Saturday, December 31, 2016

74 | Robert Wylkynson (Wilkinson), English Language creator, washed down the memory hole

This article by the Telegraph, about Robert Wylkynson, has been deleted

When I began this research in 2013, that is, the "gematria research", one of the first questions I came up with was, "Well, who created the English language?"  At the time, there were multiple articles on Robert Wylkynson, a music composer from the 1400s, who was believed to be the man responsible for crafting the language as we know it.  If you search for this man's name today, you can find almost no information.  In 2013, there were a number of articles and more information on Wikipedia.

Anyhow, I am noticing that people are making attack videos against me and going after me because information about Robert Wylkynson cannot be found.  All I can say truthseeker, is read the book 1984.  There's no doubt in my mind, Robert Wylkynson is being flushed down the memory hole.