Thursday, January 26, 2017

47 97 110 | 'Border wall, border war', January 26, 2017 headlines +President Nieto vs President Trump

The headline is not by accident.

Remember, this is the 97th season of the NFL.  The season ends in Texas, home of the Texans.  Yesterday CNN released the article about how the border wall i a challenge for 'Texans'.  It's all symbolic.

December 26, 2017?  That's almost a year from now!  That's the day after this coming Christmas.... Is it a typo, or a hint?

12/26/17 = 12+26+17 = 55 (December = 55) (Satan = 55) (Santa = 55)

President Pants on Fire.  The latest retard to represent the Republican Party.

Here comes a big bill for the U.S. to build a wall..., where Trump will lie and make excuses the whole time to make it seem like Mexico has a prayer of paying for the wall that is U.S. policy.  Notice the mindset of Trump, a man who has used the poor American working class to fund his shit business career, using the unjust laws of bankruptcy.  He likes to use others for his own expenses.

He wants torture.  He wants stop and frisk.  He wants federal police.  He wants more military.  He wants to go to war with the fictional boogieman ISIS.

While everyone focuses on the Second Amendment, the fact that the First Amendment hardly exists is constantly reminded.

And finally, one last tribute to '33.