Thursday, December 1, 2016

11 13 22 23 49 55 66 121 | Thursday Night Football Discussion Thread, December 1, 2017

It's Week 13, Thursday Night Football.

12/1/2016 = 12+1+20+16 = 49 (Dallas) (Revelation = 49/121)
12/1/2016 = 12+1+(2+0+1+6) = 22 (22 chapters in revelation) (22 men on the football field)
12/1/2016 = 1+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 13 (Dallas = 13/22/49)
12/1/16 = 12+1+16 = 29 (Football) (Cowboy)
12/1 = 12+1 = 13 (Dallas) (First game of Week 13)

Week Thirteen = 62/71/143

The date can also be written 1/12, something like '112'.  Houston = 112

They're 11-11 all-time in the regular season, meeting on 12/1...

11x11 = 121...
Revelation = 121
December 1, or 12/1....

Dallas = 49 (Revelation = 49)

With a Dallas win, Minnesota will be 6-6, like Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible.

*When you sum 1 through 11, it totals 66.
*11x11 = 121 (Revelation = 121)

If you count the playoffs, the teams have played each other 29 times.

Football = 29; Cowboy = 29

For the regular season, this will be the 23rd regular season game between the two teams.

Cowboys = 29/83; Football = 29/83; 83 is the 23rd prime number

The word 'twenty-three' sums to 163, which connects back to Minnesota.

Twenty-Three = 55/163 (Minneapolis = 55) (163, the 38th prime)

Minnesota = 38; U.S. Bank Stadium = 38; Prince = 38

Minnesota could potentially even the series at 15-15 all-time with a win.

Fifteen = 38

If Minnesota were to win, they would improve to 7-5.   Minnesota Vikings = 75

Let's take a look at the QBs.

Dak Prescott = 42/51/60/132
Sam Bradford = 47/56/101

This will be Bradford's 74th game.  Minnesota = 38/47/110

He is playing for his 31st win (31, the 11th prime), or his 43rd loss.  Dallas Cowboys = 43

At home he is 18-18, meaning his next game will be his 37th.  Thirty = 37 (30 wins?)

This will be Dak's 12th game, and already playing for his 11th win.  I think he will get it, improving to 11-1, because their next opponent is the New York Giants, the only team the Cowboys have lost to this season, in Week 1.

Recall, in Week 1 they lost to the New York Giants, 20-19, for a sum of '39'.

Fitting that Dak Prescott's 13th game will be against Eli, in his 13th season.

Week Fourteen = 58/67/148

Notice Dak Prescott is 23; 83 is the 23rd prime.

From July 29, 2016 to the game is 125-days or a span of 126.

His 24th birthday is in 240-days, or a span of 241-days. (241, the 53rd prime)

This game comes 23-days after Bradford's 29th birthday, or a span of 24-days.

His upcoming 30th birthday is in 342-days, or a span of 343.  Dallas Cowboys = 43

Now, the coaches.

Jason Garrett = 49/58/148 (Dallas = 49)
Mike Zimmer = 59/68/122

This will be Jason Garrett's 100th game.

He is going for his 56th win, or his 45th loss.

Jason Garrett's 50th birthday was March 28, 2016.  This game comes 248-days after his birthday, or a span of 249.  This game comes 117-days before his upcoming birthday, or a span of 118-days.

Mike Zimmer is playing in his 44th game, going for his 25th win, or 20th loss.

This game comes 179-days after his 60th birthday, June 5, 2016.  6/5/2016 = 6+5+20+16 = 47
It is also a span of 180-days.

This game also comes 186-days before his 61st birthday, or a span of 187-days.

Now, let us examine Thursday Night Football history for both teams, the Cowboys and the Vikings.

In history, the Vikings are 1-4 on Thursday Night Football.  After tomorrow, they'll either be 1-5, or 2-4.

For the Cowboys, they're 6-2 all-time on Thursday Night Football.  After tomorrow, they'll either be 6-3 or 7-2.

Here is what a reader was thinking as well.


  1. Has anyone looked into the biggest Jackpot in Tennessee history, was $421 million which is interesting number and why im postinf this..The winning numbers drawn were 17, 19, 21, 37, 44, and the Powerball was 16!!. The ticket is the 200th sold by the Tennessee Lottery worth $1 million or more. says the sourse...Tom Brady just won his 200th game..

  2. For those to decode this, dont look for reasons for the Vikings to win, lets look the other way, its safer

  3. In not a troll and I support gematria 100% BUT there's got to be a different way to find a winner. The gematria decoding for games are becoming a bit redundant. Its a prime example of insanity. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. There's always a narrative for both teams. I think instead we may need to look at the BIG picture and gather info from many aspects, rather than looking what's right in front of us. I do believe the numbers are a big part of the picture however. I just don't know what they're scripting these games by. Is it the gematria alone? Vegas profit? Both? We all know its scripted, but we have yet to come to a conclusion of an exact formula to predict every outcome. Idk, I think the gematria is great for the long term result though, such as championships. Zach has proven that easily. Im still sold on Colts to at least make the Superbowl.They're loaded with so much coding along with many clues. There's also a lot of coding for New England, New York, Minnesota, and Dallas. I'm even finding some for Kansas City and Seattle. Its too much! I do still think Michigan will make the CFB Playoffs, there's just too much coding for them to not make the Championship game. I think we will all learn a lot after the football season ends and get a better understanding through everyone's finds. Just my 2 cents from what I've been thinking lately.

    1. Yeah, I am agree. I think its great for championships and playoffs but suspect for week to week games.

    2. Using the franchise and NFL birthdays could be a missing piece of the puzzle that we have been missing.


    4. You could be right. I haven't looked into it yet. I've been looking a lot into ESPNs time stamps on the videos they post daily for the past week or so. I compare those time stamp numbers to a database I've created of important numbers and I'm finding a lot doing that as well.

    5. Yes, predictive programming at its finest. You can start to predict many things if you understand the numbers and symbolism.

    6. Also if you look at last years Superbowl, it was pure symbolism and storyline. Manning goes out with a ring and white vs black.

    7. 100% agree with you Nick, very difficult to predict game winners but I've had luck for championships. I would be surprised if Colts dont win Superbowl so many clues for them, but baseball seems easier to decode

  4. Zack why don't you post this seasons results?

    How many you got right and wrong.

    Post the Vikings wins and loss total ahead of time Same for Giants and Colts.

    Why do you care about the Cowboys? I gave you the Cowboys theory week 3. Same with Raiders and the Tuck Rule.

    For the open minded. DAK has plenty of narrative to go all the way. He's born in Louisana home of the most winning QB's like the mannings and Bradshaw.

    Don't count out the Ravens!
    Go back to the SB vs the Giants plenty of clues.

    1. Why don't you open up you're own blog and start writing there?

      Because you always come here to troll.

      You have never predicted anything like Zack so you have no credibility. Now go back under your rock troll.

    2. You think you're so smart but you're really not.

    3. The Ravens in the SB would be less exciting than the Colts, not a single player noteworthy, but I had always thought of the Raven theory instead of colts as a backup

    4. HB106 Why do you act like an asshole? you have some logical intelligent comments...You can have ur own different opinions and still act normal!

  5. Zack clarify this also..

    Vikings SB51 or SB52 lol

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  7. making his first ever start.
    DAK wrote a tweet a few years back saying that Romo was a choke artist and as a life long Cowboys he was DONE with Romo
    Now he replaces Romo and chokes in the SB

    FYI Romo had the same Injuries gronk has.. Written too Hmm

    But if you don't watch the games you forget these details!!!

    I think Patriots will be underdogs to make everyone jump on Dallas or what ever NFC
    Team goes. I think Brady finally surpasses Montana. That means the Chiefs will be sacrificed in NE!

    1. have to be in playoffs , because chiefs don't play NE this year

    2. HB,As if the Chiefs are even worthy of being 'sacraficed'? We tawkn bout the Kansis City Curse? lmao Their is no scenerior where Pats and KC play and people will think KC will win! Aint one KC fan outside of KC, they a nobody

  8. Giants have 1 quality win(Cowboys)
    Let's see how they finish.

  9. Here's a narrative the other way for the cowboys

    12/1/2016= 49, 22, 13, 29
    Week 13= 62, 71 (20#), 143
    TNF= 13 (6#), 40, 95, 104, 257 (55#)
    336 day. 30 days left in the year

    Dallas=13/20/49 Dak was born on the 29th
    Jason Garrett=209, Dallas is 3-1 in division like 31
    Garrett away record is 28-21 which totals 49 and going for his 29th win
    Garrett going for his 56th win in US BANK stadium that equals 56
    Also going for 7-1 in the conference like 71, 3-0 vs NFC North like 30 days left in the year.
    Dallas is 6-2 on TNF like 62
    Bradford might go 2-2 on tnf like 22, this will be Mike Zimmer's 22nd home game, Zimmer coaching his 44th career regular game
    Zimmer record at home is 15-6, if he loses he will be 15-7 like 157 which is the 37 prime number and what does 37= Vikings

    Now im not sure of my pick, Zach has some great points too. Zach whats ur honest opinion on who wins or do u have anymore points that u think puts Vikings the most likely winner?

    1. Great work!!!

      Get ready to be called a Troll for disagreeing with the minion

    2. everyone knows youre not allowed to disagree with Zach, even though this is a "discussion" thread. fuck he is an arrogant and self righteous prick

    3. mike zimmer not coaching that game he got eye surgey ,but i heard the number line up with back up coaches

    4. Harrybutts so if you have so many clues as to who wins why don't you state them, every comment you try and be a smartass who knows it all.
      You know sweet fa.

    5. If Zimmer is not playing I think I can prove a way to find winners, I'll be back after I put in some work

  10. Scared me for a minute, I thought it was Thursday. haha!

    I got an NBA pick today, trying to decode 2 games today.

    1. The NBA was crazy yesterday. Every underdog won except for the Lakers v Pelicans.

      It was like OPPOSITE DAY IN THE NBA.

      Did Gematria see that coming?

    2. yeah I won money on both the nets over clippers and rockets losing to Utah cuz I saw that they were both in all black uniforms when that is not their primary colors I also earlier in the year won money on Kansas over duke when I saw that duke came out in all black

    3. Funnily enough yes, i think i may have stumbled on how to predict the individual match ups.

      Im currently re running my findings through previous game weeks across all sports and seeing the pattern hold true. Slight problem again is you can find some duality across the match ups.

      I also expect a fair few upsets in tonights games as well.

      Keep on eye on the 49ers, Pistons, Suns games.

      I also expect OKC and Timberwolves to win tonight as well.

    4. I feel like bucs might win with them going back to san diego where they won their super bowl

    5. Piston already upset the charlottes yesterday

    6. They did indeed, and the pattern that saw charlotte fall yesterday is now coded into the pistons for this match.

      Lets see what happens, if this method provides no success than im afraid to say im offically done with gematria and sports betting at least the indivdual match ups.

      There's too many numbers involved and all of them interlink which makes it impossible to ascertain the result. I can safely say that anyone who's decoded then placed a bet using gematria has at some point in there conclusion had to guess.

      Call it an educated one if you will but someone who bets on perception could say the exact same thing...

      With an ever constant duality this is increasingly becoming guess work.

      Going back to the pistons i've got 3-4 solid patterns on there win and pretty much no alignment on there number of losses.

      However there's ONE Small alignment for the celtics, and its only a little connection but if they win its the only thing i can put it down to and that right there's the problem.

      You can be heavily stacked with the numbers but theres always a route for the opposite result no matter how small. The Eagles v Packers game was a perfect example. GB had a few connections but Eagles far outweighed them and lost.

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    8. So every time Rodgers goes to philly he's going to win?

      Every time Packers play on a date with 55 numerology they win?

      It doesnt work like that. Thats just pure jargen.

    9. Yes. Sometimes I can the number can go against them

    10. You're right about the duality, and until we can find something concrete that works for every individual match up, it's pure guess work on what team weighs more. I'm trying different ways each time to pull a winner, until then it's going to be a bumpy ride.

    11. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that basketball and baseball games aren't as rigged during the regular season as football games. There are 82 games in basketball and 160 something in baseball, unless the game is a primetime matchup (cavs/warriors). I do however think vegas makes the call to the officials to favor their over or we saw in the houston game earlier this week.

    12. Kings/Sixers game postponed cause of condensation on the floor. Kings had leakage in 1989 vs the Sixers. Coincidence? haha...

      Condensation = 52
      Prophecy = 52
      Revelation in Philly.

      Oh look, Philly coach going for his 52nd win all time.

    13. Think could line up for Philadelphia?

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. Interesting..... Only the Timberwolves pick lost which cost me an absolute ton on my yankee, still doubled up with the pistons and suns upset.

      76ers would have deffo won if they had played last night based on the method, they were the clearest of my picks.

      Ill have to re-run the timberwolves game.

      I would have got the heat upset in the nuggets game as well but i didnt know if nuggets coaches birthday is actually the 1st of January. Wiki doesnt list it and another sight had it as jan 1st but i thought it might just be by default as its what people put when they dont know someones birthday. Can anyone confirm if it is Jan 1st?

    16. J-Montz -

      Minnesota completely wiped me out, I had a parlay including Lakers ML (10/1), would of payed me 200/1 odds on my ticket. Lost sleep last night..

      Michael Malone's birthday is 1/1/71, you have correct.

    17. Jmontz you killed it last night with your picks...what exactly did you do to determine the winners? Birthdays?

    18. Much better Jmontz

      Nobody had the Knicks lol,

    19. Ive looked back over the timberwolves pick and laughed. The knicks' connections to the win were there and timberwolves had a ton of connections but nothing determining there win. The one connection they had was the result of their loss haha.

      13th loss. Thirteen = 99.

      Knicks coincidentally went 9-9.

      Stupid mistake on my part their.

      Tonights games seem to go with the favs more.

      My picks are:

      Nets (The only upset)

      I've not looked at the GSW or Hornets match ups.

      The top 4 im pretty confident in with only the Cavs being the slight questionmark. The nets is definitively worth a go @ 9/5 but i wouldn't lay down to much on that one.

      Good Luck if anyones on anything tonight.


    20. Hey jmontz,

      Really admire your world view regarding Gematria and the way you handicap. You are among my favorite posters here.

      Could you give some pointers in which variables you've found to be the most telling in decoding a winner?

    21. I think cavs when 2 tomorrow LBJ is wearing a cubs outfit to the game he lost a bet 2 wade and bulls record is 10-7 and they lose tomarrow they will be 10-8 like the cubs and I see bulls beating dallas on sunday to go 11-8??

  11. Scared me for a minute, I thought it was Thursday. haha!

    I got an NBA pick today, trying to decode 2 games today.

  12. Zach u roc get a can of raid for the troll trash

  13. for my future decoding I'm gonna start looking at the home teams home reord and the road teams away record in the current season, for ex: vikes are 4-1 at home this season, cowboys and dak are 5-0 on the road(also 5-1 at home), plus I'm gonna start looking at stats like the vikes record against nfc east teams and the boys record against nfc north teams, I'm also gonna start looking at more teams official websites to see if they drop clues because I feel I shoulda been able to figure out tampa last week cuz alteraun verners fathers death was on the website plus on espn they were hyping up Winston over Wilson. on the vikes page today I just found out Mike Zimmer is from texas

  14. Minnesota will be in purple and gold plus they are advertising a paul bunyan commercial

  15. Vikings uniforms:

  16. on lucky week 13 this is the first Thursday night game between teams that aren't in the same division, so the question is why switch it up now why couldn't dallas play philly, giants, or skins, whats so special about the the Vikings or vice versa

  17. the tnf games after this week will go back to divisional opponents again also

  18. I've looked at this match up the other day but ive decoded so much this past few days that the numbers are blurring into one game.

    If i remember correctly the evidence for a Vikings win is compelling.

    1. Did you see the highlight for Viking vs. cowboys week 13 on year 2000?

    2. No i havent, i've also got this game mixed up with another decode.

      Cowboys win this one.

  19. What Gematria said Green Bay beats Philly... by 2 TOUCHDOWNS!

    An NFL players said be careful of the meaningless games.

    I am going with the Minnesota

    --> PURPLE RUSH - THE color of the 2016 election
    --> Dallas has not beaten anyone outside of the AFC South
    --> Minny beat the only team (Giants) that defeated Dallas
    --> 10 games is a nice round number to end a streak (especially with the Cowboys' schedule)
    --> Fits the Super Bowl/playoffs narrative
    --> Would be a *** HUGE *** statement to everyone that Minny is for real/end of season drama
    --> Minny lost to only one team at home, Detroit

    I don't care about the Gematria for this one, Minnesota just looks to good. My money is on the Vikings for Thursday Night Football.

    Should be a fun game to watch.

    1. aaron Rodgers was turning 33 and green bay equaled 41 plus all of a sudden philly wore all black I knew I fucked up when I picked the packers before the game started

    2. I might sit this one out but u never know cuz I already put 50 bucks two separate parlays, 50 on Vikings, and Colorado, then a separate 50 on Vikings and Virginia tech, if I lose its only 100 bucks plus I feel one of those cfb teams will go down to potentially cause order of chaos for Michigan to get in the playoffs so its worth the risk I might do live betting on the Vikings tomorrow but then again it depends how I feel cuz I'm not tryna take a loss

    3. Those are some real longshots, judging by the odds. If Michigan makes it, you would have earned those parlays.

      I have lost so many good upset picks on busted parlays and yet cant seem to stop myself.

      But I am learning to only go if you KNOW it's the right move (no speculation, no hoping, no emotion, no betting out of spite, just logic and reason).

    4. clemson or washington has to lose , i am going with virgina tech to beat clemson , i just have a filling for some reason i dont think colorado can beat washington but i did beat colorado to win moneyline for $25 just because i wanna see michigan get in either tho iam from washington lol let go gematria !

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. in college basketball michigan plays virginia tech in the acc big ten challenge, and in cfb virginia tech could potentially upset clemson for michigan to get in the playoff not saying this happens but if coincidences dont happen why schedule va tech vs michigan they could of picked another acc team for michigan to play but then again you never know

    1. both have 5-1 records , i could find there history of playing each other

  22. its 308 days from both teams birthdays till the date of tomorrows game.

    minnesota = 38
    cowboy = 83

  23. I am taking the Vikings, f*** it

    1. I agree. They can't have two same records teams going to the super bowl

    2. Ikings need to look dominant in the next couple weeks and take the 4th seed

  24. Heads up.

    If anyone still wants to put $50 on Colts-Giants for the Super Bowl, the odds are at 335-1! That's $16500 if it hits!

    Now, why in the world are the odds only 70-1 for Colts-Vikings? That stinks.

    1. Interesting that the odds are less for COlts-Vikings.

    2. Cause the Elites use it as a diversion just incase someone starts figuring out the patterns.

    3. Where are you getting those odds from Matthew Rhodes?

    4. odds for giant and viking shouldnt be that much different , they should both get wild card spot maybe

    5. those odds arent right, Vikings pays better on all the sites I saw

    6. What sports site is that Matthew Rhodes? 335-1 wow!! Lol

  25. Vikes win = 112/40
    Boys lose = 112/31
    TNF = 256/40/13
    Vikings win = 56
    Sam Bradford = 56
    Thursday Night Football = 95
    Mike Zimmer = 59

    Minnesota Vikings = 201
    Skol = 210/12
    Cowboys will be 10-2 if they lose tomorrow in Dak's "12th" game

    Cowboys Vikings = 2020 ( or 22)
    Vikings will be 2-2 in TNF if they win

  26. Sam Bradford 12TD - 3INT

  27. I originally picked Vikings, but the date numerology tomorrow has me a little worried. Might sit out of betting this one, just observation.

  28. We live in a dualistic world, the RITUAL of the game taking place is enough. Doesn't matter who wins! That's the Vegas angle. The satanist
    Just care about controlling the chess pieces.

    Wisdom> Germatria

    1. Harrybutts106

      "We live in a dualistic world, the RITUAL of the game taking place is enough. Doesn't matter who wins! That's the Vegas angle. The satanist
      Just care about controlling the chess pieces"

      The funny thing it sounds like your learning since you have never mentioned Dualistic World until now and that has been posted today.

      Good for you Harrybutts106, as much as you want to troll, your forced to learn. Maybe it might take centuries for you to understand, but hey its a start kid ;)

    2. Your right in part, each game is a ritual they generate energy and emotion of the public and that energy goes somewhere..

      Im off the opinion that these games are a more natural occurrence most of the time.. Jewish Mysticism is all about the idea that numbers hold power and energy.

      Now when we decode and see the numbers there is alignment for both sides naturally because the world is dualistic - The challenge is how do you interpret the numbers?

      I believe if your a team or athlete that has the right numbers connecting from your birthday to the event then you play well. I played a hell of a lot of sport when i was younger and there were days when i was shit hot and couldnt do anything wrong, and then days when every thing i touched turned to shit and i couldnt explain why.

      I think the numbers is fate, whats pre planned out for us. The controllers have manipulated the numbers since ancient egypt to shape the world as they see fit.

    3. You're right jmontz, and they use that knowledge to forecast how a season could go, and script it accordingly.

      You can't rely on date numerologies and gematria to determine every single game. They have a script for most games, but I don't believe it's possible to read for the regular games; they just don't matter as much and they don't have the build up. The gematria and coding clues become very obvious for championships because a whole season of coding has lead up to that. They have to script the regular games along the way to get the final result they want, but often times there will not be enough information to determine the outcome.

    4. Im not sure, i think all of the games are pre determined based on the numbers and the way i think its done is on a big computer system that runs the outcomes.

      Lets say they need the colts to win this years superbowl and need them to go 9-7 regular season. Say they do this for all teams and input the data into a system that then generates the fixture lists based on the time difference in birthday to match up.

      Or something along them lines - This stuff is all pre planned to the point. But i think its more a working of the universe than athletes throwing games i generally think if everything was scripted it would have leaked somewhere in all this time just based on pure law of averages.

      My two cents anyway

  29. Super Bowl 51 is 66 days or 2 months and 4 days or 9 weeks and 3 days from 12/1.

    1. Last night while reading about the coach's eye surgery, the 66% of the money was on the Cowboys 10-1 record with score prediction 27-16.
      Anyway I took +160 with my $40 to get $104.00

    2. 66% of the money is on Dallas? Of course, they are the favorite, they are 10-1 and it would be typical to have 2/3 on them, but the 1/3 money on the Vikings evens it out, so Vegas wins either way. The only thing interesting was the 66...which seams to lean towards the vikings losing and having a 6-6 record, more than it says Dallas wins, no??

    3. Vegas would win if 95% of the money was on dallas and dallas won anyway.

      They'd just lay of their liability on a betting exchange which is what they all do, Vegas never ever loses.

      I'd give them credit that 99% of people dont understand that simple fact. If you've got massive liability on a game you obviously lay that risk off somewhere else not that they will ever get to a 95% margin as they price odds accordingly.

      In simpler terms, vegas knows the outcome of each game. If they check before a game starts and the publics money is on the winner and there standing to lose money they would then lay the bet of in an exchange to not only cover any loses but to then profit as well.

      You can never lose a bet if you know the outcome and they know every single outcome.

  30. Mike Simmer getting emergency eye surgery, might not coach game now. Pat Shurmur and Tony Sparano on staff for him if he can't make the game.

  31. 1124 days since the last time they met or

    160 weeks and 4 days

    Or 3 years, 28 days

  32. emergency all-seeing-eye surgery. Right.

  33. Eye surgery = 888
    August third = 888
    Joseph Wilf (father of Vikings owner) died on August third

  34. if zimmer's out the two replacements according to espn's 52 second video states that either tony sparano or pat shurmur will fill in, i think it would be best for the vikes chances for sparano to coach because he has 41 losses in reg season which is the 13th prime, if shurmur coaches and loses he will have 10 wins and 29 is the 10th prime

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. would also be sparano's 75th game overall and the vikes could go to 7-5

  37. cowboys have lost last 5 game in Minnesota, and the last time they won their was in 1995

    1. 1-5 reflection 51 ( superbowl) 0r 0-6 reflection 60 which i have no ide what that means lol

  38. Mike Zimmer to have 'emergency eye surgery' so his coaching status 'uncertain' for TNF
    ---- "Eye surgery" = 2002 (Can be written as 22/220/202)
    ---- "Emergency eye surgery" = 108
    ---- "MIN" = 18
    ---- A win for Vikings would give them a "2-2" all time record on TNF

    Pat Shurmur or Tony Sparano could be filling in for Mike Zimmer whos have "EMERGENCY EYE SURGERY"
    ---- "All seeing eye" = 119/56
    ---- "Anthony Joseph Sparano III" = 119
    ---- "Pat Shurmur" = 1199
    ---- "Vikings win" = 56
    ---- "Vikings" = 91
    ---- "Win" = 19
    ---- "Emergency" = 95
    ---- "Mike Zimmer" = 59
    ---- "December first" = "559

    A Dallas loss gives them "10-2" record and "6-3" all time record on TNF
    ---- "MIN" = 36 (Reflection of 63)
    ---- "DAL" = 102

    1. 11-1 and 7-2 wonder if they have any meaning if dallas win ?

  39. Nicholas McPhersonNovember 30, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    In not a troll and I support gematria 100% BUT there's got to be a different way to find a winner. The gematria decoding for games are becoming a bit redundant. Its a prime example of insanity. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. There's always a narrative for both teams. I think instead we may need to look at the BIG picture and gather info from many aspects, rather than looking what's right in front of us. I do believe the numbers are a big part of the picture however. I just don't know what they're scripting these games by. Is it the gematria alone? Vegas profit? Both? We all know its scripted, but we have yet to come to a conclusion of an exact formula to predict every outcome. Idk, I think the gematria is great for the long term result though, such as championships. Zach has proven that easily. Im still sold on Colts to at least make the Superbowl.They're loaded with so much coding along with many clues. There's also a lot of coding for New England, New York, Minnesota, and Dallas. I'm even finding some for Kansas City and Seattle. Its too much! I do still think Michigan will make the CFB Playoffs, there's just too much coding for them to not make the Championship game. I think we will all learn a lot after the football season ends and get a better understanding through everyone's finds. Just my 2 cents from what I've been thinking lately.
    all the teams you mention just means playoffs for them should mean that.
    Vikings are the one paying for a new stadium,so more home playoff games are coming their way.

  40. I have been paying attention to the commercials that promote matchups on ABC or ESPN and it has been remarkable at indicating the winner. Whatever team is shown last and what are they doing has been right 75% of the time with the promos I have seen. Easy win off promo that at end showed a glorified Rodgers with a smile ear to ear. The ones I have seen for this week indicate wins by cowboys, Clemson, and colts. It does not always mean for the pointspread but such s small percentage of NFL games are decided by the spread. The promo also had a straight up win indicated for Ohio St. Keep your eye on this.

  41. Interesting ESPN timestamp. 1:59. That's 119 seconds. The all seeing eye. Vikings equal 91. Cowboy equals 83 which reduces to 11.

  42. Sparano was a Dallas O-Line coach under Bill Parcells.
    Off course it's Zimmers RIGHT eye that needed surgery. Zimmer just completed his initiation.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Sporano also suffers from degenerative vision

  45. When is a good time to cast a bet On Colts,Giant,Vikings Super bowl

  46. Now, "the game is rigged", sooner the better.

  47. Okay Thanks which website have the best odds

  48. CRACKT*
    N.O. over Det. (Most confident)
    K.C. over Atl. (2nd most confident)
    N.E. over L.A. (and so on..)
    S.D. over T.B.
    S.F. over Chi.
    Buf. over Oak.
    N.Y. over Pit.
    Dal. over Min.
    Den. over Jax.
    G.B. over Hou.
    Balt. over Mia.
    Skins over Cards
    Car. over Sea.
    N.Y. over Ind.

    Yes I like the Colts to finish at 9-7 maybe 8-8 to win the AFC South.

    13 weeks of non-stop work.

    1. Damn dont tell me the Colts lose this week!!!

  49. Interesting that you got Jets over Colts

  50. I have Colts winning next 8 games. Andrew Luck would get all time 51st win in Superbowl 51

    1. @Dennis That sounds about right with the Colts

    2. I do too!!, of course thats wishfull thinking, i have absolutely nothing to back it up :)

  51. Also wanted to note that 119 time stamp could mean star of David. Dallas's logo is a star

  52. @viccarucci
    More on Gronk from #NFL sources: Suffered a ruptured disk vs. #Seahawks , surgery in L.A. Expected to be out eight weeks.

    1. That's why they signed Bennette 88!
      Like trump

      Pats will be fine, they are losing in the SB to Dallas

  53. Television is scripted. Even more so when it comes to sports. So it only stands to reason that the TV promos that promote sports events on TV are scripted as well. They slip this right by your eyes every week. Again tonights promo clearly shows Dallas last and there is your winner. Just watch the Monday night promo for this week and tell me that does not glorify a colts victory.

    1. Again use caution if laying points.

    2. How many games have you noticed this for??? U need a pretty big sample size to prove this..Flip a coin 10 times and it comes up heads 8!!Flip it 1000 times heads comes up heads about 500 times

    3. Dallas has a strong running game which plays into the strength of the Vikings. Dallas is a better team in all three phases.
      Dallas wins a close game.

  54. Years in operation

    Dallas 56
    Vikings 56

    112 like Houston is 112

    USbank Corp 9/9/68

    Vikings lose 6-6

    Dallas will go 12-1 then lose IMO

    Zack has Vikings going to SB 52!!! Don't be fooled


  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Wondering if these teams will win tonight on "revelation day"
    (Also the date Aleister Crowley died) (the beast 666)
    12/1 (121)
    "Revelation" = 49 121
    "Twelve One" = 121 (ordinal)
    Today's date numerology = 49 (12+1+20+16=49)

    Warriors = 49 121
    Dallas = 49 66

    LA Clippers = 666 (Crowley tribute?)

    Bucks (Wisconsin is the 30th state) (30 days remain in the year)
    BUT they are playing the Brooklyn Nets (New York = 666)

    Orlando Magic = Crowley was steeped in Magic

    1. Jason Kidd can get his 127th career coaching win, 31st prime w/ 31 days left in year. (Against former team as player/coach as well).

  58. 1:59 time stamp on the game preview Minnesota website = 15

    Shaun Hill #13. And 15 years experience
    Lucky whitehead #13 rookie Dallas 20(15)


    Week 13

    This connects to Vikings if Bradford gets injured.
    Or if Lucky has a big game it goes to Dallas

  59. you guys have done it numerous times where you say numbers point at said team and that team loses. Dallas isnt winning, All the money is on them, this is that trap game. The Vikings will go 11-5 and have home field throughout. Thats 2 home games in the new stadium..the whole point of everyone playing sub .500 ball up to now is to set stuff like this up. Who needs a coach when your defense can get 2 turnovers that turn to scores at home!

    1. We've heard trap game before then the favorite wins. It goes both ways.

  60. BloggerDecember 1, 2016 at 10:43 AM

    More on Gronk from #NFL sources: Suffered a ruptured disk vs. #Seahawks , surgery in L.A. Expected to be out eight weeks.
    madden curse lol

  61. Totally fake. First it was his chest now it's his back

    Romo had the same fake injuries
    Rib/chest and back

    Peyton had the HGH and neck
    Brady has the knee and deflate gate

  62. Lottery $421. DAK #4 Elliot #21

    Prince death 4/21

  63. Elliott wasn't just showing off his abs. In case you don't remember, the Ohio State running back used to wear an old-school crop-top jersey, until the NCAA banned them last year.

    And Elliott's not done having fun with his wardrobe, either. He said on SportsCenter that he will be wearing a purple suit later, in honor of Prince.

    1. looks like some shit lies in favor of Dallas...has anyone else commented on the Tennessee Lottery, cuz that $421 Mil is no accident?

  64. Elliot #15 at Ohio st
    DAK #15 at Miss st

    Reflection 51?

  65. Mike Priefer is the interim head coach tonight. He has an interesting history
    Also Jovonta Patton is singing the anthem.

  66. Harrybutts106December 1, 2016 at 12:14 PM

    We've heard trap game before then the favorite wins. It goes both ways.
    you arent any part of 'we'..and saying a guy will wear a purple suit is a Vikings advantage. I've countered the so called gematria findings and won numerous times.
    its boring if Cowboys win..have to give the drama.
    the Minn receiver who was out last week is going to have a big night

    1. Was on the fence this game but once someone mentioned that elliot wqs gonna honor prince, I was all in. And yeah diggs should have a monster game tonight

    2. Pay attention to the color of Dak's bow-tie.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Harrybutts106December 1, 2016 at 2:20 PM

      You Pick the Colts and Vikings to go on winning streaks every time they've lost GTFO. Dallas winning is boring (rediculous )
      Russell Wilson went to two Superbowls as a 4th round pick. DAK 4th rounder is better and a rookie. Dalla's brand is like the Yankees and lakers. Dallas has been rebuilding since Troy left. Dallas is over Due!
      5 Lombardi's and tying Pittsburgh is #1 objective for that rivalry. Think of the hype for 2 former Heisman candidates both rookies. Garrett was a back up for Dallas and a champion, what better reward to have a back up win a title when the starter was out because of a BROKEN BACK... Lol garret gets the credit with Jerry .
      Video games sales, merchandise and the crazy Cowboys fandom plus Jerry is 74!!! Elliot is the new NFL RB with swag and played at The Ohio st.
      Fuck the Vikings and colts! This year. Luck has nothing and no one cares about the colts. Vikings
      With Bradford and old ass AP. It's not AP's last season and he's compared to LT21 who also doesn't have a RING.

    5. Elliot spoke about the purple suit as his second outfit at the draft party not today.

  67. The New York Giants will win SB 51 as a tribute to Donald Trump being from NY.

    1. Trump never will be president of this Nation.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Why the NFL Can Legally Fix its Own Games

    -Sports Bribery Illegal

    -18 U.S. Code § 224 - Bribery in sporting contests (part a): "Whoever carries into effect, attempts to carry into effect, or conspires with any other person to carry into effect any scheme in commerce to influence, in any way, by bribery any sporting contest, with knowledge that the purpose of such scheme is to influence by bribery that contest, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both."

    -It may be illegal for the Mob or Vegas to pay someone off to fix a game, but the NFL, as a business, can legally order its employees to fix its own games.

    -As employees of the NFL, which acts as one entity, the players, coaches & referees have to fix the outcomes in order for the league to maximize fan interest, ratings, profits, and to have the best matchups & storylines.

  69. How the Owners Benefit from Game Fixing

    -Contrary to public belief, the goal for players, coaches & owners is not to win the Super Bowl, but to make the most money

    -Revenue Sharing is split evenly between the 32 owners (75-80% of total profits)

    -Included in this system is money from TV deals & merchandise sales

    -Revenue Sharing, by fans, is seen as giving the league more parity & competition by giving small market teams money, but it works quite the opposite; it allows small market owners to maximize their profits, no matter if their team wins or loses.

    -Revenue Sharing allows owners of small-market teams to benefit from having bigger brands such as the Steelers, Giants, Packers, etc win the Super Bowl instead of their own team, because it maximizes their own profits.

    -For example, in the 2008 Super Bowl, the Arizona Cardinals were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. The owners of the Cardinals, the Bidwill Family, would want the game to be fixed against his own team, because the Steelers would sell more merchandise than the Cardinals if they won the Super Bowl. Because of revenue sharing, Michael Bidwill gets a chunk of that money that came from merchandise sales.

    -The owners of teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers, etc, benefit when teams such as the Chicago Bears, NY Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots win, because those brands generate the most fan interest & the highest ratings.

    -By having the best match ups and the most popular teams winning, since revenue sharing is split evenly between the owners, the league as a whole wants to put the bigger brands & the big markets in a position to succeed in order to maximize ratings & profits for all 32 owners. In this instance, the NFL completely sees itself as one entity; not 32 individual teams, but one product, which is NFL football.

    1. Good point, with revenue sharing..Unlike baseball where the small market teams suffer from rigged games

  70. How the Players & Coaches Benefit from Game Fixing

    -Each year, as the game gets bigger & fan interest increases, players & coaches end up making more money.

    -Players & Coaches make more money through higher TV ratings, which allows them to make more money.

    -What results in higher TV ratings? Close games, parity, playoff spots up for grabs in the final week of the season, having the best story lines & match ups in the postseason, and having bigger brands and the best QB's win the Super Bowl.

    -In this way, players & coaches of small market teams benefit when bigger brands win instead of their own teams, and when the best story lines are occurring.

    -By having the best match ups & story lines in the postseason, TV ratings are maximized through having the most fan interest. So therefore, the players & coaches are in the fix together, in order to make themselves the most money.

    -For example, the Atlanta Falcons could have made it to the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens. If the 49ers won against the Falcons, it would have introduced the story line of two competing brother head coaches in the Super Bowl. This, along with the Ray Lewis retirement story line, would have maximized fan interest & ratings in the Super Bowl, which would allow players & coaches on the Falcons to make more money in the future. A Ravens-Falcons SB wouldn't have been as interesting as a 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl.

    1. fwiw, Atlanta in any sport playing anyone in a championship is bad for ratings

  71. Cowboys going for win 457 reg season, prime of 88. The prime is always somewhere in a win/loss in that weeks stats for either the QB/coach. The number will be upside down or backwards high percentage of the time. Anyway 88 is Bradfords home record @ 18-18. (Crypric) To make sure I went into future weeks to try and find the boys 457th win 88th prime, looking for 88 and did not find it. If the Vikings win the Cowboys lose the next 4, only way I'm wrong. "To find the truth, turn the equation upside down". Just play out the theroy before hating.

  72. FYI:

    Both Franchises 'Born' on the same date 1/28/60 89 108 45 27

  73. Interesting tonights game is in 12/1... 112 coding. If Dallas splits the next 2 games.. won't they be 11-2... more 112 coding.

  74. Interesting tonights game is in 12/1... 112 coding. If Dallas splits the next 2 games.. won't they be 11-2... more 112 coding.

  75. last time they beat cowboys was in 1995 when Warren Moon was QB (1994-1996), and he had 33 TDs that yr....Their is a warren Moon connection around this season as he played for Houston and Minni

  76. damn they really changed up on us mike priefer will be coaching for the vikes

  77. cowboys are going to kill another native hiding as a Viking!

  78. (Mericas way) Cowboys lost to a GIANT(NY)
    Then they slay 10 (SATAN)

    1. Only the GIANT stands in the way and the Patriot BRADY

      Will it take 3 tries? For DAK& Ezikiel to defeat ELI and ODBJ

      Then to go up Against the NFL's greatest QB
      A PATRIOT who denied the presidents vote (traitor)and Belichk aka Lombardi who sent the "Presidential letter" from one cheat to another.

      By a Black Cowboy!

  79. Dallas Lost in preseason @Houston
    H. D
    28 17
    PRESENTED BYPresented By
    Top Passer
    DAL:J. Showers 91 YDS 1 TD
    HOU:T. Savage 119 YDS 1 TD
    Top Rusher
    DAL:R. Smith 42 YDS 0 TD
    DAL:K. Hilliard 86 YDS 0 TD
    Top Receiver
    DAL:D. Jackson 32 YDS 1 TD
    HOU:K. Mumphery 83 YDS 1 TD

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yep, goes into Colts narrative more with his stats

  81. public likes cowboys, and they've been giving out the easy wins on TNF. I expect cowboys to cover 3 and the game total going under

  82. Zach I really hope you see this comment. In the show the arrow, a show on CWTV, one of the characters mentioned Gematria! In this episode (season 3, episode 8), a member of the arrow's team explains what gematria is (the practice of coding numbers based on the old testament). The episode is part of a crossover series with the flash, super girl, and legends of tomorrow and they are fighting an evil alien race that communicates thru gematria. here is a link. the scene happens around the 35 minute mark

  83. I couldn't get to the football game today, but I have one up for the Cavs game. Good luck to all tonight.

  84. Minnesota Wins 33-24. Numeric Lupercalia/ Wolf Tribute to Harold Warren Moon. Probably in the form of Sam Bradford actually having a decent game.

  85. All Home record this yr is 101
    All away record this yr is 74
    If Dallas wins today (the away team) it will make it 75, Minnesota Vikings=75
    102 if Minnesota wins (home team) 102 = Minnesota Vikings with V & S exception. I lean to Dallas winning tho.

  86. Zach. Joe McKnight was killed today in a road rage incident. He was shot in New Orleans. Probably has connections to Will Smith who was shot and killed in road rage. McKnight played for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs

  87. #32 is the key numbers for tonite #4 presscot threw the ball to #28 adrian peterson 4+28 = 32 interception called back hands to the face #32 zimmer having eye surgury oh shit 13-8 = 5 5th win at home

  88. is shaun hill a good sign or bad sign

    1. Bradford will come back out in 3rd qtr..just some drama

  89. A knight was killed in the crescent city at 28
    2+8=10. 10=39 like the 39 books or NYC=10
    Eli wears #10 and he's from N.O. Will smith was from

    Plane crash , a jet , a chief , a buckeye a rebel and a shooting. vehicle crashes
    People are stabbed. A carrier from Indiana remains. Cold air in the Midwest and fires ripped thru Dollywood. A Patriot has a broken back and the medicine is in the Cabinet. No more obamacare or satanic witches. A general of defense for the Great Wall sprayed with " Make Americas a sandbox again". JerUSAlem paid the Apprentice To paint the White House orange again. No more Black athletes from the NBA, Or Zen invited again. Lives do not matter, this duality is for willing slaves. Burn the flag, take a knee in the home of the brave.