs in trash can

  60. 2001 Giants 41-0 vs Vikings
    Playoff.. Only score connection right now

  61. Giants 21

    Interception by #21 coincidence

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. If point total remains 41, a tribute to Super Bowl 41 winner and next super bowl winner? Go Colts!

  64. last night ended with 55 total points. Tonight 21-20 can mean 5. next week 5-5 records plenty

  65. Perhaps the reason were finding this so difficult is because were using the wrong stats.

    Everyone's using the footballdb win loss record for the qbs. If you go on football index the stats are all different. FootballDB only includes games the QB has started, were as football index records all games the QB has played in.

    Surely we should be using the total games as thats the QB's actual record.

  66. There's a video of OBJ on espn with a time stamp of :57. It says "Breaking down the science of OBJ's fancy footwork."

    57 is a number tied to championship.
    world series=57
    this is encouraging

    1. In the thumbnail of the video, it also says "13 mph" as in the speed they said he was going. The man in the video also says that OBJ got 4 yards of seperation in 1 sec. (like 41)