Sunday, June 12, 2016

33 42 44 47 59 73 79 96 105 144 | Orlando, FL Nightclub shooting, (Worst mass shooting in history)

Fifty dead is right for a 'shooting'.

This Orlando, Florida shooting comes the day after the shooting of a young pop star in the same city. As we covered yesterday, the city is ripe for killing.

ATF presence is sure sign of a drill/hoax.

Something tells me this has to do with basketball. (82 game season)

It has also been 82-days since the Belgium Terror hoax which connected to 'basketball'.

Need to look into Orlando Magic history.

Fifty = 66
America = 50

The word 'murder' connects to 'Orlando'.

With regards to murder, the date numerology also connects to the word.

6/12/16 = 6+12+16 = 34

June 12 is also typically the 163rd day of the year, connecting to '38', connecting to 'Florida' and 'death'.

As covered before, 'nightclub' and 'freemason' are a match.

Lots more work to do.  I'm visiting with family, but just wanted to put this up in case anyone wants to share what they know.  Here is what Brother Berg has:

Orange = 6+9+1+5+7+5 = 33

As I have said before, the Governor's of these states are often connected to the shooting hoaxes by their birthdays.  In this case, the June 12 shooting, or 6/12 shooting, comes 6 months and 12 days after Rick Scott's 63rd birthday.  Again, when you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.

Notice Scott is from Illinois, not far from Chicago, a mecca for the 'false Jews', as named in Revelation.  Rick Scott's birthday, 12/1, is a bit like 'Revelation', the book of 'prophecy'.

This shooting comes on 'Pride' day.

The emphasis on "gay" is easily understood.

Gay = 7+1+25 = 33
Thirty-Three = 2+8+9+9+2+7+2+8+9+5+5 = 66 (Fifty)

The name of the shooter also connects to 'nightclub'.

Omar = 6+4+1+9 = 20
Mateen = 4+1+2+5+5+5 = 22 (Basketball)
Omar Mateen = 42 (Night Club)

Omar = 15+13+1+18 = 47
Mateen = 13+1+20+5+5+14 = 58 (Freemasonry)
Omar Mateen = 105 (Zionism) (Masonry)

The name also ties in with the leader of 'ISIS'.

And notice the Police Chief's name, John Mina.

The name also connects to United States of America, tying in with the 50 reported dead.

His name ties in with 'Sunday', the day of the shooting.

The reporting of 53 injured in addition to 50 dead reminds us that 'gay' is very much a religious issue in this country.  53 is also the 16th prime.  Of course Sunday is 'church' day for many.

The club name has to do with 'sacrifice' and connects back to the basketball season.

Pulse = 7+3+3+1+5 = 19/28
Pulse = 16+21+12+19+5 = 73 (Sacrifice) (Warriors amount of wins in regular season)

The name of the witness is no mistake either.

Christopher = 3+8+9+9+1+2+6+7+8+5+9 = 67/76 (Freemasonry = 58/67)
Hansen = 8+1+5+1+5+5 = 25/34 (Massacre = 25) (Murder = 34)
Christopher Hansen = 92/110

Today is also Sweetie's 107th birthday, the old woman cheering for the Warriors, who won 73-games this year.  If the Cavs upset her birthday wish, and defeat the Warriors in the Finals, they'll finish with 73-wins on the season.

Speaking of 'shooting', CNN's first guest witness on TV was 'Luis Burbano'.

TV = 20+22 = 42


  1. Omar Mateen = 42. 53 injured. They're calling this the worst shooting in history. It was also at a gay nightclub. More Islam/Christianity gay/straight fuel.

  2. Have fun with the family Zach. I saw this as soon as I woke up this morning here on the East Coast and I knew something was up, especially when I saw Orlando, Florida, the same place Grimmie was sacrificed yesterday. Also "Pulse gay club"=144.

    1. Omar Mateen= 42 (freemason)
      Omar Mateen= 105
      Omar= 47 (Couldn't have guessed that one)
      Mateen= 58 (freemasonry)
      Mateen= 22 (basketball)

      RiggedGame did the rest.

  3. I posted this in other thread.

    Today is typically the 163rd day which is the 38th prime. Its a leap year so it is the 164th.

    Death = 38

    Blood everywhere = 83 the reflection of 38

    Also today is 6/12/2016
    612/216 6*6*6 = 216 and the reflection

    12 is also two 6's so 6/12 is 666/666

    Pulse is the name of the night club
    Pulse = 73
    Sacrifice = 73

    Cleveland would have 73 wins if the won the Finals.
    Golden State had 73 wins on the season

    What is interesting is today is 'Sweetie's' birthday. The warrior fan. They hinted at this day two days ago. She is 107 no, no longer 106, the year of Prophecy is over
    Interesting that 50 people are believed dead. Golden State scored 50 points at halftime.
    Halftime = 38
    Death = 38
    Pulse = 38 (the night club)
    Blood everywhere = 83(the reflection)

    Could have lasted a whole song = 100, 118, 271
    271 is the fucking 58th prime number
    58 = freemasonry

    The shooter is from Fort Pierce, Florida. Which is 120 miles from Orlando. Cleveland beat GS with 120 points. As Zach pointed out, If Cleveland takes it to game 7 it with be the 120th meeting between Cleveland and GS

    1. There is a pic of the "shooters" house. His street number is 937 nine three seven=73 Pulse=73

  4. 6/12/2016 - 6+12+20+16 = 54
    6/12/2016 - 6+12+2+1+6 = 27
    6/12/2016 - 6+1+2+2+1+6 = 18
    6/12/16 - 6+12+16 = 34

    612 seems to be an anagram for 216, a Cleveland tribute?
    612 = 4 * 153

    1. 612 is an area code of Minneapolis, Minnesota
      A Prince tribute?

    2. Kevin love too? He did where 42 with Timberwolves

  5. That "coexist" sticker in the background is ironic.

    1. Ha! I've actually been wanting one of these...

  6. My god, Mateen= 58. Freemason is all over this shit. Apparently he went on the rampage cus he saw two men kissing.

  7. Orlando Florida" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    Pulse Gay Club" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    Buddy Dyer Mayor Orlando Florida" in the English Reduction system equals 144

    Omar Mateen " in the English Ordinal system equals 105

    Omar Mateen " in the English Reduction system equals 42

    Mateen " in the English Ordinal system equals 58

    Look for Trump to Stir The Pot on this Issue right away. Here is where the shooter is from.

    Port St. Lucie, Florida." in the English Ordinal system equals 223

    Port St. Lucie, Florida." in the English Reduction system equals 88

    Trump Mateen" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    1. Omar" in the English Ordinal system equals 47

      Fifty Killed" in the English Ordinal system equals 119

      France Florida" in the English Ordinal system equals 112

      France Florida" in the English Reduction system equals 67

      Bataclan " in the English Ordinal system equals 54

      Bataclan " in the English Reduction system equals 18

      6+12+20+16= 54
      6+1+2+(2+0+1+6)= 18

      54+18= .. 72 ..

      Orlando Florida" in the English Reduction system equals 72

    2. France Bataclan Florida Pulse" in the English Reduction system equals 104 / 113

      France Bataclan Florida Pulse" in the English Ordinal system equals 239

    3. Trump called for more torture in Orlando, Florida, it is on the blog.

  8. LGBTQ = 58

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer


    1. The Pulse sign is black and white.

      Black and white = 50
      It is a black square
      Black square = 38 like death

      Reminds me of black and white checkerboard which is masonic.

    2. Fifty dead = 44

      Remember 44 and 144 have a relationship.
      Forty four = 144
      Orlando, Florida

      Fifty dead in Orlando Florida

    3. Black and white like all those "gray" nutless horses racing yesterday.

    4. Lol! Sure does! GRAY -- minus the R -- for the coded message about the "nutless wonder RIG" (Ridgling) ... named SUDDENBREAKINGNEWS (!) ... and you're left with ... GAY. Fits to a T. Awesome insight -- hilarious presentation!! Lol. ;D :D

    5. I come from a special padded place of gematria.


  9. 50 dead? Might just up it to 58 soon..

    1. There is a photo at a press conference. The mics show new channels. The only numbers you can see are 35,6, and 9
      35+6+9 = fucking 50

    2. Yeah, I got a 50 with his name (below) also.
      They're reporting 2:02AM shots fired, so we have a lot of master numbers in play: 11/22/33/44

  10. Are any of these events this past week connected to the Queen of Englands birthday? They have been celebrating her the last couple days.

    1. Usually the the 90'th celebration is known as the Emerald celebration

      Emerald = 58 SE

    2. You guys are getting really good.

  11. Omar=47
    Gay night club=774

  12. I live right by there so I took a stroll and it's still chaos with cops. Funny thing is there's not one single person I know that knows any of the supposed victims massive false flag, no one died here

    1. Wow! Please do some more investigating. We need to expose these assholes! Take photos

    2. Investigate yourself man, expose these frauds

    3. Same thing in san berdandino shooting my family's stays in Fontana for my whole lifetime not one person knew any victims or knew someone who knew someone..all BOGUS

    4. I wish you would snap some photos !! Make it known !!

    5. Yo zach . I know somebody who got shot in this massacre. My exes cousin. He's one of the dudes in Critical( just wanted to let u guys know , it is a hoax. But ppl really are being shot) ironically he was shot 3 times

    6. Critical con* and ppl are being killed*

    7. Who is actually shooting the victims I wonder if you claim they're really being shot..

  13. "Omar Mir Seddique Mateen" 333(B), 101(J) like 11/master number and palindromic 26th prime, 229(EO) 50th prime and reduced 112(EO) alt 911 emergency number

    1. I take exception to him using my name, btw.



    2. Orlando Sentinel's timeline is stating shots were fired at 2:02AM... a lot like 22.

    3. Witness thought gunshots were 'part of the music'. Which makes me think the gunshots were over intercom like sandy hook.

      Part of the music = 66, 174

    4. Thx, +RiggedGame! You've had nice work on this too!


    5. 2:02AM.. 202 Days left in the calendar year.

    6. Thats also 122 mins into the day. 122= Golden State

  14. CNN automatically began airing at "10:21" quite similar to 121 = Revelation.

    The shooter Omar Saddiqui Mateen is from Fort Pierce

    Fort Pierce = 115 just like "freemasons."

    This event was known to be as a domestic terror which = 74 just like masonic

    Damn there's a lot to cover

    1. Nice, and the Governor is born on 12/1.

    2. From Lupercalia (2/13)which is the 44th day to today (6/12) is a span of 120 days or 3 months and 30 days .
      So 33 and 120
      Ties to Cleveland, ties the points they won with the other day.

    3. With the end date it is 121 days

    4. Rick welts full blown homosexual president of golden state warriors/LGBTQ grand marshal / born on Jan 21 is 63 years old .
      Warriors=121 revelation=121
      Rick welts=120

    5. And his lover makes it +1

      Rick welts=120+1... Lol

  15. Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History: 134/431

    134 is interesting since this shooting occurred on a date with 34 numerology.

    6/12/2016: 18/27/34/54

    The suspect's name was Omar Saddiqui Mateen.

    Omar Mateen: 42/105
    *If you write out the number 42 it sums to 142, which shares gematria with the word terrorist.

    Forty two: 43/142
    Terrorist: 52/142

    The number 105 is also significant.

    Words with 105 gematria:

    Nine Eleven
    Blood Moon

    Omar Saddiqui Mateen: 81/189/999
    *999 is 666 upside down
    *Barack H. Obama has Jewish gematria of 189

    Early reports state the shooter was from Port St. Lucie, Florida. Not a coincidence.

    Port St. Lucie: 50/158
    *50 people reported dead

    Port St. Lucie, Florida: 88/223

    There's just so much more.

  16. 50 dead and 53 injured.

    50+53 = 103.

    One Hundred and three = 93.

    There's always a 93 in these hoaxes somewhere! :)

    1. Also 103 is the 27th prime number.

      12+6+2+0+1+6 = 27.

  17. Of course he called in and said he is Isis lmao

  18. 50 dead 53 injured
    50 + 54 = 103 = September 11 = 911
    They are calling this a
    "Bloodbath" = 79
    Orlando = 79
    Murder = 79
    Miami Heat = 79
    Champion = 79
    Democrat = 79

    1. "Seventy nine" = 152
      152= Mitt Romney who has been in the news and,
      152= Pennsylvania, where Philadelphia is located
      Philadelphia has been the subject of most of these stories and sports, etc.
      Philadelphia = 205/606/101
      Israel = 205
      2+5= 7
      7 was on the back of the Anthony jersey in the picture

    2. Another site I read claims the shooter was a registered Democrat. Yikes.

    3. President Obama just made a "five minute statement" on the matter. He started at 1:59 and ended at 2:04 (ET).

      Five Minute Statement = 79 (Pythagorean)

    4. Not that I have any dog in the fight about political parties (pretty sure they're all on the same 'team')... most of these shooters are Democrats.

    5. "Seventy nine" = 152
      152= Mitt Romney who has been in the news and,
      152= Pennsylvania, where Philadelphia is located
      Philadelphia has been the subject of most of these stories and sports, etc.
      Philadelphia = 205/606/101
      Israel = 205
      2+5= 7
      7 was on the back of the Anthony jersey in the picture

  19. Pulse = 19

    19th Prime is 67

    Blood Sacrifice = 67

    They've released 3 more pictures of him, in two of them hes wearing an NYPD shirt which they make a point to mention.

    NYPD = 23/59

    Its almost like a subliminal message from the powers that be. We do not like gays and either does the police. Geez!

    1. I think it's all about the pushing of the master numbers. New York is 111(EO) and we've now seen 11 (as 111), 22, 33, 44, 66 all in play. I was busying look for the "55" somewhere...

    2. I've been waiting for the reported death tole to go to 55.

    3. +Ed Maphis, Yes.. I believe you're right and it's what I'm waiting for also. I can't find 55 anyplace else, but I think it's coming, and will be that way.

  20. While I know they're reporting the 50 fatalities and 53 injured, it's really 51 fatalities including the shooter.
    Total of 104 like "kill list" 104/41(EO) and 32(P)

  21. June 12th is also the 22nd aniversaey of the OJ, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman mumurder, and co incidentally there was a documentary on TV last night about his life.
    Two and two make fore!

  22. West Hollywood where there is a bunch of transsexuals prostituting 24/7 .

  23. Pulse made there first tweet after the incident today at 5.37. 5.37 is 337 minuets.

    337 = 68th prime number connection back to the cavs?

    Love the fact the tweet had 666 'likes' - 6x6x6 = 216 the cleveland area code?

    1. The retweets were on 1,619. Thats the 256 prime.

      Any obvious connections for 256?

    2. Not that I can think of casually. Maybe someone else knows something. I looked up this though...
      256th prime is 1619
      August 20th, 1619 1st known African Americans (appox. 20) land at Jamestown Virginia aboard Dutch vessel then sold or traded into servitude for supplies

  24. OMG, are you fucking kidding me right now?
    "His father, Seddique Mateen, announced he was running for president of Afghanistan sometime around May 2015."
    "president of Afghanistan" 231/123(EO), because of course it's not terrorism.

    Said no one sane ever.

    1. Well, if his father is running for president of Afghanistan then the family is tied into U.S. Intelligence. This was a false flag run by the spooks.

    2. Yes, exactly.
      Please play me some more.

  25. Buddy Dyer sounds like Budd Dwyer, the PA congressmen who committed public suicide in the '80s.

  26. This shit was fake asf and many idiotic humans will buy it as real sadly. What hurts me even more is the acting Obama is doing right now on CNN to sell this shit and my dad thinks it's real. Smh.

  27. And it's also the 49th anniversary of the Loving vs Virginia, the supreme court decision that allowed interracial marriage. Black and white, gay and straight, alpha and omega, notice all the O's in this story...Omar, Orlando, Orange county, floor-ida, OJ (orange juice from florida, remember Anita Bryant the christian lady who disliked gays in those juice commercials) and of course...Obama the Omega man

    1. Great observations (and your other ones above)!

    2. Niiice prunella
      Cnn just said this was the 15th time Obama has spoken to the nation about violence

    3. Lol!

      Omega -- 41/23/93
      Man -- 28/10/71
      Omega Man -- 69/33/164

    4. Reporting witness heard 'just bang, bang, bang'

      Just bang, bang, bang = 52, 61, 142

    5. At Christina Grimmie shooding it was Pop Pop Pop!

      Christina - Christian/Antichrist
      Victoria - Victory, Nike
      Grimmie - Grimms fairytales
      The Brothers Grimm

      Thinking about Orlando, there is an old group from seventies called Tony Orlando and Dawn
      Dawn is the symbol Obama used in his campaign rising sun between 2 mountains.
      Red Dawn, Aurora, Dawn what's her name the principal of Sandy Hook

    6. Wow, it just occurred to me. Dawn sounds like Don.
      Dawn 4+1+23+14= 42
      Don 4+15+14= 33

      The Dawn ald
      Dawn-ald Trump
      Trumpet at Dawn

      Holy shit, lol

  28. This shooding comes 14 days (2 weeks, also called a fortnight) before the 1st anniversary of gay marriage decision.
    Obergefell v Hodges, 576,out of Ohio.
    Ooo bOy

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. How the fuck does one man kill 50, and wound 53 others? Does he not have to reload? Did he not have anyone who could tackle him on his blindside in the club? None of this ever passes the smell test.

    4. Exactly. No way. All those rounds it would take. No one smelled smoke or gun powder? No shell casings found? Where are the fucking details.

    5. And of course they had to choose a gay club because gays are labeled as "soft".

    6. One of my friend's goes "Maybe it's cause when someone is firing a fully automatic weapon a person's first instinct is to run. That's what they teach in active shooter situations now."

      Let's say this is true. People running would mean his accuracy rate would have gone down drastically, which would also mean that he would have required a ton of ammo to kill the amount of people that they are reporting, and he would need a few reloads. I'm just sick of people buying this propaganda

      6/12=63=666 in the year 2016.. 216.. 666

      And if that isn't the final nail in the coffin, check out his pic..

      The only killing this nerd does is in his Call Of Duty online play.


    7. They tell us it was a semi automatic weapon and refer to it as the long weapon. But why don't they tell us what fucking type of gun it is ans what kind of rounds.

  30. Thats gay---101, 606, 707

    This is so gay---151, 906

    1. Haha -- good ones! Can't help it ... those phrases always make me chuckle ... Because they're so ... well ... gay! Lol ;D

  31. Might be a complete coincidence buttt. Luka Modric scored the only goal of the game in todays Euro match of croatia v Turkey. Goal scored on the 41st min.

    Luka Modric = 44/107
    Shooting = 44/107

    Scores the winner against Turkey a Muslim country, the same day a Muslim does an 'act of terror'

    Haha just checked his birthday. 9/9/85. 9+9+85 = 103. 50 dead 53 injured = 103.

    How deep this goes is fucking crazy.

    1. Arkadiusz Milik scored the only goal for Poland today as well.

      Arkadiusz Milik = 65/164. Todays the 164th day of the year.
      Milik = 27/54... 12+6+20+16 = 54... 12+6+2+0+1+6 = 27

      Germany are about to play Ukraine. I guarentee if Mario Gomez comes off the bench he scores.

      Mario Gomez = 107

  32. By the way Draymond Green is suspended for game 5

    Draymond Green suspended for Game 5 via @ESPN App

    1. They did this just to have an excuse if Cleveland comes back and wins the series. The altercation he had with lebron was fake and staged.

    2. The altercation was a normal play that constantly happens in the NBA. Draymond didn't play his role in it good enough in actually trying to hit his groin. It looked like he was just trying to get up.
      Then Lebron gets upset just to make it seem like there was something there.
      IDK how people can't see through that it was so staged and poorly executed.

    3. Gary the numbers guy said he will get suspended game 5 a few days ago. I didnt believe but...

    4. Also the head coach of Cleveland was fined $25,000 for comments about LeBron "never getting calls"

    5. Also the head coach of Cleveland was fined $25,000 for comments about LeBron "never getting calls"

  33. "144" days ago from today....

    "At Least 20 Killed After Taliban Attack University In Northwest Pakistan"

    1. And i've been telling Zach for over a year now...

      These big mainstream shootings seem to always take place on "12" & "14" dates.....

      Today is the "12th"....

      "Shooting" in Jewish/English Sums to "12"....

      "Shooting" = 354 = 12

      "Shooting" = 642 = 12

      Probably not a coincidence it happens like this...

  34. Draymond greed has been ruled out of game 5 btw due to suspension if there was every a chance for LeBron to go "God" mode it would be now...Hollywood couldn't have written a better Cinderella story for lbj.

    1. I was moved to decode this...
      "LBJ" or 144(EngGem) killer, Pi and time
      Lyndon B. Johnson died 1/22/1973 at age 64
      I'll have to ponder the parallels between the two "LBJ"s

  35. About 15 min ago - released that Draymond green will be suspended tmrw

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Lol Who said Golden State would win Game 5?

    I keep telling you fools this series is going to be fun!

  38. OMAR MATEEN ... anagram for ... ROAM EN MATE?? An in-joke about "Gays Cruising For Sex"? Laughingly created by the hypocritical behavioral engineers -- those who PRETEND to be "forcing acceptance" ... while they're actively promoting hate? Yeh, fucksticks ... we're not ALL idiots ... We See Right Through Your Machinations. ;D. ;D

    1. Omar Mateen
      Team Roman
      Ammo ntree (entry)?

    2. EXCELLENT SKILLS you have, Jedi! Now I can also see an abbreviation for AMMONIUM NITRATE -- the "farm chemical" that makes awesome bombs! It's the SAME substance that was being stored in WEST, TEXAS -- that (supposedly) blew up a chunk of the town ... Right on the heels of CHRIS ("I AM THE GREATEST" SNIPER) KYLE'S hoaxilicious "murder" ... (see how neatly they even factored ALI into this narrative? That POSER Kyle ACTUALLY wrote that about himself! Lol ... Ugh!)

      At the time, there were allegations about TONS of Ammonium Nitrate -- or -- "AN" (Bacon: 27+40= 67!) being "unaccounted for" ... & how The ADAIR Corp quickly hushed that up. Also -- this is EXACTLY the time of year when gozillions of tons of that shit are being trucked to corn fields (maybe I'm being a bit of an "EXAGGERATOR" ... anyone care for a Cloak of BLACK-EYED SUSANS? They make a great "Stole" to drape Over your shoulders ... especially after winning The Preakness ... in Baltimore ... where the 3rd FREDDIE GRAY Trial is currently hashing out the distinctions between "A ROUGH RIDE" & "A SMOOTH RIDE" (seriously ... they're REALLY doing that ...!)

      Perhaps some "AN" is DESTIN-ed (2nd place Gray in Belmont, also city in FL ...) to wind up on those TWO F-16's that (didn't really) "Collide" -- over LOUISVILLE, GA ... just about the time that we were hearing about the death of ALI -- who was BURIED IN LOUISVILLE, KY (home of THE DERBY) -- on Friday ... the day before an unprecedented 3 PALE (Gray) HORSES "Won The Test Of Champions" at NY's Belmont ...

      Just for shits & giggles -- The ANC ... is the AFGHAN NATIONAL CONGRESS.

      Damn ... are we not getting better at this GAME, Jedi?! ;D. :D

    3. Mfsyy,
      Isn't that what they use to make fertilizer bombs like the one in OAKlahoma city bombing. Didn't angry war vet character called Tim McVey supposedly drive a u haul full of and leave it in the parking lot to show he was soooo mad about the gubmint blowing up David Korea cult in Techsass?

      Maybe this is a sort of a Jedi training school for those that notice all the bs. Who knows, that would be cool. Anyway high five on your skills, you are amazing!

  39. Shooter worked for G4s

    Shooter was hired at G4S on 9/10/2007

    The total number of days between Monday, September 10th, 2007 and Sunday, June 12th, 2016 is 3,198 days.

    "three one nine eight" in the English Reduction system equals 100
    "Bloodline of King David " in the English Reduction system equals 100

    Three One Nine Eight in Simple Gematria Equals: 181
    Barack Hussein Obama II in Simple Gematria Equals: 181

    This is equal to 8 years, 9 months, and 2 days.

    Star of David, All Seeing Eye, Tribe of Judah


  40. "It could have lasted for a whole song," -- says "The Witness. What the hell does that even MEAN ... is he disappointed it didn't last longer? (Because it could sure be interpreted that way ...) NOBODY -- Anywhere -- would address the time frame for an ACTUAL traumatic situation in such an ambiguous way! Gonna have to think on that one ... it's definitely shown for a reason ...! ;D :D

  41. Today, they supposedly arrested a guy on his way to the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade with explosives. The falsehood of this stuff is so obvious to anyone with critical thinking ability.

  42. So The Grand MATEEN was going to run for President Of AFGHANISTAN, eh? Isn't that akin to a "CERTAIN DEATH" Sentence? Well then, naturally he'd want to do it "safely" ... from here in the U.S. *** HOLY REVELATIONS BATMAN! *** DOES THIS MEAN EITHER SASHA OR MALIA (OBAMA) IS ABOUT TO "GO POSTAL"?? Hmm ... I HAVE read that the Older One has been pretty "SULLEN" lately ... Uh Oh ...

    Naw ... It means BEAU BIDEN is ready to "RESURRECT" after receiving months of SNIPER TRAINING OVERSEAS ... from CHRIS KYLE. After all, you can't REALLY prosecute "DEAD MEN" ... right?

    I suppose the SINGULAR "DEATH" of "THE VOICE" -- CHRIS-tina Grimmie) dovetails pretty nicely with that of CHRIS -- "THE LONE SNIPER" -- KYLE. And BEAU BIDEN -- Mr. "BB" -- well ... we KNOW who "handles" HIM ... Benjamin ("Just Call Me BIBI") Netanyahu, & HIS "Bosses" -- B'NAI B'RITH ... ;D

  43. I also forgot to mention that it was "Latin Night" or something like that at the club. How convenient that the three groups at the forefront of the American political narrative (gays, Muslims, hispanics) are also at the forefront of this "tragedy"

    1. Yeah that is the subconscious programming fosho, that with kill 44 144, and the club name matching location. All the marks of staged event coding.

    2. Oh! I just remembered something. September 11 2001, the Latin Grammy Awards was scheduled to take place at the Shrine Auditorium but it got cancelled due to the WTC hoax. This seems relevant.

  44. Think we can all agree this is a massive hoax, has anyone found anything linking to game 5 of the NBA series? There's often clues littered for sporting events in here but as of yet i've not found anything with much substance.

  45. Mateen Cleaves...Last name a lot like Cleveland also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2004 when Lebron was drafted. Cleaves previously a Sacramento King.. Born on 9/7. Cavs just lost with 97 points. He was on the Michigan State team that defeated Florida in the Championships game of Tournament in 2000. Mich St. won 89-76=165 Tomorrow is the 165th day of the year. Also 165 a huge number connected to King Charles I who Cavs are followers of. Charles Stuart=165 Married his wife June 13th 165 days before her birthday and more. Also I mean how fitting of story too when Draymond Green of Mich St. gets suspended today as well. "Florida Nightclub"=161 Trumpsucks=161 "Warriors win Back to Back Championships"=161 Draymond last missed a game on 1/13 when they lost 112-110 to the "Denver Nuggets"=161

    1. LeBron used the phrase "Lets get one" after the match in cleveland.. "Lets get one" = 41/122. Game 5 in golden state = 41/122.

      Game five = 41/68
      Cavaliers = 68

      "Three two" = 42/114
      Lebron James = 42/114

      IF Cavs win tomorrow they win the series. 4-1 is the only narrative i see for Golden state.

    2. Curry even scored 38 points on 1/13 like he did in game 4. 1+13+20+16=50 like the amount of people killed today. 2/19 the 50th day of the year. "Back to Back Championships"=219 219 also connected to 87 as 8/7 is the 219th day. King James died on the 87th day, King James born 449 years ago. 87th prime is 449. Guy Fawkes was arrested 87 days before being executed for trying to kill King James. The reason James became the King was because Queen Elizabeth I didn't have any children, so it went back to Henry VIII's sister's line. All her kids were dead and James was her Great Grandson next in line. Margaret Tudor=161 Henry VIII's 4th wife was even "Anne of Cleves".

    3. Also if there is a game six then it will be played on june 16th typically the 167th day of the year.

      Cleveland Cavaliers = 168

    4. For sure, Varejao almost has to have the significant game I've been waiting for tomorrow too if they win. Green's only missed game on 1/13. Varejao picked up 3 months 11 days before Finals, plays Blazers again on 3/11. Mcadoo played the other night because his bday is 1/4. The day Brand came out of retirement to the 76ers. Brand born on 3/11. Curry wears # 30 113 is the 30th prime. Even Orlando Bloom was born on turned 39 on 1/13 which was also the Warriors 39th game. He played Paris in the movie Troy. Always so much to look at.

    5. 1/13 was even 65 games ago for the Warriors. The Prince/Philadelphia connection. 104th game tomorrow so 39+65=104

    6. Thats some really interesting stuff man, i take it your on warriors to win the series?

      I like the fact that game 7 would be on King James birthday it will also be the 170th day with that being the 170th game between the two. Cavs would then being going for there 57th win against golden state and it would leave GS on 63 wins all time against the cavs.

      GS would also finish the season on 88 wins which has been a bad number in the past few months especially for sport related events.

      I Also like my connection to this years Euros and the host nation frances connections to lebrons career. They will also play there final group game on the 19th against switzerland = 52 like the 52 year drought in cleveland will be played in Lille = 23.

      These finals started on a date with 52 numerology and finish with a date of 33 numerology.

      52 drought in Cleveland = 33

      Starts and finishes in Saint Denis = 42/114 Lebron James = 42/114.

      Its all very intriguing!

    7. Just also noticed the first ever fathers day was celebrated in 1910. 106 years ago, theres that prophecy number again.

    8. Also on june 19th 43 years ago

      Gordie Howe left the NHL to join his sons Mark and Marty in the WHA (World Hockey League) i dont know anything about hockey but how significant was this significant enough to list it as a major event?

      Im only posting as we've just seen his death and the connection to warriors game 4 win.

    9. LeBron James had a press conference today. Was wearing an undertaker shirt, very odd seeing how undertaker's theme is death. Maybe he's showing us the Cavs are coming back from the dead?

    10. Maybe...

      Undertaker = 42
      Lebron = 42
      Cleveland cavs = 42

      Undertakers finishing move was tomb stone correct?

      Tomb Stone - 42/123

      Cleveland Cavs = 123

      From 24/3/16 (His birthday) to june 13 is 81 days. or 11 weeks 4 days. 114 - Lebron James.

    11. ndertaker is coded He is 51 years old born in Houston,texas=51

      Lives in DEATH Valley, CALIFORNIA. California Equals 52.Undertaker=525!!

      His last name Mark William Calaway,=1236,66,and 396

      LEBRON EQUALS 396 and 66.


      Mark equals 151.


      OKC ended WITH 88.

      LOL gg Cavs in 7

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    14. That Espn video with Lebron was also 1:03. McAdoo playing in Game 4 had a lot of significance I've seen both ways. 9/23 to McAdoo's bday on 1/4 is 103 days. On 1/4 Cavs beat Raptors 122-100 making Cavs Record 23-9. Lebron said he was taking the higher road again. He's been doing it for "Thirteen Years"=923 Lebron James=923 "Taking the High Road"=165 Game 5 on 165th day. "The High Road"=103 I know that's not exactly what James said but still interesting. Wrestlemania 32 Undertaker beat "Shane McMahon"=114 to become 23-1 in Wrestlemania. "Two Hundred Thirty One"=104 Which I keep mentioning, but "One Hundred Four"=168=Cleveland Cavaliers, so could be for them, I'm just seeing it in a different way. WM32 on 4/3 same day as Chester Amtrak Derailment. Wrestlemania 33 also will be in Orlando next year on 4/2.

    15. Also in regards to Varejao, he was drafted by Orlando but traded to CAvs before season began. The Cavs lost their 1st game that season on 11/3 with 104 points and won their last game of that season with 104 points on 4/20.

    16. Lebron shot 9 of 23 on 2/5 and Cavs lost to Celtics 104-103.

    17. 103 victims today. The shooter "Omar Mir Seddique Mateen"=103

  46. As it was pointed out by the Author of the Thread...its was the 163rd day of the year...with alludes to 1.63...Golden Phi Ratio...Geometry, Beauty, Design and Mathematics...themes that are always present in these kinds of topics...

    Orlando interestingly is listed as...

    28.5383° N, And 81.3792° Longtitude

    Cleveland is Listed at

    41.4993° N, 81.6944° Longtitude

    A direct Line can be drawn from Orlando To Cleveland...this of course draws a parallel to the current NBA finals as Lebron made a direct bee line for Cleveland when he left Miami for Cleveland....

    When Lebron took the podium a few hours ago..his first order of business was to acknowledge the "Victims" of the tragedy...thus putting himself and the Finals right into the middle of the equation...

    But the connection to Cleveland does not end there because the Gematria for "Gordie Howe" who of course recently passed away in Ohio....comes up with

    "Hot Gay Nude Dudes"

    And of course the early reports were that the shooting took place at a Gay Night Club...coincidence ?

  47. Obama cancelled Green Bay Wisconsin join campaign with Hillary Clinton on Wednesday. Man found with explosives in 5 gallon bucket in Orlando with Indiana plates

    Foreshadowing super bowl 51 packers colts super bowl

    1. Packers and Colts play twice this year already. I doubt we see them in the Super Bowl match-up.

    2. I think Super Bowl will be Giants Colts

  48. FOX is reporting the weapon was a "223" lmao! This is comedy.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Here's a Pope francis connection...
    The Pope and Hillsong will unite "Together 2016" in Washington D.C.
    Today it was announced that Pope Francis would deliver a video message to help unite Christians in the "Next Great Awakening" at Together 2016, joining in the ecumaniacal gathering. Together 2016, also known as The Reset Movement, bringing together different religions in an effort to erase the lines of doctrinal divisions.

    Nick Hall, the founder of PULSE, a prayer and evangelism movement to empower the church and awaken the culture to Jesus, says adding the Pope to the lineup is the best news yet.

  50. His middle name is siddiqui btw...

  51. Shooting occurred 69 days before the big day

  52. Not sure if anyone else covered this or not, but from the Belgium terror attacks on 3/22 to today's mass shooting on 6/12 is a span of 82 days (82 game bball season), 11 weeks 5 days (115 Freemasons), 2 months 21 days (Feb 21 is the 52nd day of the year, Prophecy; also, interestingly enough, from 2/21 to 6/12 is a span of 3 months 22 days! Symmetry), and finally, a span of approximately 1968 hours (1968, quite a busy year for killing and planning of future killings in USA).

    1. Address of the club has a scrambled "911" in it as well as the phone number.

      1912 S Orange Ave, Orlando
      (407) 649-3888
      47, numerology of 11
      649, numerology of 1
      3 '888', numerology of 9 (Donald J Trump = 888, co-owner of club Barbara Poma sums to 88, Trump = 88)
      So there's a 911 in the street number (technically a '19111' and a 1119 in the phone number (Star of David, All Seeing Eye, Knights Templar Bday)

    2. Ok, so I was searching '1119' on Google just to see if this was the date of the Knights Templar origin (I remember Zach mentioning this in more than a few videos). The second site that popped up was the link to a Wikipedia article about a 1950's film noir film entitled "Dial 1119"!!! The premise of this film? An escaped, deranged killer hold the customers of a BAR hostage. (Bar, club, potato puhtaato) The police emergency number in the film is 1119. Bear in mind this was the 50's, prior to AT&T lobbying to make 9-1-1 the national emergency dialing code. Finding stuff like this gives me chills, but I guess at this point it shouldn't surprise me.

    3. 1912 election Wilson v. Roosevelt v. Taft?
      1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic?

  53. Happens in the Sign of Gemini, where we have the Twins of the brotherly love mythos and the sign of sexual expression. We get hit harder with Gay agenda in Gemini. The star(Castor) is the immortal son of Zeus and the star (Pollux) is the mortal son. The boys loved each other so much they were inseparable. No coincidence.

    1. This is probably why there are always 2 bombs, 2 guns, 2 planes hit the towers, 2 explosions, 2 brothers, etc..
      One man
      Two men
      T wo men
      T women

      Apollo 11


  55. Victims names. It seems like they put those names together after picking from a hat

    1. 767k already raised in donations and people don't even know who they are donating to

  56. My people. I know someone shot in this mess. It is definitely a hoax. It's definitely THE Elite. But ppl are being shot and killed. My exes cousin was shot 3 times in critical condition. She's even gonna fly down to see dude

  57. Shooting on Latin night at the gay night club sparks GUN control debate

    Victims names released on Orlando Sentinel site.

    The first name:
    Edward Sotomayor
    (Like Supreme Court Justice, Sonia SOTOMAYOR)

    Gun =42 (eo)
    Sotomayor=42 (er)

  58. Pulse in Jewish Gematria Equals: 375
    Mark Of Beast in Jewish Gematria Equals: 375
    Paris France in Jewish Gematria Equals: 375
    Pulse in Simple Gematria Equals: 73
    Sacrifice in Simple Gematria Equals: 73

    Paris France shooting to Orlando

    From and including: Friday, November 13, 2015
    To and including: Sunday, June 12, 2016
    Result: 213 days End date included
    Two Hundred Thirteen Days in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2233
    World War Three in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2233
    30 weeks and 3 days
    June Twelfth in Simple Gematria Equals: 144
    June Twelfth in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1984

    connection to Paris France shooting and to Templars again with this...
    June twelfth 1099 - Crusade leaders visited the Mount of Olives where they met a hermit who urged them to assault Jerusalem.

  59. 50 dead at club pulse=30,111,666
    Bataclan theater=50
    89 dead in bataclan
    Eighty nine= 116 (orlandos hoax biggest since 911)
    103 dead and wounded in Orlando hoax
    Omar Mir seddique mateen=103 also 112 like alternate 911 code
    With the voice singer and Omar mateen dieing makes it 52 dead
    Add the 53 people wounded to 52 dead is 105
    Omar mateen=105
    Paris hoax was 6 months and 30 days ago

    1. 137 dead in Paris hoax
      One hundred and thirty seven = 121

  60. In one CNN article it was called the "Pulse Club" = 111/666


  62. Planet Venus is now known aka Vesper the evening star.(Rising after The Sun in the East)
    (Just this week, beginning on 6/6/16)
    Previously it was aka Lucifer, the morning star. (Rising before The Sun in the East)

    Venus draws 144 degrees (arm of the pentagram) every 584 days.

    Fitting then to have the symbolic death of the 444 ,74 and the 612(216, 666)

    1. While we are in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

      Venus began the transition from Lucifer to Vesper on 6/3/16 (Muhammad Ali)
      Conjunction with The Sun (in the horns of the bull Taurus) on 6/5-6/6
      And Emerged as Vesper on 6/11/16-6/12/16


  64. 15+13, 28

    Omar Mateen

    Orlando Magic

  65. When I read the shooter's name, I knew it was another contrived story. His name is an anagram.
    Omar Saddiqui Mateen

    "It's a mad queer domain"

    At first, I thought the anagram was about the "Queen's tiara" with remaining letters OSAMDDIM. (Almost "Osama"). Or, something about queens or queers.

    Try it for yourself!

    Omar Saddiqui Mateen
    Gematria Jewish 729
    Gematria Reduction 81
    Gematria Summerian 1134
    Gematria Ordinal 189
    Gematria English 999

    His name has 18 letters. 6x3 or 666
    Remember that the bad guy goes by his first, middle and last name (the power of 3).

  66. Holding the doors shut?

  67. When the story first broke, his name was spelled Omar Saddiqui Manteen.
    I took a screenshot of the CNN story. They also said 20 were dead... and in an ear to the speaker, it became 50. I can't post my screenshot but I sent it to Zach.