Friday, January 27, 2017

33 137 | 33rd second of film, Wag the Dog (1997, 97-minutes long)

The question comes at 30-seconds.
The answer comes at 33!  HA!!!!!
The movie then follows with a whole lot more '33' and '303'...

Notice the film is 1-hour 37-minutes.

Morals and Dogma = 137 (Albert Pike, only Southern Gen. with statue in D.C.)

If you've never seen the film, it is about a sex scandal coming up for a sitting President just two weeks before his re-election bid, so in turn, his staff seeks the help of Hollywood to contrive a distraction, which ends up being a fictional war in Albania.

For the record, the sex scandal in 'Wag the Dog' is with a 'Firefly' girl.

'Wag the Dog' also connects back to '33'.

Less than a year after the release of this film, President Bill Clinton would undergo a similar story with Monica Lewinsky.

That was taking place at the same time as the 'Kosovo War'.  Notice how that synchs with 'Albania', what becomes the fictional war in this movie.

In the film, DeNiro's character reveals how in the past he has helped fake other wars, such as the Iraq War, and even the killing of Kennedy.

The men and women of the '303' detachment become the focus of the Albanian fictional war, made for the distraction of the American populace.

213...  Nimrod... the original Freemason.

'Old Shoe', an invented character in the fictional plot, is the hero of the '303'.

Kissinger, the Jewish killing machine.  The one man war.

President = 110 (The man who is at the side of every President, Republican & Democrat)

Henry was born on the 147th day of the year.  Master Builder = 147

5/27/1923 = 5+27+19+23 = 74 (Jewish) (Masonic) (Killing)
5/27/1923 = 5+27+(1+9+2+3) = 47 (Authority) (President) (Obey)
5/27/1923 = 5+2+7+1+9+2+3 = 29
5/27/23 = 5+27+23 = 55 (Satan)

*Notice Henry is 93-years-old currently.  He was 74-years old when the film released.


While they're in the limo...
A song comes on the radio....
A song they just had recorded, about an old shoe, and then entered into the national archives as a classic from the 1930s...

The song is made to be used for the Willie Schumann, "Old Shoe" hero, campaign.

United States of America = 929 (Jewish Gematria)

Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33

In the end, Willie is killed.

Here comes the dog.

Wag the dog!

The line before this is, "It's a fucking fraud."

Stanley = 33 (Stanley directed the fictional Albanian War for TV news consumption)

The CIA had to kill him because he was going to blab his mouth for credit of how he had duped the American people with his fake Albanian War.

Scottish Rite = 57
Mason = 62

57+62 = 119 (Foundation) (Master Plan) (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)

Wag the Dog = 45/90 (Ninety = 33)

Here we are, the 45th President of the United States...