Thursday, December 1, 2016

42 54 153 237 883 | The reported 'road rage' killing of Joe McKnight, December 1, 2016 (A riddle with Will Smith April 9 death, New Orleans Saints)

MAN = 13+1+14 = 28

Joseph = 1+6+1+5+7+8 = 28/37 (Joe = 1+6+5 = 12)
Nathan = 5+1+2+8+1+5 = 22
McKnight = 4+3+2+5+9+7+8+2 = 40 (Mc = 33, Jewish Gematria) (Knight = 33)
Joseph Nathan McKnight = 90/99 (Joe McKnight = 52) (Ronald Gasser = 52)

Joseph = 10+15+19+5+16+8 = 73 (Joe = 10+15+5 = 30)
Nathan = 14+1+20+8+1+14 = 58
McKnight = 13+3+11+14+9+7+8+20 = 85 (National Football League)
Joseph Nathan McKnight = 216 (Joe McKnight = 115)

Notice he was born on the 106th day of the year, April 16.

Prophecy = 52/106; Joe McKnight = 52

4/16/1988 = 4+16+19+88 = 127 (31st prime)
4/16/1988 = 4+16+(1+9+8+8) = 46 (Sacrifice) (Los Angeles)
4/16/1988 = 4+1+6+1+9+8+8 = 37 (Los Angeles)
4/16/88 = 4+16+88 = 108 (River Ridge, Louisiana = 108) (Cubs, 108-year drought)
4/16 = 4+16 = 20

12/1/2016 = 12+1+20+16 = 49 (Revelation = 49/121) (Revelation.... prophecy....)
12/1/2016 = 12+1+(2+0+1+6) = 22
12/1/2016 = 1+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 13
12/1/16 = 12+1+16 = 29 (Football) (Span of 137-days until his 29th birthday)

From his 28th birthday, to his date of death, was 229-days, the 50th prime.  It was also a span of 230-days.  To his upcoming 29th birthday, is 136-days, or a span of 137.  137 is the 33rd prime.  And again, 'football' sums to '29'.  His date of death, is a date with 29 numerology.

He played his college ball in Los Angeles, at USC.

L = 12
A = 1
LA = 12 1 (12/1 death...)

He played his NFL ball in New York, established 7/26/1788.

7/26/88 = 7+26+88 = 121

2:43 PM is the 883rd minute of the day, which is the 153rd prime.

153 is the miraculous catch number, often paired with '42'.  Gun = 42 (You know what else)

Supposedly it was 'road rage' that lead to the fatal altercation, just like Will Smith.

The Illuminati = 153; Prime Numbers = 153

Notice he died in New Orleans, Louisiana, where Will Smith (the football player) died in a similar accident and then fatal shooting scenario.

New Orleans = 45/54/126 (Shooter is 54-years old)
Louisiana = 38/47/101 (Death = 38) (Killing = 38)

Wait, "Ronald Gasser" shot him, and then stayed on the scene?  The last time I heard about this happening, was the death of Will Smith, on April 9, 2016, or 4/9.  Remember, today's date has '49' numerology as well.

Checkout the gematria of 'Ronald Gasser'.

From the killing of Will Smith, also killed on the road, by his car, to this similar story, is 236-days, or a span of 237.  237 = 2x3x7 = 42 (Prime Numbers = 153) (2,3,7, all prime numbers)

I am sure Pete Carroll knows what is really going on.  It is sick.

Notice his tweet time of 4:09, on the date with '49' numerology, in light of the fact that Will Smith died on April 9, 2016.  4/9/2016 = 4+9+20+16 = 49

His high school has the gematria of '153' as well.  That is 'John Curtis Christian High School'.

In the Book of John, there is the miraculous catch of 153 fish.

The Illuminati = 153; Prime Numbers = 153
*The Illuminati = 63 (When you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016)

Notice he spent 39-games in New York!  Again, everything in New York history, is '39'.

New York = 39; Empire = 39; MSG = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

Behrman = 34/61 (Murder = 34/79)

Notice that last detail about 38 rushes for 228 yards for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Hmmm...

Again, he was wearing #33 for the last team he played for.

They also mention that the last game was November 5.  Remember, remeber... Joe McKnight = 115

Edmonton Eskimos = 65/83/191
Saskatchewan Roughriders = 105/132/267; Saskatchewan = 35/44/53/62/125

*Shooting = 44; Kill = 44
*Shot = 62

Final point, Joe McKnight was the 112th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft.

He has died on December 1, a date that can be written 1/12.

This year the Super Bowl is in 'Houston'.  Houston = 112

From his death to the Super Bowl is 66-days.  His first NFL number was #25, and the Super Bowl is February 5, 2017, or 2/5.

It was also a span of 67-days, the 'blood sacrifice' number.

Checkout what this reader caught about the 2010 New York Jets who drafted him!


  1. Zach, I think it was the first or second quarter of tonight's game, Dak Prescott threw a very intentional pass out of bounds right to Adrian Peterson who was waiting there on the sideline. They made a big deal about it on the broadcast. This was exactly at the 2:29 mark. Peterson and McKnight both running backs. I knew there was something to that.

  2. Joe McKnight in English sumerian=690,road rage in English ordinal=69

  3. Joe McKnight scored his 1st career TD on 10/2/11 (chuck pagano's birthday) vs Baltimore,final score 34-17 (sum of 51)

  4. Shit like this makes you wonder if they(joe) didn't want to be a puppet so they sacrificied him. This dude was a stud.

    Watching the warriors game, KD draws a foul at 22.7 seconds left, pi and then game goes into Over"time". Lol

    1. Halftime score total was 123. They're now tied at 123-123 with 4.8 seconds left.

      Must be coincidence...

    2. Why would he be dead? They don't need to kill the sacrifices; they just need the masses to believe it. He'll be onto new pastures, maybe retired in a gated community with a new social security number/ ID. They're make-believe merchants.

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  6. Eli going to replace Odell Beckham missing Diamond Ring for a Superbowl ring this year.

  7. TMZ headline. "senseless act of violence" = 85
    "Nation football league"= 85
    Age; 28 "twenty eight" = 57 / 156 (911 is 156th prime)
    Drafted # 112 overall
    Born 4/16 or the 106th day of the year(Belichick)
    Joe Mcknight = 52, wore # 25

    Zack this shits so transparent my G/f decodes this stuff now. These stories aren't even remotely believable.

  8. I had this on another one of your blog posts so I'm reposting it here:

    He also wore #25 for the jets, like the Super Bowl date;
    He wore #33 this year for the Canadian team the Roughriders.

    That Canadian team signed him on 9/20, 9-20 to today is 73 days (Sacrifice=73 O) (Joseph=73 O)
    From when he made his actual debut for the CFL team on 10/15 to today is 47 days, he was killed in 'Louisiana'=38/47

    In college he played for the Trojans (97 O, 97th nfl season)

    'Joseph Nathan McKnight'=216 like the year
    Joseph McKnight=158 O
    He was killed in 'Terrytown'=158 O

  9. Drafted 112th overall. Dead on 1/12.

    He torn his achilles while playing for the chiefs on 9/26/2014. From 9/26-12/1 is 66 (span of 67) days or 2 months 5 days or 9 weeks 3 days. From 12/1/2016 to super bowl (2/5/2017) is also 66 days.

  10. Mr. "Mcknight" has been removed from the NFL equation and used a pawn to promote "Martial Law".
    "Pawn" in the English Ordinal system equals 54
    "Masonic News" in the English Reduction system equals 45
    "NFL Equation" in the English Reduction system equals 53
    "President" in the English Gematria system equals 533
    "Martial Law Agenda" in the English Ordinal system equals 142
    "Road Rage" in the English Reduction system equals 42

  11. Sign with the KC chiefs on January 12 (112)

  12. Pete Caroll definitely knows what goes on. Nike used to have t-shirts that said things like "Pete Knows" in bold letters. I first had suspicion that the NFL was rigged when Ruseel Wilson threw that absurd interception to number 21 on 2nd and 1 with 21 seconds remaining on 2/1. After that happened, Carolls acting job was lousy as can be, he just shouted "OH no!" Tried to act surprised and then put his head down. It was so obvious he knew it was coming.

    1. Remember "Bo knows..." campaign? It was some famous athlete I forget who exactly.

      IT was around the time of that "Whaaatz Up!" .meme I think.

      Now I'm thinking BO = Barack Obama.

    2. B-rotherhood

      Nothing more. Great find

  13. These stories are like little PSA's showing us the "dangers of"...road rage or guns or whatever the moral lesson is for the day. They then deliver it in the form of this mini drama starring a football player - famous enough that people will have heard of him maybe but not super famous. This helps to mark the incident in your mind like a bookmark, and proves to the public that the so-called rich and famous are as vulnerable as everyone else (even tho they arent).
    Lesson delivered, don't lose your temper in traffic because something tragic will happen- like this poor man - a football player! shot down in his prime - now ban guns!

    Remember those PSAs from the 80s with the cracking egg hitting the frying pan with a sizzling hiss and the smirking line, "this is your brain on drugs....any questions?" These stories are just the same thing delivered in a different format.

    1. except with more Vile and deceit to confuse not teach.

    2. The same hateful message. do not trust black men, rich or famous. Americas dad is a rapist, and the athletes are thugs. The entertainers are probably on drugs ranting at concerts or molesting children at their home Zoo.

    3. The Jews are good. They invent iPhones and Facebook and the flash. They are concerned about America and placed a pillar of the business community to rid us all of the Blacks,Muslims gays , and liberal scum. Make JerUSAlem great again 👏🏻🤓

  14. 40 yard dash time: 4.4 seconds lol.

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    1. No wonder your cat fish husband left, he never existed.

  16. There's those 115s and 99s again
    Joeseph Nathan McKnight =99
    523 the 99th prime
    Factorization to 115 is 5x23
    Joe McKnight=115
    One fifteen=99

  17. His name Reminds me of Bob Knight and he coached for you guessed it the Indiana Hoosiers. Plus there's an Indiana Knights of Templars. This McKnight played for Jets and dies on week that Jets are playing the Colts.

    You know what I find really interesting strange? The Gematria Club thinks that Cowboys Patriots are going to be in the Superb Owl. What's interesting is that Superbowl fifty one equals 321. Cowboys Patriots equals 1320. National football league equals 1320. Also I kept hearing references to the 85 Bears and didn't know why. Cowboys Patriots in Jewish gematria equals 1985. These two teams have been the sheeple favorites throughout the year. Check this: the Bears beat the Patriots and Giants that year before taking on the 49ers. So the 2017 Colts are like the 85-1986 Bears in that they have to beat the Patriots and Giants. Bears are same city as Chicago where Cubs won this year. Bears went 15-1. It's got 5 and 1 in there. What did Colts do that year in regular season? 5-11. Also if you look at 1984-1985 season, that's the year that Colts became an Indianapolis Team. 1984+33 equals Championship. And anagram of 85 is 58 where greatest game played between Colts and Giants. Damn my all seeing eyes are increasing focus.

  18. I think Blue Jay's win World Series 113. I searched 113 for NBA scores and Raptors came up twice.

    Raptors beat Nuggets 113 to 110 or 223. Does that # mean anything?😉 Also 113 international players in NBA with Canada having most with 11. Raptors have 6 of 113 tied with two other teams that have 6. 666 Another Toronto 113 Cavs 94. 207. Bluejays could beat Indians in Al championship. Third game 113 Chicago Bulls 113 Trailblazers 88. So basically Cubs go for 2peat and start a new curse caused by goat Kyle Schwarber with goatee and Toronto wins. In year of Superbowl 52. Birds equal 52.
    Also there's DC comic book called 52 birds of prey. Might be some decoding in there.

  19. Sorry put wrong info. Toronto is one of 7 teams with 6 players. 7x6 equals 42

  20. Also Adrian Peterson will come back Xmas Eve. Purple Jesus is coming. And Viking lost to Cowboys but Purple Jesus will win against Cowboys in playoff then lose to Giants I'm thinking.

  21. The time 2:43 PM leaves 557 minutes left in the day and is the 102nd prime number. I wonder if the fives can be flipped into twos, thus producing a hidden 227.