Sunday, November 27, 2016

Maestro 2x is a dedicated troll, please be sure to ignore his comments in the future

Maestro is a fraud and one of the "nice trolls" of my blog, I've thought so for more than a year and now I know for certain this is the case.  Here's what I've noticed about Maestro from the last year.  Almost every sports pick he has made on this blog (mostly what he contributes), has been incorrect.  As far as I have seen, he is something like 0/50.  At the same time, he has been posting to come to his twitter where all of his picks are so great.  0/50 on the blog, but the picks on his twitter are great, eh?  Doubtful.

Also, for the entire time Maestro has been here, he has had a very WRONG opinion on all things non-sports, such as what he is writing about Pizza Gate, the very obvious hoax, for very low functioning sheep.  Also, last year he was lying along with the media about how awful the way overblown storm was down in Mexico.  My father's wife's family is from there, and they were saying how there was almost no storm, despite what the media was hyping.  Meanwhile, Maestro was saying how crazy the storm was.... when there wasn't even really a storm, other than the fiction made up on TV.

So fuck you Maestro, you're finished.  And for any of you who gave Maestro a thought in the past, save that thought, he isn't here for the truth.  Just another troll plant, but not as bad as say a Mike Manning.

If you missed my video he is commenting on, notice how like the rest of the trolls, he ignored what I said to begin the video.

There's a lot of troll comments, here is another good one.  Notice the "33", just like what is coded over all of the pizzagate propaganda, and all the rest of the propaganda from Wikileaks.