Thursday, January 26, 2017

47 51 88 | 'Rise Up', an Atlanta motto, in light of the Jesuit QB's Falcons, the Jesuit President Donald Trump, and Tom Brady

Is this a Masonic Judge ritual for the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era, Super Bowl 51, in the Falcons 51st season, who will be playing the Patriots in their 51st playoff game all-time?

I don't know about "Year of the Roosters".... a definite *.

America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)

Remember what day Tom Brady was born?  August 3, 1977.

8/3/77 = 8+3+77 = 88

Stephen is dying in the comments.  Let's hope the Falcons win for the hometown boys, Stephen and Darius.

"Rise up" reminds me of a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Let us not forget that the Patriots began their season on the 33rd parallel in Phoenix, against the Cardinals, another bird with a connection to the Catholics and Jesuits.

The Patriots final opponent is the Falcons, on the 33rd parallel, only like the Phoenix Cardinals.

The Patriots season began in Phoenix, Arizona on September 11.

Notice Phoenix is on the 112th Meridian.  Houston = 112; Matt Ryan = 112

In case you think that is a coincidence, Consider Tom Brady was drafted out of Michigan, the 199th pick overall, which is the 46th prime.