Monday, November 28, 2016

32 62 131 293 | "Pizza for the Secret Meeting", Illuminati Card Game clue for #pizzagate hoax? Is this from '96 set?

Pizza for the secret meeting = 131/293

131, the 32nd prime number
293, the 62nd prime number

In the description of 'Comet Pizza', it is said each table has a red and white checkered covering.  Then again, so do many pizza shops and restaurants.  One wonders if this card was a clue for this "Pizzagate" hoax.  Or is this even a real card from the original set?  There's a lot of deception on the web, this could be more.

***If anyone can verify that this card is from the 1996 game, it would be appreciated!  It is possible this was created to go with pizzagate hoax.