Monday, December 12, 2016

MNF Discussion Thread | Ravens @ Patriots, December 12, 2016

It's Week Fourteen, MNF, Baltimore @ New England.  Fourteen = 41; Baltimore = 41

12/12/2016 = 12+12+20+16 = 60
12/12/2016 = 12+12+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (MNF = 33)
12/12/2016 = 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 15
12/12/16 = 12+12+16 = 40

O / U at 45?  New England = 45; Seventy-Six = 45

If the Colts win tomorrow, and Baltimore loses, both teams will be 7-6.  Again, the Colts are originally from Baltimore.

Baltimore = 41; Fourteen = 41; Super Bowl = 41 (Colts in Super Bowl 41)

Notice that would make the Patriots 11-2, if they were to win.

Houston = 112; Andrew Luck = 112; Horseshoe = 112; Mathematics = 112 (1+1=2)

Deflate Gate rematch, to make it to the big game?

The Patriots lead the regular season series 7-1, and all-time, 9-3.

I see a bit of symbolism in the Patriots becoming 8-1 in the regular season.

New England = 99 (9x9 = 81)

Notice the Ravens come in at 7-5.

Baltimore Ravens = 75; New World Order = 75; Order Out of Chaos = 75

Let us not forget the Colts are originally from Baltimore, and there has seemingly been forecasting for a Colts and Patriots playoff matchup.

Since yesterday's quick decode, the O / U has dropped to 44.5.

From Tom Brady's August 3, 2016 birthday, until today, is 131-days.

Football = 83 (August 3, 8/3)

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131; World Series = 57

It is also a span of 132-days.  From today's game to his 40th birthday, is 234-days, or a span of 235.  Check the weeks as well, 33-weeks and 3-days.  Also, that 7-months and 22-days.

His 39th birthday this year fell on a date with '47' numerology.

8/3/2016 = 8+3+20+16 = 47 (Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.
8/3/16 = 8+3+16 = 27 (103 is the 27th prime) (Patriots would be 10-3 with a loss tonight)

Tom Brady is '39' this year, the big number coded on the Super Bowl.  Shoot me if we have to watch the 39-year old Manning, then the 39-year old Tom Brady.  Goodness.

This game comes 331-days after Joe's 31st birthday (11th prime number).  Or span of 332.

Think about how the Colts are 6-7 at the moment...

This game also comes 35-days before his 32nd birthday.  '35' is what I call the Tom Brady number.

NFL = 32; America = 32; 7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32

It's also a span of 36-days.  Patriot = 36

If the Ravens have Tom Brady's number tonight, they'll improve to 8-5.

National Football League = 85

More to decode...


MNF records...

Bill Belichick = 61/97; This is the 97th season of the NFL
4/16/1952 = 4+16+19+52 = 91 (New England Patriots = 82/91)

This game comes 240-days, or a span of 241- from his 64th birthday.  241 is the 53rd prime number.  From the game until his 65th birthday, is 125-days, or a span of 126.

Notice Bill Belichick was born on the 106th day of the year, in Tennessee.  Tennessee = 106

He was also born in '52.  Tennessee = 34/52/106; Prophecy = 52/106

It is interesting he has 233 career wins, that is the 13th Fibonacci Number, and '13' has been a huge number this weekend of football, where all teams came in having played 13 games.  He is earning either his 234th win, or his 116th loss.  With the game coming 234-days before Tom Brady's birthday, I think '234' is likely.

With NE, it will be either his 198th win, or his 72nd loss.

John Harbaugh = 59/113
9/23/1962 = 9+23+19+62 = 113

This game comes 80-days after his September 23 birthday, or a span of 81.  From the game to his upcoming birthday is 285-days, or a span of 286.  That's also 9-months and 11-days later.

911, the 156th Prime; Thirty-Three = 156; MNF = 33

*Regarding the 81, the Patriots could improve to 8-1 against the Ravens tonight.

He is playing for his 85th win tonight, or his 57th loss.

National Football League = 85 (Ravens could improve to 8-5 on season as well)

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131

This will be the Patriots 49th MNF game.

This will be the Ravens 22nd MNF game.

Nothing pops out about their records in regards to tonight's game, other than the relationship between 49 and 22.

Revelation = 49 (Revelation is 22 Chapters)

There's probably something I'm overlooking.


  1. I also Remember that Peyton won 6 straight games won SB

    Eli won 10 straight and won a SB

    Luck needs 7 not impossible luck 7!

    He lost in week 14 like 41

    That could be a clue folks

  2. Assuming patriots have home field and play only 2 playoff games numbers 23,24 for Brady
    25th is the Supwr bowl

    Brady stays in the pattern of losing every 5th game he could end up 4-1 4-1 4-1 12-3 no ring
    Or 4-1 4-1 3-1 AFC loss 11-3 like 113

    Or 4-1 4-1 5-0 13-3 super bowl champ

    Teams record 13-3 also

  3. Harrybutts106December 12, 2016 at 4:21 PM
    It's going to be the 10 year anniversary of the 18-1 patriots super bowl 51

    Eli wears 10=39

    1. wtf u talking about harrybutts, cut the pill in half

    2. Dumb and dumber

      Fertilizer brothers.

  4. will the Patriots complete the cycle 4-0?

    Or go 3-1 ? Like 13 ?

    If they lose to Ravens who were the Browns and once the colts will they lose to Luck In the playoffs? Or do they sweep .

  5. Pick: Ravens

    The Home win/loss ratio for week 14 is currently 8-7. A Ravens win will bring it to 8-8. The overall Home win/loss ratio for the season is 118-87. A Ravens win will bring it to 118-88. Notice the 88's. The word "Purple" sums to 88.

    The total days till SB 51 are 55 days or a span of 56

    The Ravens Head Coach is currently sitting on 56 losses and 84 wins. I suspect he will stay at 56 with a total span of 56 days. A win tonight will earn him his 85th win. "Eighty Five" sums to 80 and it is currently 80 days since his 64th Bday."Eighty Five" also sums to 116 and Belichick will earn his 116th loss. The Ravens will go 8-5 for their record to end week 14.

    It's 331 days since Joe Flacco's 31st bday and 331 is the 67th prime number. "Week Fourteen" = 67... 67 is the 19th prime number and today leaves 19 days left in the year. Flacco can earn is 83rd win against Brady who was born on the date 8/3. 83 is the 23rd prime number, 23 is the 9th prime number, and this is the 9th match up in regular season overall against these two teams.

    It's the 9th matchup in regular season and Patriots lead 7 wins to 1. If Ravens win they will be 2-7 against Patriots in regular season and 103 is the 27th prime number. Patriots record will go to 10-3 tonight with a loss.

    William Belichick = 141, and this is Ravens Coach 141st game. "Twenty One" sums to 141 and Ravens are currently in their 21st season.

    *** Why I think Patriots will Lose this game and their next game***

    This is Week 14 but every ones 13th game

    Belichick is currently sitting on 233 wins. 233 is the 13th Fibonacci number.

    Brady is currently sitting on 179 wins. 179 is the 41st prime number and 41 is the 13th prime number.

    If Patriots lose tonight and next week their record will be 10-4, like 104... and "fourteen" sums to 104. Next week will be week 15 but their 14th game. 13,14,41, all have a clear cut relationship with each other.

    Let me know if I am missing anything with the Patriots because I am not perfect by any means. As of right now Ravens look good to me.

    1. You have been on point this week though, ill give you that. Lets see what happens.

    2. I stand corrected. *open mouth insert foot* here comes my 5th loss for the week. Sorry guys. Never fun losing the last game of the week after being really confidenct in your work

    3. I can relate and you're straight upfront and hey it's not exact science or maybe it is but folks are yet to be able to find decodes for o/u etc. who had the decode about Michael Jordan and bulls? That was amazing and also the jets over 49ners pick too was cool. But Zach getting the heisman with lemar was pure Zach gold.


      louisville players shot celebrating lamer jacksons heisman.... that is the headline...

    5. my opinion of you has changed NumbersGame. good work son, you are obviously putting in the effort and overlooking what i used to pull you up for. i thought ravens as well today man, keep it up.

  6. Currently 3-0 vs AFC north
    2-1 vs AFC east
    3-1 vs NFC west
    1-0 vs AFC south
    0-0 vs AFC west ( Broncos) next game (they lose)

    2 AFC East games left they win both
    Finish 5-1 only loss to bills a NY team

    Best case scenario.

    Notice they don't play the NFC north or the NFC east this year

  7. Brady is 98-15 at home lol

    New England=99

    He's played 113 home games this will be 114

    Sorry guys I'm going Patriots tonight. They may not cover but they're winning IMO

    I worry that Brady could be injured in this game!

    We all know tannehill laid down for the Patriots with the fake knee injury.

    1. How did tannehill lay down for patriots ,patriots going to win division no matter what idiot

    2. That's the last game of the season Brady will either play 1 qtr or sit that game out rest

      Remember Brady was working out in Miami during the Fake suspension ?

      Repeat only that Garapolo will win that game so

      Brady goes 10-1 and the team goes 4-1 without Brady they go 5-1 vs the AFC east
      Brady finishes 115 home wins

      14-2 record best in the NFL blah blah

  8. pats win zac is controlled opposition dat y he jealous he a liberal clinton supporter who cant get pussy. brady n trump wins fools

  9. im not troll im da truth zack rfg chosen fag r controlled opposition

    1. You ARE a troll and a gay gag who can't even type right

  10. patriots received their first shutout loss at home vs bills on 10/2 (102) (12)
    Brady has 201 wins (21)
    Today is 12-12
    tom=12 wears #12
    From the last match up with Ravens till today is a span of 703 days (73)
    73 is the 21st prime
    Reflection of 73 number 37
    37 is the 12th prime
    I say Bali wins to leav Brady at 201

    Side note: the sum of patriots last home loss is 55 points to Seattle probably signifying how many days until next loss at home from super bowl which is 55 days (today) or not
    Also if you add the 16-0 loss at home to bills is 71 points the record comming into today's game (patriot lead regulars season over balti 7-1)
    From bills shut out loss to today is 71 days

    1. Since there last matchup 1/10/15 is 702 days
      Raven win will leave patriots leading regular season 7-2
      Patriots record will be 10-3 .103 is the 27th prime
      Twenty seven=55 with s. 55 days until suoerbowl 51

      10-3 (103) (13)
      13th prime 41

  11. Mike chill out. You got the Patriots and Zack looks like he's leaned towards the Pats.

    He's banking on the deflate gate rematch.

    To me honestly the recent deflate gate shows that the first one was meaningless propaganda.

    It served 3 purposes.

    1. No player is above the shield
    2. The NFL is flawed so any future scandals are accepted by the sheeple
    3. Betting trap vs the Broncos to make manning look better and beat Brady his last year.

    Sometimes we over analyze.

  12. I have 99-17 for Tom Brady at home. Away record for all NFL teams is 87, Home record for all NFL teams is 118 if Pats win it will be 119, flip it and its 911 like the emergency operating system, the Patriot act. I'm thinking Patriots.

  13. Patriots franchise right now is 472-383-9. 383 is the 76th prime, with a Patriots win the 383 would remain and the Ravens would be 7-6. Take it with a grain of salt but I think a little more lines up with New England.

  14. Notice that colts lost to Houston and in the commercial JJWatt from Wisconsin is not listening to the Ravens player (Bose)

    Death ear=444

    1. also - the commercial with the guy from greenbay vs houston as well *

  15. the Patriots shouldnt win at all with no Gronk and the other receiver gone..but yeah, its bull--- they all buy anyway... I mean -f-..the Falcons may have beat the rams in the real world but blowing out a team at an away game when youve never played in that stadium and 2 of your star receivers are missing...f off

  16. What numbers do you see in this Instagram post NFL just dropped

    1. Patriots win for it to be 15-1 12
      Packers will lose to Vikings week 16, to make their home December record 15-1. Would be surprised if they show a picture of Aaron Rodgers in the same scenario saying, Aaron Rodgers December Home Record!!! 15-0 12!!!

      Then like I said if they lose to Vikings in week 16, it will be 15-1 12 just like Tom Brady.

      Packers Vs Patriots Super bowl 51?

    2. Packers win streak at home in December ends at 15. Vikings eliminate them week 16

  17. Looks like their rigging this shit for baltimore.

  18. LOL, did you just see that run by #44? I just turned on the game to see that! WWE at it's best! Nice tackling you acting frauds. I hate when people say the players aren't in on the games. What the fuck was that?

    1. yeah I saw it, piss poor tackling on purpose.

    2. Didn't see that but have noticed a heap of fake air tackles since you taught us what to look for. Rigged left right and centre, undeniable.

  19. my radio is like..a full 30 seconds at least ahead of the tv broadcast

  20. lol they setup that kicker to miss giving the long-winded intro about how he hasn't missed all year and gets blocked.

    1. not to mention, how dumb it is for the holder to not wait on the snap, he saw the dude running up to jump the line, just wait until he has to stop to snap it, not realistic at all.

  21. 'If the Colts win tomorrow, and Baltimore loses, both teams will be 7-6. Again, the Colts are originally from Baltimore.
    this doesn't make sense

  22. How fake was that lol

    On cue with the announcers

  23. I dont think he's ever been blocked bla bla..and then -boom-..yeah, it wasnt planned....

  24. I think Brady gets sacked for a safety , he fumbles the snap first

  25. Score will be 2-2 like 202 Brady win total tonight

  26. they always do this..a majority of the time.. for the home team whether the home team wins or loses. You have to keep the home crowd involved so the first half or first qtr is still the home team looking competitive/favorable/ahead/involved...then in the second half they let it unravel some and it falls either way

    1. 15 home losses in 113 games... Take a smoke break..
      That logic only applies to bad teams.

      The home teams win the majority of the games and that's been proven with and without germatria.

  27. Ok it was a thought... This may be a blow out

  28. He EARNED IT lol

    We've heard that before

  29. Harrybutts106December 12, 2016 at 6:15 PM

    15 home losses in 113 games... Take a smoke break..
    That logic only applies to bad teams.

    The home teams win the majority of the games and that's been proven with and without germatria.
    everyone knows the home team wins the majority. I'm just saying the chapters read the same till the 4th qtr.
    theres always hope on a string so the home audiance doesnt fall asleep or start a riot...too dumb to start riots now because that wouldnt be civilized

    1. More WWE

      Chris Harris Jr. #25 will be out vs NE
      2/5 like Super Bowl 51 date
      #21 talib former patriot came to his defense.
      Talib stopped the pats last year from going to SB 50 with broken pass vs GRONK. Talib shot himself like plaxico in the leg after the Super Bowl.
      Plaxico #17 caught the GW score vs NE in 2007 SB after the tyree catch.
      18-0 pats lost with 17-14 (2/3/04)lol see that 17 there's more.


      Super bowl 46 the Giants won 21-17 on an 88 yard drive, the game winning score was by #44 Ahmad on a 6 yard run. Giants won 21-17 see that 17 again ?

      Super bowl 38
      In Houston on 1/1/04 like 114
      Score was 32-29 patriots 61

      Patriots were 6-1 favorites at the beginning of the season. Currently
      3-1 odds the patriots went 3-1 without Brady.

  30. who gives a fuck if they come back? who in the fuck believes a team is supposed to be this flawless with their best receivers missing? no one will rewind their tv and notice that the Raven receiver just let the defender catch it. The just think the dumb ass coach on the Pats calls the right play at the right time for 15 fucking years straight.......

    1. Yeah iv always wondered before I knew it was rigged why they never showed the whole field of players they just show the line and the backs... I think cause otherwise we would see how rigged it is and other then the quarterbacks the receiver and secondary's make most of the money

  31. my pick lions, but let me know if u think otherwise and provide why.

    =46 caldwell’s 46th game, Michigan=46, manning can pick up 46th home loss, odell beckham, ny coordinates
    =39 new York, james caldwell
    =21 lions can go to 2-1 vs nfc east,if giants win they pick up their 21st win
    =30 days to caldwells next bday, lions can go to 3-0 vs nfc east

    52 days to stafford next bday does he pick up his 52nd win

    6-1 at home
    1-2 vs nfc north
    @ eagles next on tnf

    3-3 on road
    2-0 vs nfc east
    @ cowboys next on mnf

    Detroit Lions Franchise Encyclopedia
    Seasons: 87 (1930 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 544-638-32
    Playoff Record: 7-12
    Super Bowls Won: 0 (0 Appearances)
    Championships Won*: 4
    21-20-1, this will be 43rd meeting
    All time 22-20-1, 44th meeting
    New York Giants Franchise Encyclopedia
    Seasons: 92 (1925 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 682-571-33
    Playoff Record: 24-24
    Super Bowls Won: 4 (5 Appearances)
    Championships Won*: 8

    1. Solid work bro. I'm leaning Detroit too. A Dallas loss would set up a huge must watch Week 16 MNF matchup. I'll try to do some more research and let you know

  32. brought down number 12,on the 12, with 1:11 left...meaning what?

  33. It's fun watching the patriots and patriot haters.

    Patriots=Fake news

    The PATRIOTS are the "IN your face fix mockery" like everything else in Merica
    Brady will play until age 45 lol GTFO

    But the SHEEP can't see or smell it like Chem trails and radiation giving everyone cancer"


  34. Tuck rule


    Punch her

    New England 99

    999 lmao

  35. what do you think about that pats 85 in a row streak for reg season home games win they got the lead at the half and the streak started sept. 30th 2001

    1. Yea I saw that. I had a whole string of 85 numbers that I interpreted as favorites for Ravens. Idk at this point but that was interesting to see. I keep seeing all the numbers I talked about yet Ravens aren't winning. It's so strange to me.

    2. do you see anything in the halftime stats:

    3. "nineteen" = 86, and 67 is the 19th prime number. "week fourteen" = 67, and Overall Home win/loss ratio will go to 119. Seems pretty fitting.

      I wish I had this clue before game time. Where would someone even find a stat like that? 85 home wins since after 9/11. Wild

    4. Dam!! I hope they come back 2h

  36. thumb print..969 reduces to 24, to 6

  37. That 85 games in a row started with a win over Peyton Manning's Colts. It was 9/30 (93).
    Indianapolis Colts = 93
    Score was 44-13.
    Sum of 57
    13 is huge this week
    Super Bowl date numerology 44
    Fifty seven = 131
    Super Bowl = 131
    131 days since Brady's birthday
    National Football League = 85

    Streak of 85 wins at home when leading at halftime. Started with the Colts with Super Bowl numbers. Will it end with Baltimore?

    OK now I think Baltimore does the improbable and wins.

    1. Sept 30th is the Day Brady got his first start. Imagine that. This year was his 15 year anniversary and today has Date numerology of 15..... Things to Know before Decode.. am I right? haha crazy stuff

  38. Like I said one team will represent the scumbags Trump supported Patriots

    Then the home team ass whipping by Eli
    We hope!

    Or since Trump won Patriots give ELI his first loss

    Eli 2-1
    Peyton 2-2

    Peyton won more and loss more

    Sorry this script is real bullshit! But that's what the masses consume.

    Luck beating Eli would probably sting more to the same blind sheep. That's the only hope I give them.

  39. I thought this game would be tight, as in Ravens +7 tight, with the obvious Patriots win.

    Ravens will miss the playoffs. (bet on this)
    Vikings will miss the playoffs. (fucked a shitload of my parlays)

    Colts will beat the Vikings (not their year), Raiders (resting), and Jax (payback and they suck).

    Green Bay will win the NFC North.

    #1 Dallas #2 Seattle #3 Atlanta #4 Green Bay #5 NY #6 Detroit

    #1 NE #2 KC #3 Pitt #4 IND (HOU sucks/TEN not ready) #5 OAK #6 DEN

    Can't see how DEN moves to #5 unless OAK completely falls apart. It seems ridiculous but DEN could beat NE, KAN, and OAK in their last 3 games to move to #5.

    That way IND (which needs to win its last 3 games) meets DEN in the 1st round. That is the only path I see to the Super Bowl for the Colts.

    Looking for GB, DEN, and INDY to win out.
    Looking for OAK, HOU, and TB to lose out.

    1. I don't see the Raiders resting at that game.

      It might be their last game at Oakland.

      It's also the 39 anniversary of the ghost tot the post game.

    2. What better way to say "Screw You" to Oakland than to lose their last home game?

    3. Packers will lose to Minnesota week 16. Nothing special about a packer comeback anymore. Seen it in '09 and seen it in '13

  40. Matt best post EVER!
    Smart and well thought out.

    You're about to be called a faggot in ....3....2....1

  41. Brady and belichik best ever combo

    God and his son

    Blasphemy !!!

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

  42. Maybe the Colt gets the best of the Patriot who will go up against Giants

  43. No 87

    88 trump will do the job

    322 skull and bones

    Then 323 Cali area code the Golden gate portal is open by the false messiah Brady 199 .

  44. any body figure out if ravens make a comeback or not


    1. He's a rookie from Bama Saban allowed that lol wink wink

    2. That was so obvious it's painful! LOL

  46. lol are you fucking kidding me, 2 fumbles on punts/kickoffs on back to back special teams plays, what a joke.

  47. @Numbersgame... Mad respect man. Dope decodes this week. Ravens taking this all the way.

    1. Thanks Brotha man!! I appreciate it! Unfortunately it's over at this point.

      Total score of 50 at the start of the 50th week of the year.

  48. 1023 or 123 conspiracy

    Here comes the comeback cmon ram I know you're watching lol

  49. none of us in high school or the playground ever botched a so called punt or kick off ever like that..and with no practice either

    1. you could maybe say the kickoff fumble could happen, he obviously fumbled on purpose, but the other dude on the punt, anyone with a brain knows to get away from the ball if you're not going to catch the punt.

    2. That's why they made the pros. They are Coachable!

      You and I looking for truth , they want money and hoes !

  50. I already have little money on da ravens so if they comeback this will be a good thing

  51. so is Baltimore a lock now to win, cuz I haven't crunched the numbers I'm tryna work on saints cardinals right now

    1. What was your record this week besides this game

  52. Vegas made the call after all the degenerates took NE in the second half lol

  53. Notice the score had to go to 233 before the Ravens came back. TWO HUNDRED THIRTY THREE. Number of Belichick's career wins coming in. 51st prime, 13th Fibonacci. The streak starts with COLTS, ends with BALTIMORE. RIDICULOUS!

    1. Stop getting my hopes up!! LMAO this is sooo crazy... I knew I wasn't reading shit weird on my decode but damn... I don't wanna get my hopes up now for a last min loss .. How Stressful are fake games right now?? HAHA

  54. if the majority of football fans ever put those receivers gloves on their hands theyd realize how stupid it is to think they can drop balls so damn often, those things are tacky as heck

  55. Harrybutts106December 12, 2016 at 7:53 PM

    That's why they made the pros. They are Coachable!

    ive head that before from somewhere around thats code for do as youre told no matter what

    1. I give the elite credit.. They script these games to fit the media , the sheeple and the numerology. These 16 acts are master pieces. Fucking chess pieces.

  56. Replies
    1. That's new I think he was suppose to drop the football but caught it. Lol

  57. Everyone get Zachs attention this is very important the new NBC show timeless is a show that is very much showing how the freemasons rule this nation it is very creepy and is following these people that are traveling back in time to stop a group that is called Rittenhouse this group is very strange and it's run by people that on the show act and talk like freemasons I have met freemasons in my life they are just like them every mannerism everything about them is just like the freemasons. The leader of Rittenhouse that these people find in the year 1780 during the middle of the revolutionary war, is found by the group of travelers with the help of Benedict Arnold. When they confront the leader of Rittenhouse this man is very creepy he is old he is clearly a 33rd° Master Mason he speaks very creepily he is obsessed with time and is a clockmaker his son a clockmaker and his son goes on to talk about how these people (the US) only need an allusion to follow and that their group at the Rittenhouse people are smarter than them they're above all it is very creepy how the show is addressing the way they've been going about these people that they rule everything out so much power they even stop one of the main characters car randomly like the other technology obviously the Masons are keepers of time and this guy the clockmaker he's obsessed with clocks and it's just so I can even wrap my head around it pleases tell zach to look into this show all those lines come from episode 10

    1. the guy who runs the company that built the time machine is named Mason...
      the company is named Mason industries...
      so yeah, i think there MAY be a connection to the masons...
      i am obviously being sarcastic but...
      i feel you, that show is putting the mandela effect into the mainstream...

  58. Why do truthers get nervous watching rigged games ? They're actually fun, unless you're gambling!

  59. 23 to 20 6 min and 35 sec remaining

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. ED REED just broke hiss phone 7s plus lol

  62. #15 or 51 guys super bowl 51

    Remember I mentioned plaxico #17 former steelers and giant and Spartan

    #17 Wallace from Pittsburgh , patriots beat them
    Former dolphin and Patriots face them in week 16. They failed to mention he was A VIKING!


  63. 23-30 with "2:03" to go * lol -

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. There's that 233 again. Second time it has been on the score bored.

    First it had to reach 233 before Ravens come back and now Ravens are down again and the score is 233 in a different variation

    That are taunting this Fibonacci number

    1. A time out at 13 second??? 233 the 13th Fibonacci number...

      Flacco get's his 53rd loss in a game summing to 53

  66. a lot of teams should be 11-3 next week on a day with 30 numerology 113 is the 30th prime

    1. Yup that's why Detroit wins and goes 3-0 vs the east and its 30 days til caldwells birthday. Lions are almost a lock looking at your work

    2. the only games I lost this week were colts and bills

    3. the ravens game tonight I never finished decoding so I only put down $10 on ravens

    4. Fortunately, I got my bet in too late. Was sure the Ravens were going to win.

  67. need to take a look at pats @ broncos

  68. No it's not remove the emotions !

    This was an easy call tonight. But you just try and connect the colts to every game.

    They can still meet, patriots are on script and Vegas has them from 6-1 to 3-1.

    The colts look like shit as expected so now let's see luck run the table and get this rematch.

    I have Patriots in SB no matter who they play !

    I'm not certain which NFC team it will be.

    Last season Brady , manning , cam , Palmer

  69. Replies
    1. in the lowers...
      gruden used that term...
      the lowers...
      i don't know if everybody knows this but tom brady is 39 years old (sarcasm)

  70. Tom Brady is such a sell out piece of shit

    1. Or should he have died in that fake Oakland fire ?

      Cmon get a life it's rigged ! GTFO

  71. Brady, Eli, Rogers , Carr

    That's the 4 !

    Or Stafford for Rodgers

    Michigan recount failure.

  72. Patriots vs Detroit

    Patriots vs blue collar workers who voted for trump ? As he insulted the union leaders ?

    1. Flint Michigan Sacrifice. Zurlon Tipton. If this happened the Jews are picking Stafford maybe to take the torch from Brady. The pats wont win it if they make it.

    2. Colts are linked to the Lions is so many ways it's unreal

  73. Brady is 4-0 vs AFC north.

    I expect a LOSS next week in Denver using the
    5 game as the loss then win out last game Brady sits vs Dolphins give them hope lol

  74. Patriots mock everyone alike...

    #15 a Rookie wide fucking open

    Or is it 51 oh wait #51 was traded to the last place Browns ! Who use to be the Ravens

    I run circles around these minions and now he wears #91 like Saints player killed Smith from Bew York killed in New Orleans

    I've said it before Patriots going to SB bs a QB from Louisana which fits the last piece of the puzzle . Or is it a Peyton tribute...

    Help me out with the NFC team is it ELI? Or DAK? Or I'm missing something ?

  75. Cubs-Indians World SeriesDecember 12, 2016 at 9:04 PM

    Flint Michigan Sacrifice. Zurlon Tipton. If this happened the Jews are picking Stafford maybe to take the torch from Brady. The pats wont win it if they make it.
    look, dude,if you are implying you think Detroit gets to the SB. I can guarantee you its not happening. I'm not trying to be rude. I know I wont be wrong. Youll understand in about 30 years

    1. @ Ram I would agree with you however

      That Bobby Lane curse is primed this year to fall if not than the curse is real lol

      1958 and this year it's 58 years

      He said it would be a 50 year curse but that was wrong so 58 or 13!

    2. Look at zachs blog yesterday. If it's not the Colts, it's the lions. Guaranteed

    3. He changed Vikings , then giants now it's the lions ? Wtf

      he has COLTS vs Giants " greatest game rematch" he's not getting off the hook in week fucking 14 ! Or 41,"lol

    4. in the afc the two options are colts or pats, in the nfc the options are: lions, giants,vikings- I'm still leaning colts vs giants unless its gonna be colts vs lions

    5. The Detroit Lions drafted University of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford first overall. Stafford was an alumnus of Layne's former school Highland Park High School and also lived in a house on the same street as Layne's. In the 2011 season, Stafford's first full injury-free season, he led the Lions to their first playoff berth since 1999 but lost to fellow Texan Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

      First superbowl in Texas since Stafford entered the league. It's his 8th season. 8 comeback wins. Born in 88. #9. Got drafted in the '09 draft. 9x9=81. 81 years since the Lions won their first NFL Championship. Coincidentally, #81, retired as a sacrifice.

    6. My fault. It's the second played in Texas but the other was played in 2011 where Stafford also injured his hand

    7. I don't trust Detroit at all. They are 1 and done if they make it to the playoffs.

  76. #51 went to Mississippi like DAK and Eli !

    Why would New England ship out their best pass rusher ?

    And Gronk is out with bogus injury.

    Something is up or maybe nothing more fakery

  77. plenty is up..they aint making it to no SB .thats too many efing problems to overcome

    1. @ ram

      I noticed you are sensitive when the Patriots and cowboys play lol

      Tell us who will be the Pats and score

      Thanks ����

  78. If it's not the Colts winning the superbowl it's probably the Lions. Stafford the new Jew boy. The last name Stafford means "landing place" and Matthew from the Bible was a tax "collector". The torch gets collected by Stafford bc he is the landing place.

  79. I'm gonna try to take a look at bills vs browns and pats vs broncos next, if the browns win they will be 1-13 plus Zach said streaks usually end with 14 so if browns are gonna win it will be either in their 14th game this sunday or if they lose to the bills it would be the week after

  80. Browns could win ending streaks of 13 has been true this year or streaks overall

  81. Brady won 4 lost his 5 game 45/9

    Brady won 4 and will lose his 5th I mile high vs
    Paxton lynch!


    Also 55 like Satan ! Night minions

  82. also we gotta remember this year is supposed to be a prince tribute, the only afc team I can think of that has ties to prince is the colts

    1. Lions have a ton of ties to the colts tho. Is there a Zurlon Tipton/prince tie?

    2. Who said this is prince year , Ali died too and Prince was an OKC fan , favorite player is Dwade and Vikings was his hometown team.
      The fact that Irsay bought his guitar lol ?

    3. Ray rice beat his GF in the elevator

      Prince died in an elevator

      Ravens were the Browns not the colts

      Belichik first job Baltimore Colts

      He left the Browns in 95 when they moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens

      I see that connection

  83. Another fun fact is that Zurlon Tipton had 13 rushing attempts. All the 13/31 connections and it was for 27 yards. Staffords birthday is 2/7

  84. Tipton was born the year the Lions won their only playoff game and was signed the last time the lions made the playoffs and now he died...Super Bowl???

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  86. Zurlon #37
    Ray rice #27

    Ray rice 37 rushing TD! Lol

    1. Hopefully he's not in an auto accident especially if he drives a FORD! And 27 is not a good number.

      Think about the 27 club in Hollywood

  87. Prince died at the age of 57. Lions last won an NFL Championship in '57

  88. You can tie number to just about any contender it's the reason they are in the playoffs or tied to a lesser team because of history, player movement and they belong to the same SYSTEM... Jeff fisher will coach defense somewhere probably Houston or USC
    I'm leaning USC

  89. Cubs-Indians World SeriesDecember 12, 2016 at 9:17 PM

    Look at zachs blog yesterday. If it's not the Colts, it's the lions. Guaranteed
    ok, all three of you are wrong then :).
    you can pull all the numbers you want. Detroit isnt getting there...granted, I wouldnt care if they did because I already know Dallas/Patriots/Cowboys/Chiefs arent. But they sell what they want you to buy and Luck has been sold. Stafford isnt doing a whole lot of national biz and aint in no guys are forgetting...the Vikings and Colts played in games on Thanks Giving. They are in the nations frontal lobe

  90. Ravens were the Browns not the colts
    and I tell people that the Browns won the championships but were just called the Ravens lol it was the same franchise...but they get confused and angry and dont get it and call it one can think beyond step one or two... I couldnt till three years ago anyway

    1. Ram the truth community is a direct result of the lying community. It's like red and blue states. You are either truthful or a liar. The elite are both cunning !

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