Sunday, November 27, 2016

12 38 47 54 74 | NFL Week 12 Discussion Thread

Week Twelve = Week Twelve = 41/50/131

11/27/2016 = 11+27+20+16 = 74
11/27/2016 = 11+27+(2+0+1+6) = 47
11/27/2016 = 1+1+2+7+2+0+1+6 = 20
11/27/16 = 11+27+16 = 54
11/27 = 11+27 = 38

From today until the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017, is 70-days, or a span of 71-days.  '71' was huge during the Thanksgiving Day games.

November 27 is also the 332nd day of the year, leaving 34-days remaining.

The Chicago Bears lead the series 6-5, a Titans win would even the series at 6-6, a significant 'NFL' number.  If the Titans were to win, they would also improve to 6-6.  I'd need to do more homework to see if the numbers are truly in their favor today.  If the Titans were to lose, they'd be 5-7, like '57', the Super Bowl number.  Remember, the Titans are originally from Houston.

Tennessee Titans = 54 (Date numerology connection)

Notice this will be the 12th matchup in Week 12.

The Bills lead this regular season series 7-6, and a win today would make them 8-6.  If you count the postseason, the teams are 7-7.

Bills = 54; Buffalo Bills = 45/54

This series is tied 20-20, and both teams need a win.

Fitting it comes on a date with '20' numerology.

Keep in mind this date comes on a date with '47' numerology.  The Ravens won Super Bowl 47, and the Bengals are from 'Ohio'.  Ohio = 47

Ravens = 34 (November 27, the day that leaves 34 left in the year)

This game needs more research, it might be in the QB or coaching records.

The Cardinals lead the regular season series 15-13, and the all-time series, 16-13.

The Falcons could improve to 7-4, on the date with '74' numerology, on the "33rd parallel".  Notice, this matchup, is by the two teams that are located on the 33rd parallel, the only two.

"33 and 74".

The Cleveland Browns lead the regular season series 26-20-2, and all-time, 27-21-2.

Could the Browns become 1-11 against New York today?  New York = 111

Again, today has '47' numerology, and Ohio = 47.

The Giant would also fall to 7-4 on a date with '74' numerology.

This could be the upset of the day.  If the Browns are to win a game, I don't think the numbers will get better for them than this.

That said, it is never wise to bet on the Browns.  Even when the numbers are in their favor, they often lose.

The Rams lead this regular season series, 40-31, and 40-32 all-time.

I suspect the home team will take this one.

The Dolphins lead the regular season series 6-5, and all-time, it is a tie 6-6.  If the Dolphins win at home, and they should, they'll be 7-4 on the season, on the date with '74' numerology.

Notice this will be the 12th matchup in Week 12.

The Chargers lead the series 4-1, and a win today would make them 5-1, at the Houston Texans, who are hosting Super Bowl 51.  Houston Texans = 51; Conspiracy = 51

You don't see a road team with a losing record as a favorite very often.  Notice the over / under is at 46.5, just below '47'.  Again, today's date has '47' numerology, and the Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.

San Diego = 74

The Seahawks lead this series 8-4, and could become 9-4 in November.  November = 94

If the Seahawks win today, they'll be 8-2.  Seattle = 82

The Panthers lead this series 3-2, and with a loss today will be 3-3, something like '33', the number often paired with '74'.  Raiders = 38/74; Panthers = 38/101

The Panthers would fall to 4-7 with a loss, on a date with '47' numerology.  The Raiders could also potentially have the best record in the AFC by day's end.

The Patriots lead this series in the regular season 57-53-1, and all-time 59-41-1.

If the Patriots lose today, they'll be 8-3 on the season, like Tom Brady's August 3 birthday.  Remember, '83' is the football number.  Football = 83

If the Patriots win, they'll be 9-2, like the Giants 92nd season.  As I've documented all year, there is a possibility for part 3 of Giants and Patriots.

Also, if the Jets win today, they'll be 4-7, like the '47' date numerology.

Jets = 54 (54 date numerology)

The Jets could potentially get their 54th regular season win today...

The Chiefs lead the regular season series 57-54, and all-time, 57-55.  This game deserves a better decode, notice the winner will be 8-3 and the loser 7-4.

Colorado = 38/83; Football = 83

Today has '38' numerology and Colorado is the 38th State.
Remember, last year, the Broncos won the Super Bowl on the 38th day of the year, over the Panthers.

Panthers = 38

The Packers lead the regular season 26-14, and all-time, 27-16.  If they lose today, they'll be 4-7 on the season, like the '47' date numerology.  If the Packers lose, it will be five straight.  More decoding is needed here.

Notice this will be the 41st meeting between both teams.  Green Bay = 41; Rodgers = 41