Wednesday, November 30, 2016

45 49 67 121 | 'The Pence effect'. November 30, 2016 headlines


Today is November 30, or 11/30.  Do you see the 113?

Let's not forget the gematria of Mike Pence in light of this election.

Mike Pence = 45 (Donald Trump, 45th President Elect); Holy Bible = 45

I've said it before.  To me, it seems that throughout history, the Vice President has been the more accomplished, the more well spoken, the more knowledgable person, between the President and Vice President.  I don't think that is any coincidence.

As for the headline, it has the 'Revelation' coding.  This is the "Trump-Pence" ticket.  In Revelation, the "trumpets" are the warning.  Trumpets = 132; 132 rooms in the White House

Revelation = 49/67/121

The alternate headline could be, America falls for it again!  GOY'D!!!!!!