Sunday, November 6, 2016

NFL Week 9 Discussion Thread | November 3, 2016 through November 6, 2016

Week Nine = 41/50/86
Nine = 24/42

11/6/2016 = 11+6+20+16 = 53
11/6/2016 = 11+6+(2+0+1+6) = 26
11/6/2016 = 1+1+6+2+0+1+6 = 17
11/6/16 = 11+6+16 = 33
11/6 = 11+6 = 17 (Ohio, birthplace of football, 17th State)

Sunday's games leave 91-days until the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017.

Teams with 91 connections who are playing Sunday include:  Browns, Detroit, Chicago Bears, Vikings.  Interesting, the Vikings and Detroit are playing each other.

This will be the 41st game between these two teams in the regular season.  The Steelers leader the series 21-19.  If you count the playoffs, they lead the series 24-20.

Baltimore = 41

If the Cowboys fall to 6-2, remeber this.  Cleveland, Ohio = 62
If the Cowboys improve to 7-1, remember that 71 was the big number on the Cleveland-Cubs World Series.

This will be the 28th regular season game between both teams.  Dallas, Texas = 28; Browns = 28

The Browns lead the regular season series 15-12.  Dallas would get their 13th win if they did.  Dallas = 13

If the Browns won, they would get their 16th, becoming 1-6, in 2016, emphasis on '16.

Sixteen = 33; Cleveland = 33

All-time, the Browns are 17-13 against the Cowboys.

This will be the 11th game between the two teams.  The Jaguars lead 6-4.  A win over the Chiefs would be a major upset, making them 7-4.

Jacksonville Jaguars = 66 (1 through 11 summed, totals 66)

This seems like an unlikely setup, but as they say, "any given Sunday".

This will be the 101st regular season game between the two teams, and 102nd all-time.

The Jets lead the series 53-46-1, and all-time, 53-47-1.

The Jets 54th win will be symbolic, it seems it would most likely come at home.

Jets = 54

The Jets play the Dolphins at home later this year, on an appropriate date, for their 54th win.

12/17/16 = 12+17+16 = 45

In other words, I think the Dolphins take this one tomorrow, leaving the Jets at 53 wins in the series, on the date with '53' numerology.

This will be the 165th regular season game between both teams, and the 169th all-time.

The Giants lead the regular season, 83-79-2, and all-time, 85-81-2.

Football = 85; National Football League = 85

If the Giants won their 84th, it would come in the 84th sesaon of the Eagles.

It's also '53' day.  Eli Manning = 53

Also, November 6, 2016 is the 311th day of the year.

311, the 64th prime; New York Giants = 64

This will be the 110th game all-time between both teams.  Minnesota = 110

The Vikings lead the series 71-36-2.  The Lions next win will be their 37th.  Detroit = 37

The next time they play, is on a date with '71' numerology, like the Vikings 71 all-time wins against the Lions.

11/24/2016 = 11+24+20+16 = 71

If the Vikings were upset tomororw, they would fall to 5-3, on a date with '53' numerology.

This will be the 20th regular season game, and 21st game all-time between the two teams.

The Panthers lead the regular season series 11-8, a loss would put them at 11-9.

All Seeing Eye = 119

All-time, the two teams are 12-8.  A loss for the Panthesr would put them at 12-9.

America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)

This will be the 75th regular season game, and 76 game all-time between the two teams.  These teams are old divisional rivals.

The 49ers lead the series 47-25-2, and if you count playoffs, 48-25-2.

That means the 49ers are looking for their 49th win all-time against the Saints.  If they won, they would improve to 2-6, on a date with '26' numerology.

It reminds me that Will Smith of the Saints died April 9, 2016.

4/9/2016 = 4+9+20+16 = 49

That was 211-days earlier, the 47th prime number.

Will Smith = 44

If the Saints won, they would be 4-4, and the 49ers would be 1-7.

Kill = 17/44

Also, November 6, 2016 is the 311th day of the year.

311, the 64th prime; New Orleans Saints = 64

This will be the 41st regular season game, and 45th game all-time between the two teams.

The Chargers lead the regular season series 25-14-1, and if you count the playoffs, 26-17-1.

Tomorrow would be a fitting day for the Chargers to get their 26th win agianst the Titans.

This will be the 43rd game in the regular season between the Colts and Packers.  The Colts lead 21-20-1.  If you count the playoffs, they're tied, 21-21-1.

If the Packers won, they would improve to 5-3, like the date numerology of 5-3.  If they lost, they would fall to 4-4, like '44'.  2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44 (Super Bowl 51 date) (Wisconsin = 44)

Read about the death of Lindy Infante, who coached the Packers and Colts:

This will be the 112th regular season game between both teams, and 114th game all-time.  The Raiders lead the series 60-49-2, and if you count the playoffs, 61-50-2.

The Raiders were my preseason pick to win the AFC West.  This would be a win that would help things go in that direction.  More research is to be done here.

This game was a tribute to the World Series, with the sum of '71'.  Read about that in my preview for this game here:

The Bills and Seahawks for MNF is interesting.

Notice the date of the game, November 7, 11/7.

11/7/2016 = 11+7+20+16 = 54 (Buffalo Bills = 54) (Bills = 54)

This game will be the 13th all-time between the two teams.  The Seahawks lead the series, 7-5.  If they lose, they'll be 7-6, like '76, the year they joined the NFL.  If they win, they'll be 8-5, like '85', for 'National Football League'.

There are 6 teams on a bye this week.


  1. Is there any connection toward World Series cubs or president winning?

    1. Yes Zach says it aligns with Hillary. She was born in Chicago lots of syncs with her.

    2. So that couldn mean some NYC team win?

    3. Thanks! But is there any connection toward NYC teams?

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  4. Interesting from the Breeders Cup

    Arrogate broke from gate 9 as Jeremy White pointed out that Nine = 114. President of the United States = 114,
    Arrogate = 40/85/510/454 (election for the 45th president)
    Hillary = 40/85/510/868.
    Arrogate had a 5/2 morning line and won the race on a day with 52 gematria Prophecy = 52
    Winner = 38/83 Election = 38/83.
    Oddly Arrogate's story more matches up with Trump and he had a come from behind win in the race passing the favorite at the finish.

    1. I think if favors Hillary more as Arrogate means to take without justification like Hillary stealing it

  5. If the Raiders win, Derek Carr would pick up his 17th win in the day gematria of 17.

    Side note... The league is really trying to the push the Cowboys and Raiders hard. I wouldn't be surprised if they play in the super bowl.

    1. silver and black = 133
      black hole = 33
      clinton = 33

      oakland = 58
      night = 58
      freemasonry = 58
      hillary = 85 inverse 58

    2. 50/50 raider need to do bad for move to vegas but if they do good then there going to stay in oakland . i think denver wins personally

    3. What if the league is pushing so that they stay in Oakland?

    4. Certainly think so,

      Oakland is the 6th media market

      The NFL doesn't want to lose that

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  8. From the cancelled packers vs colts hall of fame game on August 7th, 2016 to the current date of 11/6/2016 where they play this Sunday @ lambeau is exactly 91 days

    From this Sunday, to Super Bowl 51 is 91 days,

    Lambeau Field = 91

    So technically colts vs packers is the major 91 connection this week, with the date connecting 91 each way having a date numerology of 33... not a coincidence

    If the packers lose they fall to 4-4

    Wisconsin = 44
    Super Bowl 51 Date = 44 (2+5+20+17)

    If colts win, they improve to 4-5 on the year

    Upcoming 45th president tribute, but 44th person to be president.

    Fourty Four = 57
    Fourty Five = 57
    Indianapolis Colts = 75 (inverse of 57)

    1. Zach, don't forget 91 days = 13 Weeks

    2. Thirteen = 99
      Greatest Game Ever Played = 99
      Ninety Nine = 57
      Fourty Four = 57
      Fourty Five = 57
      Fifty Seven = 131
      Super Bowl = 131
      Super Bowl 51 = 131
      Championship = 131

      It all fits together like nesting dolls...

      Nesting Dolls = 51

    3. Ninety One = 121
      Revelation = 121
      One Hundred Twenty One = 96
      Freemason = 96

    4. If you include the end date from game to 2/5/17 (Super Bowl) you'll get 92 days & A-Rod picks up his 92nd win Sunday

    5. Lindy Infante who passed October 8, 2015 who coached both the colts and packers to today's date is exactly 1 year, 2 months, 30 days. (123)

      Indianapolis = 123

    6. Yea Colts were to lose I assume they cover 14.5 in a teaser but everyone likes the colts

    7. Safe bet would be take Colts spread at 7.5 and tease it n a parlay & take the 7 points & get it to 14.5

    8. its **FORTY FOUR** not fourty four

    9. Yes, to the person above, good work, but forty is not spelled with a "u" in it.

    10. U do know u can't tease just 1 team and y would that be a safe bet smh cmon u can find a better game bra

  9. Mike McCoy 11/6 to 4/1/17 is (426) matches chargers lost, 426, 4 months, 26 days excluding the end date.
    McCoy can get his 26th regular season win on 26 gameday numerology, but McCoy can get his 33rd overall lost, McCoy has 33 bday numerology,
    Rivers can remain on 99 wins,
    San Diego California = 99, San Diego Chargers = 99.
    Rivers is 5-1 vs Titans. Chargers can get 26th regular season vs Titans on 26th gameday numerology. Chargers = 52. As Rivers can go 5-2 vs Titans. Mularkey can get his 44th lost. And Titans can remain on 17 overall wins. Mariota get his 14th lost. 14th prime - 43. Chargers = 43. Phillip = 43.
    Mike McCoy = 43.

  10. I noticed Saints can get its 26th win vs 49ers on 26 gameday numerology, Colin = 53/26 matches gameday numerology, Sean Payton game date till bday is 53 days,
    Drew = 50/23 & it's Kap 50th game starting & get his 23rd lost, Brees get his 61st away win in Kap 61st overall game, 88th prime - 457. California = 88.
    New Orleans Saints = 91, Sean will get his 91st win Sunday. 970°W Brees could get his 97th lost in regular season. New Orleans Saints = 208,
    Patrick Sean Payton = 208, and kap could get his 28th win. Drop 0 you'll get 28. 49ers lead series 47-25-2 (74) & overall 48-25-2 (75). Sean Payton = 49.
    49ers could get 49th win. Drew Brees = 54, could get 54th away lost.

  11. I noticed Cam 5/11/2015 bday to game is 545 days, 546 including end date, but the next day will be 547 could match Rams 547th lost. Cam is 1-0 vs Rams.
    Los Angeles Rams = 160, Carolina Panthers will get their 160th win. Ron getting his 50th win & Jeff Fisher has 50 bday numerology.

  12. I noticed Eli can get his 53rd home win matching 53 gameday numerology, Carson bday to game is 54 days & Eli get his 54th overall home win. Eli is 9-15 (24) vs Eagles, Eli win go 10-15, 115th prime-631.
    Also Eli also can get his 110th win overall. Eli is on a 4 game losing streak Eli is due for a win, Eli lost on his bday last year. Ben can get his 5-3 record also & Wentz can go 5-3 also, Doug also 5-3, eagles lead series (164) 83-79-2, (168) 85-81-2, Eli Manning = 53.
    Giants score in the last game was 35-30 sum total 65 matches Doug Pederson 65 bday numerology, Pederson game to bday is 86 days matching Giants getting there 86th overall win, NFL = 86.
    Week 9 = 86.

  13. Jacksonville leads series 6-4 (10), last game was
    Sep 8, 2013 & Chiefs won 28-2, Chiefs are on 2 game win streak, Foles is 1-0 vs Jags & last game was
    Sep 7, 2014 & the score was 34-17 sum total is 51.
    Foles last game 9/7/14 to now is 113 weeks
    could mean Reid get his 113th lost regular season lost, Reid can get his overall 124th lost matching Gus Bradley Bday to gameday = 124 days,
    Nick Foles = 94 - matches 94’ coordinates,
    Andy Reid will get his 37th win also,
    This is Both coaches 56th game Gus overall &
    Reid 56th coaching Chiefs,
    Also Chiefs win record reads 5-6 (56).
    It's (56) days from 11/6/2016 to end of the year.
    Nick = 37.
    Reid bday to game is 232 days, 232 = 101.
    Kansas City, Missouri = 101. 26th prime - 101.
    Jags lose record goes to 2-6 (26).
    26 gameday numerology.
    Foles can get his 12th home win in his 37th game.
    12th prime - 37, it's Bortles 37th game starting also, this is gonna be the 11th matchup & 5th prime - 11, Chiefs could get their 5th win vs Jags, or Bortles can get his 11th win in the 11th matchup,
    Robby Blake Bortles = 184 & matches Jags 184th lost, Reid would get his 167th win Sunday &
    39th prime - 167, Coordinates 39°,
    Gus can get his 42nd lost, Gus Bradley = 42.
    Bortles can get his 27th lost, 27th prime - 103.
    Nicholas Edward Foles = 103.
    Bortles get his 16th away lost & 16th prime - 53. Matches gameday numerology 53.
    Reid 280th game coached, 280 = 206,
    drop 0 you'll get 26.
    Reid 302nd game coached. 302 = 80.
    Andy Reid = 80.
    7 weeks & 6 days (76) or 7 weeks & 7 days (77) including end date, from game to end of the year.
    Jaguars = 77
    Robby Blake Bortles = 76

  14. Also I noticed that Matthew Stafford 2/7/15 bday to game is 639 days including end date matches Detroit 639th lost. Stafford is 5-7 vs Vikings & a lost record would be 5-8(58), matches 58’ coordinates, Stafford game to bday is 93 days matches 93’ coordinates & Minneapolis Minnesota = 93, Minnesota Vikings = 93. Stafford get his 58th overall lost. Also Stafford get his 56th lost regular season lost,
    U.S. Bank Stadium = 56, Sam Bradford = 56, it's 56 days from the game to the end of the year. This is Vikings 56th season also. Caldwell game to bday is 71 days & Samuel Jacob Bradford = 71,
    Matthew Stafford = 71, matches Vikings 72nd win vs Detroit being Caldwell including end date 72 days. Vikings lead series 71-36-2(109). Stafford bday numerology is 44 matches 44’ coordinates. Vikings on a 2 game winning streak & last game was Oct 25, 2015 & Vikings won 28-19 sum total is 47 could mean Stafford getting his 47th win, or Bradford can get 40th lost in Zimmer 40th game coached, or Vikings go 5-3 (53) like gameday numerology, or Stafford get his 35th (35) away lost like gameday numerology. Sam get his 18th road win while Matthew remain on 18 road wins.
    Sam Bradford = 47. Sam is 0-2 vs Detroit. Last time Sam played Lions he lost 27-23, sum total was 50,
    24 = 50. Also it's Stafford 102 (drop 0 you'll get 12) regular season game & Sam wins his record vs Lions will be 1-2 (12).
    St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions - September 9th, 2012, this is Caldwell 89th regular season game coached & Zimmer will get his 24th win - 24th prime - 89 - Lions = 24 & Caldwell can get his 41st lost in his 41st game coaching Lions,
    Jim Caldwell = 41, Zimmer has 41 bday numerology.
    Bradford = 41,
    Week nine = 41 & get his 44th lost overall matching gameday numerology 44 & 44’ coordinates. 11/6 seen as 116, Stafford bday numerology is 116. This is Stafford 104th game & Jim Caldwell = 104.

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  16. Pittsburgh leads series 21-19 (40) & overall Steelers lead 24-20 (44). Ravens are on a 3 game winning streak & last game was Dec 27, 2015 - to now 315 days,
    & Steelers lost 20-17 sum total is 37. Steelers was 9-6 & Ravens 5-10, Ben is 9-8 vs Ravens,
    Steelers win they'll get win 25 vs Ravens & Tomlin get his 97th win, 25th prime - 97. Ben can get his 41st away lost overall in Ravens-Steelers regular season matchup. Flacco is 8-7 vs Steelers. Roethlisberger = 89, Flacco can get his 89th win.
    Week 9 = 41, Ben get his 41st lost. 41” matches coordinates. Ravens = 79. Steelers can go 4-4 or 5-3 both match gameday numerology or Ravens 3-5 or go 4-4. Harbaugh bday to game is 44/45 days. 45th overall matchup.

    1. so this ones a toss up essentially?

    2. and ravens have lost 3 straight not won

  17. I noticed the game to Bowles 11/18/17 bday is 377/378 days including end date matches there 378th win but not sure if it applies to the next day will be 379 so this could be a bday present for Bowles. Right now Jets lead series 53-46-1 (100). Overall Jets lead 53-47-1 (101). Miami is on a 3 game losing streak vs Jets & last game was Nov 29, 2015 & lost 38-20 sum total is 58. Wow Miami was 4-7 & Jets was 6-5. But Fitzpatrick can get his 20th away win or 38th away lost. Or Tannehill could get his 20th home win & 33rd win, Adam Gase = 33.
    14′20″ coordinates matches 14th win below of Bowles & 20th away win for Fitz or Tannehill 20th home win. Todd Bowles = 38-47 matches above.
    And if Miami win they get their 47th regular season win vs Jets, 343 days from last game to now. This is gonna be there 101st matchup regular season wise Ryan Timothy Tannehill = 101.
    Amish Rifle = 100 so I see why they won the last matchup which was 100th the jets & Fitzpatrick.
    Tannehill bday to game is 102 days matches 102nd overall matchup, New York Jets = 57, Bowles has 57 bday numerology, matches 57’ coordinates. Gase has a 57 bday numerology.
    November Sixth = 75.
    75th prime - 379, Hard Rock Stadium = 75, matches Jets win, Tannehill is 3-5 vs Jets & Fitzpatrick is 5-3 vs Miami. Ryan Tannehill = 63, if Jets win Fitzpatrick record goes to 6-3(63), Bowles can get his 14th win as jets coach 14th prime is 43, Dolphins = 43, also get his 16th overall win, 16th prime - 53 matches gameday numerology, Jets = 54, 54 could mean 54th win for Jets, Miami lose Adam Gase record goes to 3-5(35) matches gameday numerology. Miami is 3-4 & Jets is 3-5. Miami goes to 3-5. Jets goes to 4-5.
    Bowles 28th game coaching & 28 = 57,
    45th prime - 197. Ryan Fitzpatrick = 197.

  18. Bills record.
    397-455-8. Playoffs 14-15. 383-440. Win 398,384 Lost 456-441. Seattle 319-315-1. Playoffs 15-14. 304-301. Win 320,305. Lost 316,302. Tyrod coming into the game with 58.7% completion percentage, Russell gonna get his 58th overall win & 35th home win, Seattle gonna be 8-5 or 5-8 vs Bills, Tyrod away record will be 5-7 in bills 57th season. 13th matchup 13th prime-41 bills get 441st lost in Seattle 41st season, also Seattle record will read 5-2-1(521) 98th prime-521. Pete will get his 98th win, Rex will stay on 58 & get 63rd lost, Rex will get 13th lost coaching bills, or Tyrod get 12th win in 37th game & 12th prime-37. Game to Rex bday is 36/37 days, 2017 bday to game is 57 weeks.

  19. From Seattle perspective it will read 8-5 but from Bills angle you'll see it 5-8 with a Seattle win Monday

  20. Week 9 NFL Picks - Presidental Election, World Series & 33 Special
    DET OVER MIN (HUGE World Series Tribute to Chicago)
    PHI OVER NYG (Hillary Clinton Tribute)
    IND OVER GB (C'mon Colts, numbers favor in historically epic way/let alone the story line)

    KAN OVER JAX (should win, cover, don't know about the over under)
    DAL OVER CLE (this game likely to be very close, very tempted to take CLE and the points)
    NYJ OVER MIA (this is a very even match, so I give the edge to the HOME TEAM)
    BAL OVER PIT (no one is taking action, but PIT does terribly in games like this)
    SF OVER NO (hard to call, so I am going with the home team)
    CAR OVER LA (LA is done, burned me 3 times in a row and CAR is going to get some)
    SD OVER TEN (if DEN can't beat them at home, how is TEN?)
    DEN OVER OAK (if I bet, it would never be on OAK, in this game, on this day, given their history)
    BUF OVER SEA (first, I thought, SEA all day every day, but then I remembered this is on Monday)

    My Special Tributes 3-team Parlay (I bet BIG BIG BIG on this, for me that is)
    DET PHI IND (moneyline all the way, something like 20-1)

    Looking good
    KAN -8
    DAL ML (could take CLE plus the points which pays a hell of a lot better)
    MIA ML
    BAL (no one is taking action, but get the ML if/when they do)
    CAR -3
    DEN ML (those odds are a gift, given their history)

    SD ML (no way I see TEN winning but something feels off here)
    BUF ML (this has the makings of a big upset, why else put it on Monday Night?)

    SF ML

    KC/JAX UNDER 44 (KAN doesn't really score, and JAX can't score against good teams)
    DET/MIN UNDER 41.5 (DET will win but it won't embarrass MIN)
    PHI/NYG UNDER 42.5 (another dull, low scoring affair)
    DAL/CLE OVER 49.5 (points will be scored, touchdowns will be danced)
    NYJ/MIA OVER 44 (the tight game pushes this over, I may bet this)
    NO/SF OVER 53 (hard game to pick, but I expect high 20s out of each team)
    CAR/LA OVER 44.5 (CAR will bring the TDs, but can LA score anything to go over)
    IND/GB UNDER 53.5 (GB will not be humiliated at home)
    SD/TEN OVER 47 (no one playing defense, scores everywhere)
    DEN/OAK OVER 43.5 (should go over despite DEN being a low scoring team)
    BUF/SEA UNDER 44 (defensive slugfest)

    1. I'm with you man I have a big bet on the Colts. The numbers kind of scream at you.

  21. Green Bay Packers - Indianapolis Colts:

    1. You are a faggot quit commenting

    2. Milo, he is only here for disinfo.

  22. So Norv turner resigned as the OC for Vikings.


    Resigned in week 8 this is week 9 89/98

    89 Vikings 10-6 98 Vikings 15-1

    Dennis green coached the 98 team which lost
    To ATL playoffs.

    Away team=67
    Home team=76

    I have Vikings bouncing back today

    1. Norv turner went to Oregon he's from NC but went to H.S in Cali

      Oregon just played USC
      Dallas vs Browns today

      Norv coached
      Rams,Cowboys , redskins, Chargers ,raiders, 49ers, Vikings ,Dolphins , Browns

    2. Pat Shurmur who takes over is 51!

      Undrafted in 88

      His coaching record % is 303 or 33!

    3. teams I follow Patriots, Denver,Raiders,Giants,Cowboys, steelers, Dolphins,ATL, Bucs, Seattle , Colts, Ravens,
      Saints, bears,Vikings, redskins.

      Working on the picks within the next hour

  23. Guys I need help in my season long fantasy league. Must win day for me can only start 5 of these guys ppr league. 5+ bonus for tds of 50+ yards. .Ty Montgomery , Davante adams, Donte moncrief, mark Ingram, Jay ajayi, brandin cooks, Corey coleman, Charcandrick west (starting him for sure) ..

    1. Really hard to play ajayi over Ingram against the 49ers but ajayi 144 days since last bday Jay is 10th letter. A is 1 jay is 10 and I is 9 . 101109. 9/11/01 playing against the Jets going for his third straight 200 game never been done . No one has rushed for 200 since thurman thomas as the bills in 1990. Where he ran 214 yards, just like ajayi did last week ,against the bills...

  24. Adams, moncrief, Ajayi, cooks, west

  25. Just one note or piece of advice when picking teams besides the numerology and Vegas factor.
    Week 10 approaches and division winners and tie breakers are on the line. The biggest surprise this season are the Cowboys, raiders , Broncos ,Vikings. The biggest disappointment are cardinals, Seattle , panthers( SB hangover b.s).

    I know that Giants vs colts and the Vikings are this threads picks for SB.

    So far Raiders vs Vikings/Cowboys SB looks good
    Broncos vs ATL SB 33 match up also looks good.

    Do not forget the Tuck rule is 15 years ago like 51.

    Who can afford to lose this weekend.
    Who will win their division tie breakers
    Which top team will fall and which dweller will rise.

    Good luck everyone

    1. 14 years ago - January 19, 2002

      That's why I think the Raiders will get revenge and cause the Patriots dynasty to crumble next year.

  26. Zach..thanks for your are the best at what you do!

  27. So who is everyones Top pick? Just their 1 top pick

  28. The amount of Chem trails they are spraying In my area is ridiculous. It's like a Chem trail wonderland.

  29. Zachary can you give a lock this week

  30. Zachary can you give a lock this week


  32. Colts improve to 4-5 today during election weekend determining the 45th president.

    1. I agree. See my decode below.

    2. With 53 as date numerology (11+6+20+16 = 53)and the chance for GB to go to 5-3, I seriously doubt it. Sure 44 sounds fun, and if you knew GB was on the 44th parallel, you could make a small argument (I have watched 44 all season). Instead I make the argument for you.

      26 is also date number today (11+6+2+0+1+6). 26 days till Aaron Rodgers birthday. Oh yeah and he's turning 33.

      Rodgers Birth Numerology also matches with today's date 11-6 (12+2+19+83 = 116)

      Mike McCarthy, Coach is 3 days from his birthday, he's turning 53, today's date number.

      Indy is FAR from a lock. I study a lot and am passionate about my findings. No hard feelings.

      Now the presidential thing is interesting. Looking at maps 'Wisconsin' = 44 and has been a real swing state the past 5 elections and the news groups aren't even considering a swing, could be the state that decides it...

    3. No hard feelings. From what I've researched about this game, the date numerology is the only thing really lining up with a Packers win.

      It's 26 days from Aaron Rodgers birthday, Pagano is 44-26 all time going into his 71st! game today with a chance to go 45-26 and 4-5. That could be the 26 connection.

      Also, Mike McCarthy currently at 108-58-1 reg season, 8-7 playoffs, 116-65-1 overall. Think about Pagano's 71st game, going to 45 wins and 4-5 over McCarthy stuck at 108, 8-7 in playoffs like the score of Game 7 and "Clinton", who with a loss will have 59 (Fifty nine = 108, 54), and overall will have a record of 116-66-1.

      If you break that down to 11-666-1, it further breaks down to 11-9-1. McCarthy's birthday is 11/10/2016, numerology of 11-1-9. That could be the date numerology connection with Packers, and feels like it's the narrative that is stronger. We'll see, I've definitely been surprised in the past.

    4. Pagno's birthday was 5 weeks ago, Packers looking for 5th win and Colts 5th loss.

      That being said theres alignment for colts as well, you cant call this stuff unfortunately. Occasionaly you get a game that stares you in the face with numbers that its obvious but for most of the games theirs alignment on each side and from there its not about picking what you think is a stronger connection - From my research there are no stronger connections what happens for one team in a certain pattern can go completely the opposite way for the next game. At the moment individual matches are not predictable long term doing what were currently doing.

    5. On my other breakdown pieces Matthews playing was necessary for my layout. He's out so, my lock is loose, not afraid to admit that, his birth numerology was big for me. I leave out secondary and tertiary hits pretty often. Colts look strong with their douche bag o-line, one quarter only.

  33. You didn't ask me, but I will tell you anyway.

    The absolute lock of NFL Week 9 is...


    Stick it in the face of the Cleveland fans.
    Stick it in the face of Donald Trump supporters.
    At the same time, it is building the story behind the Dallas Cowboys.

    It will be a close and entertaining game, but the outcome is never in doubt.

    Sit back, with a refreshing drink, and enjoy the show!

    1. Do you use numbers? You were right about Thursday night. My first thought this week was it's time for the Cowboys to lose. They are totally building a new Cowboys story line - I wonder if they are bringing back these old teams to improve ratings.

    2. I look for the 33s, history, story lines, current events. Unlike Zach, my picks include far more than numbers (though the numbers are VERY IMPORTANT).

      This is my lock because the game looks so predictable and uninteresting, betting wise.

    3. hmmm interesting thanks. I figured that Cowboys are due for a loss with no real rationale other than that's just what happens in the NFL to keep things interesting plus the Indians just lost so throwing Cleveland a little treat. I changed to Dallas because it's you LOCK pick. Hope you are right! :))

    4. The 7-1 tribute in Cleveland, (COWBOYS & INDIANS) right after the World Series, makes too much sense.

    5. Lwts face it zack. Gematria does work for nfl. Stop pretending. You don't even pick games now because you suck at it

    6. gush I'm assuming you meant does NOT work? it does work if you read carefully and understand what the true purpose. The true purpose is not to get football picks right every week for your betting it's to show that everything is rigged and open your eyes to what is really going on the world. Read his other material if you don't like the picks then figure it out for yourself. Using gematria and reading what everybody has to say here, I personally am at 100% accurate picking straight so far in my football pool this week.

    7. Thanks again for your insight Matthew.

  34. 11/8/2016, Election day, has 55 numerology. It is for the 45th President/44th person to hold the office. It is between Trump and Clinton.

    Cubs = 45
    Chicago = 46
    Chicago Cubs = 46, 55, 91

    The only NFL game this weekend where the possible outcome of the two teams records being 4-5 & 4-4 is the Colts at Packers. The Colts are currently 3-5, the Packers 4-3.

    Colts at Packers = 163 (Make America Great Again) <-Trump's slogan
    Colts at Packers = 46, 55, 64, 73
    64 is the Zion, Israel, Thelema number
    Hillary Clinton = 73

    This game comes two days before election day.
    Two = 58
    Freemasonry = 58

    Colts at Packers (Jewish Gematria) = 613

    613 is the 112th prime number.
    112th World Series ended on 11/2. Andrew Luck = 112

    From Andrew Luck's 9/12 birthday to Sunday 11/6 is 55 days. Remember, 11/8/2016 has 55 numerology and the Chicago Cubs just won the WS (55).

    From Aaron Rodgers 12/2/15 birthday to 11/6 is 340 days (Indians = 34). It is also a span of 11 months, 4 days. The Cubs won the World Series with their 114th win; this is the end of the 114th Congress. It is also 26 days until is upcoming birthday, or 3 weeks 5 days. Bears = 26, named after the Cubs. Colts come into the game with a 3-5 record.

    Colts vs. Packers = 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, 93, 102
    World Series = 57, 66, 75 (Curse = 66)
    United States of America = 84, 93, 102
    Hillary started her campaign for 45th President on the 102nd day of the year.

    Aaron Charles Rodgers = 93, 102, 111 (Numbers connected to New York, Hillary, the WS, and more)
    Aaron Rodgers = 135, 63, 810 (Wrigley Field = 135)(1-63 summed = 2016)(Chicago = 81)

    Andrew Austen Luck = 192 (Indianapolis Colts)
    Andrew Austen Luck = 57, 66, 75 (World Series)
    Andrew Luck = 112, 40, 49 (112th World Series won on 11/2)(Hillary = 40)(11/2/2016 has 49 numerology)(Revelation = 49)

    1. This is very important. Chuck Pagano's head coaching record is currently 41-23 regular season, 3-3 in the playoffs (33). His overall head coaching record is 44-26.

      This is Chuck Pagano's 71st game as a head coach, with a chance to make the Packers from Wisconsin(44) 4-4, and to improve to 4-5. Cubs = 45 and won in the first World Series they played in in 71 years.

      From Chuck Pagano's 10/2 birthday to today is 35 days. Colts are currently 3-5. It is also a span of 1 week and 4 days. Fourteen = 41. Super Bowl = 41

      Mike McCarthy's head coaching record is currently 108-58-1 in the regular season, 8-7 in the playoffs. How perfect. The Cubs broke their 108 year WS win drought with a game 7 score of 8-7. McCarthy's current overall record is 116-65-1.

      With a Colts win, Pagano will go 45-26 in his 71st game as a head coach. McCarthy will be stuck on 108 wins, and his overall record will look like 116-66-1. It is also only 4 days until McCarthy's 11/10 birthday. 11/10/2016 can be broken down into 11/1/9. 666 has 9 numerology. His overall coaching record will be a rescrambling of his birth numerology.

      Colts win.

    2. **1 month 4 days. Still 14 though

    3. One more point. It is 26 days until Aaron Rodgers birthday. Pagano has a 44-26 head coaching record, the 26 will remain (Wisconsin = 44). Also, McCarthy will be stuck on 108 wins, with 59 losses.

      Fifty nine = 108, 54

    4. ahhh i missed Hilary Clinton - 73.

      Murray won his 73rd game today in the 45th tournament thats why he got the walk over in the round before against Raonic so he'd get the 73rd win.

      I had Murray losing twice in this tournament on clear numbers the fact that he won the whole thing and became number one confused the hell out of me but im confident its just an anomoly and was done because of the election.

  35. Steelers over Ravens
    Cowboys over Browns
    Chiefs over JAX this may go into OT.
    Jets over dolphins run defense
    Giants come from behind win
    Saints blow out 49ers
    Titans upset chargers
    Packers win on a FG or OT.
    Broncos shut down raiders passing attack.
    dirty hit on Carr
    Seahawks win tight game from behind.

    1. Too much lines up for the Colts to win over the Packers, but I've been surprised before.

    2. What about the lions and vikings

  36. Cam goes out with knee or concussion.

  37. Btw the raiders are not going or winning a SB !

    Just heard Carr getting $123 million lmao

  38. Browns vs. Cowboys possible upset.

    OK, hear me out...

    The Browns last won on 12/13/2015.
    That was 330 days from this game.

    330 Days (33)
    Cleveland = 33
    Clinton = 33
    Date Numerology of 33
    Cleveland Browns = 1330 (330)(33)

    12/13/2015 has a Numerology of 41 and 61.

    Cleveland Browns = 61
    Week Nine = 41

    Browns upset Cowboys week nine = 2160 (216)(216 is Cleveland's area code)

    If Browns win they will be 1-8
    One and Eight = 612 (reflection of 216)

    Clinton is trying to be 45th President.

    Two one six = 45
    Forty fifth President = 108
    One oh eight = 61 = Cleveland Browns

    One hundred and eight = 860 (86)
    Week Nine = 86

    Also, 108 which was a big number for Cubs could be looked at as 18 for 1-8.

    Date Numerology of 17
    Ohio is the 17th state.
    Ohio = 117 (Jewish Gematria)
    Browns upset Cowboys week nine = 117

    Cleveland = 78
    Clinton = 87 (reflection)

    I found more but I lost it all lol.

    1. Also,

      People are saying that the Cowboys are in a trap game because next week is against the Steelers.

      Trap Game = 81 inverse 18

      Cleveland Browns 1-8

      Upset, baby!

  39. The Browns could go to 1-8 to rep week 9
    Satans number. That's the only chance I give them.
    I also think they draft Clemson QB

  40. Enjoy our games this weekend. Might not have em next week.....

    1. Why? Lol this should be interesting.

    2. The martial law scare that will never happen? Obama third term Alex Jones blah blah blah.

    3. All that will shit will happen at the end of hillarys first term martial law rfid chips etc.

    4. All that will shit will happen at the end of hillarys first term martial law rfid chips etc.

  41. Ajayi #23 replaces #23 Arian foster who retired just like Andre Johnson former Texan Super Bowl in Texas. Johnson is from Miami and the other two play in Miami. Jose Fernandez #16 died in Miami in 2016, dolphins were awarded the SB 54 in 2020 the 100th year of the NFL.
    Bama#1 in the country who's coach left Miami
    Team score was 10-0. Btw I had bama facing Michgan in the NC this year. Steven Ross owner of the Dolphins is an alum of Michigan.

  42. I think the Browns might go 0-16, tying into the Detroit Lions winless season that concluded a span of 8 years, 4 days from when 2016-17 will conclude, on 1/1/17.

    United States of America = 84
    The Twilight Zone = 84

    Some interesting parallels to 2016 in 2008. The Lions lost their first game of 2008 to the Atlanta Falcons, in Matt Ryan's rookie game (He threw a 62 yard TD in his first NFL pass)(Mason = 62)(Matty Ice = 33, 96). This year Matt Ryan is lighting it up, much like his ROTY season.

    2008 was also Aaron Rodgers "rookie season", that is, his first season as a starter for GB after Favre retired and then went to the Jets. The Packers went 6-10, but handed the Lions their 16th loss; this was by far Rodgers worst season. The Bears finished 9-7 (2016 97th NFL season), and the Vikings won the division (something I expect them to do this year).

    The craziest thing is the Lions defense. It was the second worst defense in NFL history for total points allowed (517). The first and third worst NFL defenses for points allowed?

    #1. The 1981 Baltimore Colts (533 pts allowed)
    #3. The 1966 New York Giants (501 pts allowed)

    1. '66 Giants you say? That's 51 years prior to 2017. Giving up 501 points? Wow.

  43. Isn't it a Steelers/Ravens match up(or teams resembling those colors) in a movie where destruction happens? Is that the Oblivion movie?

    1. I found it.. It's Dark Knight Rises. And the kickers name is Ravenstamp, or something like that. Team colors resembling Steelers and something more like Seahawks.


  45. Oblivion movie tells us 2017. The year of the last superbowl!!!

  46. Matt Ryan the Catholic who is in mason country
    Who's childhood idol is Farve , who is being inducted into H.O.F. Ryan who took over for Vick the Eagles QB and Ryan was an Eagle(BC) QB who became a falcon(satanic)
    Plays on the 33 parallel and could play against the Broncos in the SB who were the last team to beat the Falcons in SB33 by John Elway who won back to back SB vs Falcons and packers.
    The coach was Reeves who coached Broncos and Falcons and was from (Rome)Georgia.
    Reeves was a Dallas cowboy who beat the Dolphins in SB6 and Broncos in SB(12) six years later. Reeves is 11-9 in post season or 911 he also coached the GIANTS!
    He coached Elway from Stanford like Andrew Luck who is playing the Packers. Giants are playing the Eagles. Elway beat reeves in SB 33
    Elway had 33 career rushing TD's.
    Elway finished his career 2-5 inSB and could be the only player and GM to win back to back championships as player and executive. During his two championship wins the Broncos were a defensive team which ran the football. This year without manning the Broncos can have a special season (wink,wink)

    That's my case for Broncos over Colts as the AFC champion.

  47. Dwight Howard who was born in Georgia and played for Orlando then went to the lakers then went to Houston is back in Atlanta. Matt Ryan playing in Atlanta wants to play in Houston (SB51) the Broncos QB played H.S football in Orlando and college football in CHICAGO like the CUBS and wears unlucky #13 plays for Elway who wore Lucky #7 and was 0-3 in SB until 97 when he won his 1st SB. This is the 97th NFL season.

  48. Broncos are not repeating. In all the Broncos SB wins, they had great HOF QBs (Elway, Manning) and defense. Defense is sharp but Trevor Siemien is average at best and not a household name.

    And importantly the AFC has a won championship with elite QBs in the last decade with Brady, Manning, and Roethlisberger.

    One is retired and the other two are getting old.

    It's why I have The Raiders winning a SB soon because of Carr.

    I see the collection of AFC QB's has Luck and Carr with a possibly of Tyrod Taylor or Marcus Mariorita.

    1. He's a game manager! Never heard that term for the rigged SB wins ? Same like Peyton his last season or Dilfer or hostler. These games are rigged you can QB a team.

    2. Have those guys repeated.

      Interesting note

      game manager = 50 ordinal

    3. Tyrod Taylor and Marcus will never win anything.It has nothing to do with elite QBs as evidenced by the Ravens twice. The Colts and Steelers are not afc/afl teams. They are original nfl teams. Thats one reason they are more successful.

    4. my fault, game manager = 85 inverse 58

      What are the original nfl teams?

  49. Well the Giants are thrashing the Eagles right now. I knew it was over when the temperature at the start of the game was 58. 58 years from the 1958 NFL Championship...

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. sry for my english i am not from america

  52. Replies
    1. #95 on cowboys ejected first play of game

    2. Joe flacco long pass of his career 95 yd TD today

  53. Vikings just showed 51 yard drive on screen then shows number 57 on the Lions then a 33 yard fg...

  54. number 88 Heyward-Bay, an 8 year veteran,falls down injured on 3rd and 18,which becomes 4th and 18

  55. Can we get a World Series tribute this week? 11 home win 2 road win week? Probably not, but that would be some shit haha!

  56. {{{Chukwuemeka ChiejinaNovember 6, 2016 at 11:32 AM

    my fault, game manager = 85 inverse 58

    What are the original nfl teams?}}}
    every team that existed before the AFL/afc.

  57. Such blatant scripting in the giants game especially lol. Giants block the eagles kick to keep it at 10-21 then the giants are in fg range and get knocked back then Eli overthrows a wide open Beckham, just to keep it at 10-21 (revelation) against Philly.

    1. Yeah, especially with that ridiculous idea by the Giants player to try a lateral in a crowd of Philadelphia players.

    2. And the choice to not kick FGs twice for eagles. On the road you take any points you can get.

  58. ODELL is getting REWARDED on HIS BirthDAY

  59. Anyone else notice the Giants Eagles game is the first that How Buck is calling since calling the entire NLCS and World Series? Oh, and Eli just completed a TD to #87 to make the score a sum of 45 points. Oh and #10 + #87 equals 97. Can you say SCRIPTED?

    1. Joe Buck is also calling the Super Bowl too

    2. Buck will be 47 at the time of the super bowl and Aikman will be 50, 50+47=97 and they're calling the 97th NFL season's super bowl.

    3. 4th down and 4. Ball snapped with 4 seconds ball on the 4 yard line..

      Vikings game. Coincidence ?

  60. [[[a Vikings fan on a forum..I'm so sick of Ed Hochuli's crew and their shitty spots. McKinnon clearly had the first down on a third-down run. Not using their fucking eyes potentially cost Minnesota a touchdown and this game. Fuck Ed Hochuli]]]...

    the ball spots are completely fictional but the one thing never occurs to them game after game

    1. For 15 years, I've been watching teams like the Patriots get the most favorable spots, and their opponents, get the worst, again and again. It is such a joke. Clear signs of the predetermined outcomes.

  61. Prater of Detroit Lions makes a 58 yard field goal

  62. Hope im wrong but numbers align again for colts to lose tonight.

    Lucks 26th loss on date with 26 numerology. 26 days before rodgers birthday.

    1. Or Mccarthy gets his 4th loss of the season 4 days before his birthday and goes 4-4 in wisconsin - 44?

      I honestly dont think its possible to decode these games - Ive yet to see a game without dual alignment for each team. Theres something going on here that we dont understand with these numbers as theres no consistency with the formulas - But im not sure what, i think were only just scratching the surface with gematria and i don't think we really have much idea on numerology which is of course why gematria was created in the first place.

      Learning more about numerology is the key to unlocking this mystery i feel.

  63. Giants Eagles now a total of 51 points. Go figure.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Lions win with game score sum of 38

    Football = 83

    Golden Tate jersey number 15 = inverse 51

  66. Replies
    1. nope they're gonna hold onto the win, I'm pretty sure Eli was supposed to get the first down on the last drive to end it, pass was on line and had the TE wide open, but was tipped at the line and picked off by accident I assume.

    2. You were right. lol They just want to create drama.

  67. Joe Buck just said "10s the magic number". Eli wears #10. Ten= 39. New York=39. Super Bowl LI L =3 I = 9

  68. Vikings had all the Gematria in the world. Get beat. Once again learned a painful lesson Gematria and betting is 50/50 just use your own hunch and bet i should of known better. I loved Lions

    1. Vikings did not have all the Gematria in the world. Lions were coded way more in my opinion. Went 5-1 with morning games. Eagles were the only one I lost so far today

    2. Vikings were 5-1 for superbowl 51 .Then 5-2 for feburary 5th, Now 5-3 for superbowl being the day after the 35th day. Ajayi 111 rushing yards against new York team. Who haven't had person rush 100 this year except for AZ Rb with 111 yards.

  69. Anybody else notice that the Eagles have a guy named Green Beckham that has green hair in the style of Odell Beckham? What a complete joke lol.

  70. Andrew Luck enters game with score 7-3. Hillary Clinton= 73

  71. I got all the morning games right except PHI and lost my whole bankroll.

    That's what I get for trusting in the Philadelphia Eagles.

    I believed in you Philly and you burned me! I am going to be sick.

    1. Same here, minus losing the bank roll part! Eagles and Falcons birthday numerology lined up and since Falcons won on Thursday it was a go for eagles but it was a reverse effect.

    2. This was the only pick I got from another website.

      I DESPISE the NY GIANTS and let my emotions get the best of me. I WANTED the Eagles to win and they looked good so bet on them.

      Lesson learned: Never let your HATE make the pick.

    3. For sure! I've had to learn that lesson more than once myself

  72. Im looking for a 7-6 Home Win/Loss pattern this week.

    Week 8 ended with a total of 69-49

    if it goes 7-6 this week, the overall will be 76-55

    Just something I am tracking. Take it for a grain of salt

    1. The last time there were more Home Loss than Home Wins in a given week was Week 1.. so maybe it's about due for another week of more Home Loss than Home Wins. The only exception is Week 5 because it was tied 7-7, out side of Week 5 and Week 1, Home wins have been up

  73. Replies
    1. I just saw andrew luck just throw it straight to the safety. There was no reciever in his sight and people still think these athletes are playing with honor and integrity. Fuck outta here.

    2. Kind of symbolic of the election;

      Clinton picks off Luck (47) twice (president=47)

      Just like the clintons intercepted the election twice, back in 92' and now in 16'

  74. Fitting everybody has camouflage cuz all Luck throws are ducks!

  75. my radio is like 20 seconds ahead of whats happening on tv

  76. Adam Vinatieri just kicked his 44th field goal in a row, will he kick his 45th in a row to send the Colts to 4-5 and Pagano his 45th career win?

    It's 52 days until Vinatieri's 44th birhtday.
    Prophecy = 52
    Super Bowl LI played on 5/2/17

    It's also a span of 1 month, 22 days. Earlier in the broadcast they mentioned that the Packers are 22-1 when Jordy Nelson scores a TD. 22-1 the reflection of 1-22

    1. He also kicked his 44th Field goal from the 10 yard line. In the Giants game, Joe Buck randomly said "10s the magic number" prior to the Giants sealing the victory.

      Field Goal = 44
      Ten = 39
      New York = 39
      Indianapolis on the 39th parallel
      Luck has 39 birth numerology
      LI is like 3 9

    2. Luck is playing for career win #39 today also

    3. Notice the guy going huge for Packers with the interceptions and sacks on the defense?

      CLINTON Dicks - this shits comical

    4. November Sixth = 66.

      Jews go by the 39 books of the old testament. 66 Books in the bible.

      I believe Rogers would also get his 49th loss today? Revelation the 66th book of the bible.

    5. His 45th in a row maybe the game winner. If colts win this game, I think they go on a 4-5 winning streak to get back into the division run.

    6. it's totally possible and if it does I think it sets the giants-colts in stone, I can see the rest of the game now, packers come back and get 2 TD's hold Luck scoreless until the final drive where vinatieri drills the game winner to make it 27-24 colts for a sum of 51.

    7. If that happens both the colts and giants games would've summed to 51 in the year of SB51.

  77. Has to be something to the following. Irving, former home of Texas Stadium, one of the first planned communities in the US.... Erving as in Dr. J..... Come to mind. Haven't had time to chase it through, just wasn't sure if anyone would see this... making sure we know it happened at the 12:44 mark remainin in the first period...

    Both Browns center Cam Erving and Dallas pass rusher David Irving were ejected from the game for unnecessary roughness after fighting with each other deep in Cowboys territory with 12:44 left in the first quarter.

  78. The Packers are 22-1 when Jordy Nelson catches a TB at home

    If Packers lose, 22-2................ 22 * 2 = 44

  79. Green Bay called for a timeout with 9:03 left in the 3rd on 3rd and 11 from the 33 yard line

  80. on the 311th day of the year no less.

  81. Everyone. Wakeup. I just saw zack claiming to predict the lions win today on his YouTube video comments. We all read his blog. He made No prediction. If you to see he's full if crap tour all idiots

  82. Lol commentator says Rodgers hasn't thrown a pick in 133 plays then throws a pick.