Wednesday, January 25, 2017

33 43 47 68 84 | 1984 is the best selling book on, January 25, 2017 reporting +68-year anniversary and Trump

1984 to 2017 is 33-years.  It's something I have been talking about since 2013.

Think about the recent reporting that the leader of North Korea, Kim, is '33' again, for a second year in a row.  He is now born in '1984' (last year it was '83... down the memory hole).  The Korean War began on George Orwell's birthday, June 25, 1950.

Notice the post time of 1:25, something like '125', for North Korea.

Remember, Donald the Jesuit Trump just became President.  It was 1984 that Trump became a TV celebrity, also 33-years ago.  Did you know the main character in 1984 is 'Winston'?

Notice the book is 68-years-old at the time of these record sales.  That also connects to Trump and more.  Let us never forget 1968.

47,000 copies since the election of Trump?

The part about 75,000 books also pops out.

As for why this reporting is coming today, I have a thought.

1/25/17 = 1+25+17 = 43