Monday, January 9, 2017

7 14 21 | College Football Championship halftime stats, Clemson 7, Alabama 14, January 9, 2017

Notice the 103 second ESPN highlight, or 1:43.

103, the 27th prime
Clemson = 27
1/9/17 = 1+9+17 = 27


  1. Anyone catch the quick Ronald Reagan 1981 photo shown.

  2. 1:03 minutes play to get a TD

    Another 103 zach

  3. Alabama 23-0 when leading at halftime ... Raymond James stadium / Lebron James 23 / lerbron wore undertaker shirt in championship / undertaker record streak 23-1 / orange 33 / Watson lost 33rd game to Pitt / Charlie sheen for Cleveland "C" / Clemson / tiger blood

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    1. Harry where you at stupid bitch you said Alabama wins fucking faggot

    2. I guess that makes him a fraud too.

    3. My turn to troll you ,you were trolling saying Alabama was a lock

    4. hairy u gay faggot pos cunt bitchmade fucker had bama ...... I told the world Clemson would win... don't post anymore u faggot cuntmade POS fucker

  6. Congrats on everyone picking Clemson!

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  7. Was it just me or was that bama QB looking sad after his TD run to take the lead 31-28? Haha.

  8. I'm here eating crow!
    Take your shots ...
    I nailed the 31 points but BAMA needed more.

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    2. Two days ago you said 31-21 Bama, then you replaced that with a blowout score that you removed yesterday.

    3. He removerd the comment that said Alabama would expose them as a JV team.

  9. Clemson scored 35 points to win their first title in 35 years.

    Alabama=31 O, scored 31 points.

  10. I knew bama was not gonna win after the pipeline leak

  11. 28+7=35

    That was the match up all night.

    Averte vs Willians

    Rigged championships by the numbers

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      Harry keeps his WORD!

      There is no truth in JEWTUBE

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  12. Pass interference=619


    One second left =418

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    1. I'm not calling out HB since he wants to turn a new leaf it seems, but you on the other hand...

      I see one of Gary's disciples picked Clemson good for him, but you and your alter ego Mike Smith was saying Alabama 24/7 so please shut the fuck up before I drive to Cleveland and key a 33 into your car and into your skull permanently. :)

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  14. manning is cool; its hairy that needs to be banned

  15. Look back at the highlights of Clemson vs Louisville game 42-36 an interesting finish to the game . And may have been a clue to the final game.

  16. A lot of people have been comparing trump with ragan, we may see him holding up a Clemson shirt just. As Reagan did in 81

  17. its amazing how both defenses took a vacation the last 5 minutes...well,its not amazing but yeah

  18. Does this mean that The Patriots are gonna lose too.

  19. the Patriots are losing no matter what, whether its to the Texans or Chiefs

    1. Not a chance in hell, not to the sorry ass texans or the chiefs. Too many connections for them with the new boston bombing film out + Trump parallels, and their overall coding.

  20. See Harry gone back and deleted all his posts about Alabama 😂😂

  21. 66 points this game, 85 last game, 151 total for the past two.

    1. 15/51

      Both packers and Patriots have new WR
      Both wear #15

      The Clemsons #15 and Packers #15 and patriots #15 all scored a TD the very same way

      They all ran skinny post routes

      Fucking in our faces !

  22. Guys, remember what Aaron needs to sacrifice before entering the holy place:
    - a ram
    - a bull ("bringing a bull from the herd for a personal sin offering")
    - two male goats from israel

    - Rams near bottom of league like last time Aaron was in SB.
    - Two male goats sacrificed in Israel truck "attack".
    - One chicago bull's player injured last night (wade), but he returned, and one left the game (butler).
    Not sure if this counts as neither sacrifice nor personal..

    Why was rodger watching bucks vs bulls game with Cobb in 2015?
    Trying to get the bull sacrifice done. No sacrifice happened --> he didn't make it to SB.

    1. And Derek Rose, an ex-bull, was a no-show for yesterday's match.

    2. Houston Texans logo looks like a bull (very american bull :).

      Could that be the 'personal' bull sacrifice for Aaron's Rod?

    3. Doesn't Harrybutts call Brady the GOAT? Maybe Big Ben the jew sacrifices Brady for Rodgers.

  23. The last team to actually wear their orange jersey's and win the title game was the 2003 Syracuse Orangemen in NCAA Basketball. For football, you have to go all the way.back to the 99 Fiesta Bowl won by Tennessee. I always get a kick out of the Volunteers wearing Faded Prison Orange.

    Orange in Championships equals a loss 90% of the time.

    1. Yes. I figured since this is the year of orange spray tan Trump aka ORANGUTAN, they will not pass on the chance to get an ORANGE WINNER.

    2. Great point !

      Agent orange?
      Last season it was Orange crush
      Florida is known as the orange state

    3. haha orange crush for a crush on Trump last year. Nice catch!

      Yes, trump is, among many other things, Agent Orange.

    4. @ jayhawk

      Yes, 1984 is very relevant now.

    5. Now they are calling the final play "Orange crush".
      Also, Color rush = C rush = Crush

  24. I deleted all the Post calling Zack a FAGGOT!

    I'm 4-0 in the NFL first round fact!
    Had Alabama all season !
    My picks all season are still ahead of all the minions
    Discuss the game and how, you all knew Clemson would win blah blah blah.
    When Erin which is not often, I don't run and Hide like a bitch! Or say I had the other team!
    I called the 31 points without Germatria!
    When my team is out, I work on it and get better.

    Majority of you are still guessing and your picks are 50/50!

    The reason you are angry with harry is I'm beating on all of you all season!


    1. This week was good.
      Next week im gonna bet:


      will put 2nd parlay for chiefs and cowboys too, so most likely profit no matter what. And if not, who gives a fuck.

    2. You had 31-21 Bama then replaced it with a blowout score which was removed last night.

    3. Yes I did pick the 31-21

      Which was followed by the blow out score to fuck with the minions.
      See my score 52/25!
      Late in the game it was 24-21 then bama made it 31-24!!!!

      2 min remaining then the we know what happened. Game should have ended there

      How the fuck did I know that???
      The problem on this thread as always

      I had packers beating giants 31-13

      Guess I was close there also.

      Majority of people here want to gamble and I've done very well in that department.

      I DO NOT gamble or give gambling advice!
      I'm. Trying to figure out what is the ritual in football and why do the numbers work for both teams!

      Call me a liar but you said it yourself 31-21
      Was on the money!

      I could have easily changed my pick after kiffin leaving because bama switching coaches at the last minute was a GLARING red flag, I figured bama defense is not giving up more than 3td's

      777 get it now?

      At least I come here and explain myself,
      Tell me more about Clemson and any of your picks?

      Colts are 16-16 and had the 41 coded
      I said the colts would go 8-8 or 9-7

      Was I wrong ?

      Again I do not expect for anyone to reason with me, but there's no denying I'm closer than ALL of you combined.

      So we either work together or Harry still has it figured out besides the damn 13/31 and 14/41

      Good day to all.

      I'm being nice and will not insult anyone
      I made a mistake by insulting a woman on this thread and I feel terrible about it.

      These games mean nothing, I was a blind FAN
      For a long time.

      I just despise when people claim that their numbers are working but the reality it's a 50/50
      With most here including Zack!

    4. You know nobody would have never hated you if you didn't come off as such an asshole ,if you don't agree with zach no need to troll everybody else

    5. Again, you said Bama would win 31-21, then you throw that score in the trash bin. Now you want to pull that score out of the rubbish, and ignore the blowout score you deleted. Oh... OK.... good call!

  25. Here's what everyone missed!

    Peyton was honored at the coin Toss 98 team was mention (Vols)

    Tenn fired Lane kiffin and the students "Burned mattresses " on campus

    Tenn fires at Dollywood

    Lane kiffin steps down at bama ( I figured it was bad omen) BUT not changing my pick!

    Lane Kiffin will be blamed for the Bama loss

    Most of the coaches who have step down or fired were OC's

    Like the Vikings Norv turner

    I mentioned that trend earlier in the thread but lost insulting the minions.

    Time to get to work
    FYI they mentioned that a JERSEY change happened at the last minute in last nights game.

  26. I know who everyone picked all season!
    So no big deal.

    Insane unknown had the packers for a long time!
    Zacks teams are done NFL and College
    Majority of you took Clemson after Ohio st lost!

    Invarii is new congrats on Clemson you called it

    The rest are just happy Harry was wrong On Bama lmao

    Get better gents !

    1. Keep it up.
      I appreciate your knowledge.
      You know a heck more about sports than I do,
      therefore I listen.

    2. You pointed out the movement of the sun and moon and blew me away with that! Makes perfect sense.

      You throw a football 🏈 in a SPIRAL to break the Plane for a TD. The Pig skin is considered sacred in the NFL but considered sinful in Christianity

      Food for thought. Is the football the Suns movement ?

    3. Goal post remind me of Tunning fork.

      The crowd noise on both end zones

      Spiral football on a square plane dived in halves
      At the 50. The END Zone or OUT of bounds and the striped refs (Masonic checkered) throw Yellow flags , coaches Challenge with a red flag like a bull fighter.

      You can score 1,2,3,6 points in various combinations. Total of 12 like Jesus deciples
      Or a Jury or 12. Or you can have a Jury of 6
      That can bring a roar to a court room like a TD celebration.

      11 men on both sides 22
      53 man roster
      75 man roster in training camp
      32 teams
      2 conferences
      8 divisions
      4 directions
      1 super bowl trophy
      51 Super Bowls

      Wtf is the ritual?

    4. They say the football is shaped like that because an inflated pig's bladder has the same shape. In truth it is one of the sacred geometric shapes from ancient Greece. Also, there are theories that the sub is actually shaped like that, perhaps not exactly, and that we see it from its tip pointed at us.

    5. Thanks LOA!!!

      Great feedback appreciate that!

    6. YES guys, now we're talking!

      the "ball", really an egg, is the vesica pisces, is also the thin "egg" (basic shape) in flower of life, is the fundamental shape in sacred geometry.

      Since you pretty much get it, I can say it, and you will understand.

      The ball in football is light.
      Google flower of life.
      Look at the center point and the first circle around it.
      Like looking a football in a perfect throw from in front or back of the ball.

      Look at those thin football like shapes that make the entire flower of life. Those are LIGHT.

      In 3D light is made of these shapes with harmonics inside each "EGG" from 1 to 9.

      Like this:

      There are no light particles or any of that nonsense.

    7. WOW! Never realized the goal posts are tuning forks. You are absolutely right.

      They are harvesting sound vibrations from these matches!
      You can transmit them from one place to another in the ground too.


    8. So yes, one can say the football is the sun.

      "It is what it does"
      An ancient principle.

      Sun 'does' light, therefore sun is light.

    9. What is the ritual?
      Good question.
      I don't know.

  27. I dish out a lot and can take it !
    Thick skinned.

    The best connection on Clemson was by George 35 points after 35 year drought.
    How ever this came after the game.

    Jersey color , white wins championships not always but yes Orange is for the loser

  28. I've mentioned the 14/41 code and 13/31code

    Nana was 14-0 and Clemson 13-1

    Both teams finished 14-1 WTF and why?

    Last season bama was 14-1 and won
    This season 14-1 lost hmmm

    Odell #13 and Bama 31 points both lost
    Giants had 13 points WTF lost

    Patriots started the season 3-1!
    Could be a problem

    Or if a #1 seed faces #3 seed could be issue or a #1 vs a #4 like packers vs cowboys

    There are many examples of these two number combos in the news and in sports!

    1. Giants 13
      Packers 38

      total 51 points.
      difference 25 points.

    2. 25!!! Is the other code and I said watch out for clemsons #25 and he made a huge defensive play late last night.

      #25 on bama was stuffed twice on 3rd down after
      #9 went out with the foot injury.

    3. Yes, seeing the 25 code a lot too.

    4. #25 in the VT game wearing retired Frank beamers #25 jersey made the play of the game in their bowl game

      AFC has 24 wins NFC 26 wins

      Brady is going for his 25th playoff victory in the SB that's why I picked them

      Lebron came back from 3-1
      Patriots started season 3-1 without Brady
      Then Brady went 4-1!

      So both codes keep popping up!

      Sherman #25 is not talking to the Media
      Like when Marshawn lynch was not talking to the media the year they went to SB49!

    5. I think "not talking to media" is just emphasizing (amplifying) the related info.

      Like for lynch, emphasizing how he was lynched in the final play for not running (and probably something else, wasn't he a #24?).

      Like sherman amplifying the significance of #25, sherman tank (civil war), mountain serman (rodgers).

    6. They're playing the Falcon rockets this weekend
      And we've seen the Miami Seahawks connection

      Devin Hester left Baltimore which had the 41 code he wore #14 now he wears #17 in 17
      Hester list in SB 41 when he was a bear.

      Sherman tank act of war? Or the seahawk logo
      Is related to native tribes.

      Brandon Marshall law #15 had a disputed with maxwell former Seahawks and now dolphins safety wears #41

      Maxwell is a quiet guy but yet 15/51 and 14/41

      It was highlighted this season, I believe maxwell missed the playoff game with injury vs steelers.

      Giants hero Cromartie #41 who sealed the Washington victory was injured vs the Packers hmmm

      I can keep going.

    7. Sorry, made one mistake:
      Sherman tank (WW II)
      and Sherman the general (civil war).

    8. For me, falcon rockets/missiles facing seahawk helicopters
      in a war & america tribute was quite obvious.
      I'd be very surprised if seahawks win,
      because Falcons make america greater AGAIN (past and present) than seahawks.

    9. we both have the falcons this week.
      I actuslly have all 4 home teams winning

      I know everyone else is going with packers as the only road team to win this weekend

      I'm thinking 4-0 wildcard first round which translates to round 1, 4 home teams won 14/41 code !

      At first I was thinking 4-0!and 4-0 is 44!
      Packers have the 44 code with Favre#4
      And they are #4 seed
      However since Dallas is #1 and pack are #4
      That's the 14/41 code who does it favor?

      If three teams lose and pack win that's 1-3/3-1


      Are you following ?

    10. Could be
      2-2/2-2, round two

      2*2 = 4
      1*4 = 4

      Steelers and packers road wins.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. This is not serious, but check this out anyway:

      14/41 = (1+4)/(4+1) = 5/5

      Make america ..... / .....

    13. Great points iivarii

      So 55 Satan
      And 13-31 is 4-4 or 44 kill ?

      Makes sense but we've seen it both ways

      Duality ?? Like our world same reason for the rematch

      Last year pain for Clemson this year pain for Bama ?

      Last year pain for Carolina and glory for Peyton

      Peyton beat Brady in a heart breaker in Denver

      This year glory for patriot and pain for middle America or Merica lol

      Let's keep it going

    14. Make America divided again

      5+5=10 and ten is 39 like the books of revelation
      Revolution and relativity

      NYC is 39 like Where trump is from

      The riddle still going in circles

      In the movie oblivion , tom cruise missle wearing the giants hat maybe does not mean the giants were in the Super Bowl but a GIANT event to come with the noise of a Super bowl crowd.

      Recently we've heard in the news about "Space noise" and NASA picking up strange sounds like a bell in space.

      Not sure if this is part of the Hoax comet or alien invasion crap with project blue beam and the Giants are BIG BLUE!
      Odell punches HOLE in the wall !
      Trump wants a Wall
      Meryl Streep had broken GLASS on her dress
      Hilliary said " not today but one day we will break the GLASS ceiling !" At her consession speach at the Javitz center made of all GLASS

      Vikings coach had EYE surgery !
      Wade had vision issues during his run
      With Lebron and Kareem was known for his goggles and even Hakeem wore goggles at one point.

    15. Could be... interesting stuff Harry. Thanks!

      Making america divided and united at the same time, old and new at the same time...

      .. IS EXACTLY what i have tried to say is going on.

      This is straight out of orwell 1984. And I'm not talking about the obvious stuff in the book. I'm talking about stuff in it telling you exactly how todays social engineering works.

      I'm not kidding. The whole point is to create paradoxes.

      "make america great again" is a brilliant double speak mind control sentence!

    16. Exactly like the fans in the stadiums and us on the internet and the election and the separation of ATOMS of how a child is separated from the womb or how Satan was separated from heaven

    17. Yes, I think 44 and 55. Of course I can be wrong.
      You've looked more into the code. I was just suggesting that if you think round 1 is in 1-4/4-1, then round two can come as 2-2/2-2 and you still get your fours (even more of them in fact).

      Talking about increasing duality...
      What is most 'duality' - the 'extreme' 'duality'?

      A paradox.

    18. Dabo from Alabama won with Bama , lost a Bama and now it's native son breaks bamas heart with 1 second left #13 1+3

      Or the holy trinity father , son and the Holy Spirit but Lucifer was cast out the equation.
      Trump is the Native sun (burnt orange) coming
      After The half light (Obama ) who brought hope and change but was cast as evil and now Trump the Light will make everything shine again but we know he's a false light !

      These fuckers take this shit to an extreme esoteric b.s causing ORDER out of CHAOS

    19. Right.
      United in dividedness.
      Divided in unitedness.

      Johnny Unite US
      Johnny Divide US

    20. Agreed 22 works, because the 4 is the sum of its parts.

      Favre is #4 and gets in the Hall on 1st ballot 14/41

      Trump is 44th person but 45th president

      8/9 or 98 this has popped up before too.

      4 is associated with DAK who plays for Dallas 5 rings and replaced #9 romo from Wisconsin

      Btw Dak wore #15 in college like 4 reduced or 6
      Or 51 like the Super Bowl and he was a 4th rounder like Seattle Wilson who is named after the pigskin or President Holly-wood row Wilson.
      Or the willing Son. Who threw an int on 2nd and 1 like 3 to #21 the butler from Mississippi
      Where Favre is from and Where Dak played college ball and Wilson was also a Wisconsin badger who lost the rosebowl and came from North Carolina via D.C.
      2012 badgers 11-2 vs Oregon 11-2
      Lost 38-45 which translates to 11-9 or 911
      These sports are a BIG Circle Jerk
      Let's not forget Wilson is with (C)IAra
      #3 from ATL where Wilson is playing
      Ciara just dropped her 15 million dollar
      Suit vs Rapper Future.

      Just showing correlation.

    21. Ciara and Wilson are expecting a 2nd child but they only have 1 together

      Matt Ryan wears #2 from BC via Pennsylvania
      Where Vick played after the dog fighting incident
      Vick was sentenced to 5 years but did 3 I recall
      Vick is from Virginia, neighbors to where Wilson grew up. #3 iverson got into the Hall on first ballot
      3-1/13 connections played in Philadelphia
      Sixers had the #1 pick Ben Simmons
      Iverson 3 Wilson 3 Ryan 2 Vick 7 96
      The year Iverson was the #1 pick
      Same year Atlanta had the bombing at the olympics.

      Favre #4 won 3 mvps
      Iverson#3 won 1 MVP

      Favre born in 69 iverson drafted in 96

      Favre 47 iverson 41 89/98!

      Holy shit fuck me !!!'

    22. Interesting.
      Have you found more of there pairs in the intertwining sports WEB?

    23. Satan wasn't separated from heaven. Satan (God's left hand) was always evil since it's creation. Now Lucifer is not Satan. Lucifer is translated "Oh howl". Look it up. "Oh howl (Lucifer), sun of the morning, you were once in the Garden of God". This is talking about Adam. Not some character "Lucifer" or "Satan". Although Satan exists Lucifer does not. Lucifer exists only as a mistake. All of this is planed to confuse by a Sovereign God of course.

  29. ALL OF YOU were fooled by Super Bowl 41!!!

    1. Which again is the damn 14/41 code..
      zack mentioned something relating to numerology 13/31 and 14/41
      I did not look into it and can't find the connection was hoping one of the numerologist here had some insight.


  30. #13 was the hero last night for Clemson
    #10 was the defensive beast last night for Clemson

    #13 Odell was labeled terrible and dropped 10 passes lol

    #10 Eli had a terrible game to
    See the reflections of both numbers ?

  31. 1310
    1550 are measuresments used in fiber optics
    Single mode wave lengths.

    Since the elite are concerned with light/darkness

  32. Sorry about the grammar...
    Yes I understand your Sherman analogy!
    Great point.

  33. FT Slaughterdale shooter said " mentioned mind control"

    Are these fuckers going to use more of these brainwashed assets or hoax to continue the torture on mankinds mind and spirituality ?

    Where does it lead but pain and disparity.

    More questions than answers but the answers are the questions we are seeking.

  34. Alright let's see what everyone else can add to the discussion.

    If you feel like saying FUCK you harry, I welcome it !

    Trolling was 216
    Wisdom in 217

  35. Harry .. Someone has stolen your log in and is acting like a gentleman 😉

    1. No, it's me, this is how I originally posted, I challenged Zacks pick on the colts showed evidence week 1 why it was wrong. The I was labeled a TROLL FAGGOT and the rest is history. I'm an open minded individual but when I'm attacked , I will be your worst ENEMY! So I let him have it for 16 straight weeks and now I'm back to chill mode.

      Came here to share ideas.
      No the Bama pick did not humble me because
      There's still no proof why Clemson won and no Proof why Bama lost.

      It's sexier to pick the underdog and show connections and it all seems great until you poke holes in that theory.

    2. From my observation, Germatria gives phrases a numerical value that translates in to situations or
      May align parts of the game, simply not the outcome or why it takes place.

      Example: I picked GB based on three factors.
      1. Home team
      2. Momentum
      3. Seeding #4 vs #5

      Odell and a few teammates going to Miami from past games with other players that was a red flag.

      There is a 41/13 code that exist with Both teams Packers and giants so I just go with what is the potential outcome of win vs a loss for both teams.

    3. Rodgers is known to throw Hail Mary's he's the only one if not one of very few players who has done it. Marino, Culpper, and the most infamous Hail Mary Doug flutie.

      When researching Hail Mary=42 and Rodgers threw a 42 yarder .

      To a fan it's luck
      To someone who played the sport, QB's practice it like an onside kick.
      All plays are by design unless the pocket breaks down. We've also heard the term improvise or gunslinger which is common in football for certain QB's

      Numerologist have a belief that it's fully scripted
      Every play, every outcome.

      I disagree with that statement and here's my proof. The elite can carry out the same plan whether the participants known or are not part of the script. You only need the right players,coaches ,plays etc to perform the act, just like in our daily lives.

      The goal is always the same, user aka consumer
      Is sold a deception, pays the price, gets entertained at a price!

      Same with sports and politics and every aspect of life. The admin or managers or elites and or satanist use the numberlogy to CONTROL the
      Action and sometimes it all goes as planned but not always.

      How do you protect that system and outcome easy, you make certain that those numbers
      Are played out in everyday sort of like a carbon copy with numerical values over the REAL algorithms of this universe.

      I hope my explanation is suffice.

  36. Harry,
    Derrick Rose #25 was AWOL last night.

    1. he has played 33 games so far this season.

    2. Crazy
      I just noticed Vicks numbers.. all coded too.
      Dog fighting or GOD fighting ?
      Bateman vs super man

      Odell Vs josh Norman

      Is there a WAR going on in Heaven with the GODS of this reality ?

      Some type of Civil war , Kane and able

      Eli vs Peyton

      Remember the Harbaugh brothers Super Bowl ?

    3. Yea, and blackout / power outage.

      Wars everywhere...

      I think batman is a lot about ATMAN, human soul or center going through 108 stages and rising from bottobless pitt.

      B is quite like 8.

    4. Thanks!

      No wonder we do not drill past 7 miles .

    5. Yes, could be something to it as well.
      I often laugh how we supposedly now everything about earth's crust and what's inside it based on drilling 7 or so miles!

    6. If there is a war going on it is between two or three factions in the powers that be. Zach on one side. Ed Chiarini on another. Alex Jones on one side. Dave J on another. etc. ect. ect. These guys are just exposing each other and trying to grab as many of the truth seeking sheep as they can. Which is a very small percentage of the population as we all know.

    7. Zach I will go berserk if you delete this.

  37. What the Fuck really, I have not tuned in to basketball yet.

    Working on Houston vs Cavs final

    I posted earlier in the season how
    DOC RIVERS #25 and his son #25
    Both were ejected from a game 1 minute apart.
    The same day or day before #4 isiah Thomas
    Scored 52 for the celtics . He was the 5th player in Celtics history and Paul Pierce drafted in 96!
    Was the last Celtic. I love Larry Bird #33 from Indiana and noticed Larry is 55! I was worried his number may be up! Lol

    2/5 is super bowl not sure what else are they signaling it too.. it's fucking killing me

    1. Maybe

      2/5 signals "two fives" aka 55 too.

    2. And "two wifes" like Trump has,
      wife and daughter.

      Remember the headlines about the his daughter being the 'first lady' too.

    3. But why this year???

      Satan coming out like Bruce Jenner lol

      Did you see the comedy " this is the end" Jonas and Franco ?

      Giant devil with a huge cock was fucking the Hollywood actors lol literally ...

    4. Incest is how this perverted world

      Started with Adam and Eve

    5. Yes, as we discussed earlier, incest is being pushed pretty much everywhere.

    6. Iivarri keep it going you're on fire I agree!!

      I have one more topic to cover about light waves theory.

    7. In fiber optics data is transferred via light waves in a thin peace of glass called fiber, SONET SDH
      Multiplexers. If we have the ability to encode LIGHT via a small dedicated pipe. What if the Ligjt we see everyday is ENCODED which it is.
      My question is he following:

      1. Where is the Light being transmitted from?
      2. What is the means of travel for this light
      3. Are we actually encapsulated? And where is the light reflecting and refracting?

      Is it possible the Over seers are in control of the coding in these data transfers.

      Keep in mind the lasers are extremely HOT and radiant.

      Think of that movie 1984 with the glasses which act like a Filter or Attinuation.

      We are all programmed to think that we are being manipulated through education, Television, spirituality and so on.

      We also are conscious to the fact that we are Light beings and with all the talk in the I or about angels of light and or spirits.

      We are unable to process the light transfers like we really should see it. Multiplexers are used to decode the wave legths

    8. In fiber-optic communications, wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths (i.e., colors) of laser light. This technique enables bidirectional communications over one strand of fiber, as well as multiplication of capacity.

      The term wavelength-division multiplexing is commonly applied to an optical carrier (which is typically described by its wavelength), whereas frequency-division multiplexing typically applies to a radio carrier (which is more often described by frequency). Since wavelength and frequency are tied together through a simple directly inverse relationship, in which the product of frequency and wavelength equals c (the propagation speed of light), the two terms actually describe the same concept.

    9. Interesting.

      We can manipulate signals in optic fiber, but just as well outside of it. Heck, I can use a simple magnet to bend (i.e code or manipulate) light anywhere!

      I've been postulating a similar thought, that what if programming doesn't work per ce, but changes REALITY. In other words, tricks/forces the source code into making the result happen.

      Good questions you have there.
      Could be we are Atlantis, capsulated within water.

    10. O my God!
      Just realized you are right. Of course the light we see is encoded too! Fantastic realization, man!

  38. Thinking about Birth and Trump was part of the birther movement .. contraction are how many minutes apart when your close to giving birth?
    4 'min or 1 minute apart? Anyone ???

  39. We all know that CERN is being used to open a portal.
    I'm thinking apature or something opening up in the sky ?
    Love Back to the future and ghostbusters
    I notice doc hits 88 and they fly through portal
    Same with ghost busters opening a portal.
    I noticed the new ghost busters has all women.

    Women give birth like a portal ... no mom jokes ok.. lol
    I noticed lately all these women getting sports jobs.
    Brain storming, help me out here iivarrii
    Transformers, hot tub time machine ,
    Terminators , Star Wars

    What's with the portals?

    1. I wish I knew...
      what can and cant be done by tricking the source code.

      Portal stuff is my "black hole" (pun intended),
      don't know much about them.

    2. Back to the Future,
      is what we are living in many ways.

      In Orwellian language and social engineering:
      Back to the future = Make America Great Again.

      Same thing.

    3. 25 could be 55 but in some cases it's used to
      Exit and in some games it's used as a great play.

      Rose wore #1 was injured
      Bosh on the heat #1 is out indefinitely with blood disorder
      Cam Newton #1 has the Concussion and late hits issue.

      Rose wore #1 as a bull (125)
      Bosh wore #4 as a raptor (41)
      cam wore #2 auburn and #13 at Florida

      Cam 123 lmao conspiracy=123

      I can still pull the 13/31 and 14/41 codes

      iivarii wtf is going on it's everywhere!

      Cam is 3-1 in championships
      Rose is 0-1
      Bosh is 2-2

      414 lol any way you slice it !

    4. Doc states " it's not you Marty it's your kids"

      Kids are baby goats.

      Sports are always in discussion of who is the GOAT like Ali or Jordan
      Greatest of all time and recently Brady is up for that discussion.

      We know what happened to Ali!

      What happened to Marty's kids better yet what happens in the future ?

      We live in the Present it's a GIFT, we live today for tomorrow.

      The wheels on the bUS go round and round
      Like clock work or saturns rings.

      Where do we come from?
      What's our purpose ?
      Where are we going?

      Cheers ��

    5. Hmm...

      (5 times 5) is 25.
      (25 divided by 5) is 5.
      (5 divided by two) is 2.5

      ("two fives" OR "five twos") summed is 10
      and 10 = 1


      Have you seen also



      Maybe there is a bigger pattern that way?

    6. Yes bingo that's the pattern !!!!

  40. Take 13/31 and 14/41

    13+31 = 44
    14+41 = 55

    Now left sides summed together and right sides summed together:

    13+14 = 27
    31+41 = 72

    Now left side + others right side and vice versa:
    13+41 = 54
    31+14 = 45

    They fucking mirror each others as well!!!!

  41. And Check this out:

    51-15 = 36 (9*9*9*9 = 4 times 9 = 9+9+9+9)
    41-14 = 27 (3*9)
    31-13 = 18 (2*9)
    21-12 = 9 (1*9)
    11-11 = 0 (0*9)


  42. And don't ask what that means (if it means anything),
    cause I don't have a clue.

  43. Ok, we are on to something now!!

    Or the numbers that describe the pattern of the
    Tube or spiral ... or are they numerical doors!

    I know someone with a calculus background
    Will see him later tonight.

    We're going to beat these fuckers at their own game!

  44. All those pairs mirror each other.
    And they add up to 22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99 etc.
    There is some significance there.

  45. When you add two same numbers together, you always get an even number. Just like in programming. Let's take from and make a grid with binary system:

    (99) (88) (77) (66) (55) (44) (33) (22) (11) (0)
    (2^9) (2^8) (2^7) (2^6) (2^5) (2^4) (2^3) (2^2) (2^1) (2^0)

    If we select 44 (13/31) and 55 (14/41) from there
    we get:


    In regular binary:

    14/41 is

    and 55 is

    13/31 is

    and 44 is

  46. Think about this.
    Could binary code really hide the REALsource code? How would we really know?
    Tesla discovered Wifi electricity.

    Your home remote works with IR.
    We need to understand how the data is transmitted between humans and figure out
    How this illusion is being projected.
    I bet it's hidden in plain sight!
    I respect the binary code but it was credited to a free mason as its creator or admin lol.
    I bet my life there's more to it.

    Thanks for the binary refresher!
    Glad we connected iivarii

  47. Quick story that caught my ear on the drive today.

    Giants trashed team plane ✈️ UNITED airlines lol
    Hostage situation at Alabama Credit UNION
    Former NBA player broke into two Homes
    Sexually assaulted two women in South Florida.

    Both losing teams were unified
    A baller fondled and kissed sleeping women

    Reminds me of Trump!
    Boeing price complain of Air Force 1
    Fondling and touching women
    Trump foundation scandal

  48. BTW Trump complained that 4 billion
    Was too much for Air Force 1

    There's anothe 14/41!

    1. Harry. You and iivarii might like this Tesla earth signal experiment by Dr. Eric Dollard recently. One of a kind.

    2. Thanks. Done some wireless power experiments myself, as well as scalar (or whatever you wanna call it when two opposite signals seemingly sum to zero but they still power a bulb for example)

      I give you one as well.
      Put your phone in a faraday cage and have someone call it.
      It rings! The signal goes through!
      See for yourself.

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