Thursday, December 22, 2016

33 51 93 117 | Justin Woolee aka Justin Paul Hess aka Counter Tyranny Operative arrest news

The name Justin Woolee is right for a man labeled a 'conspiracy' theorist.

His initials JW also have the '33' gematria.

The name 'Justin' also synchs with 'propaganda'.

Sandy Springs?  Another Sandy?  Another SS?

His channel name also has the same gematria as 'Central Intelligence Agency'.

The United States of America = 99/117 (CIA = 13) (Thirteen = 99) (13 Colonies) (13 Stripes)

I notice Richie From Boston was a big fan of Justin Woolee's work: (Just after 5:00 mark)

Again people, there are a network of shills and agents on YouTube.  I've been saying it since the beginning.