Sunday, June 12, 2016

13 33 50 99 103 223 299 | Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, ISIS loyalist, blamed for Orlando, Florida Shooting Hoax (100% proof this is federal propaganda)

First Blog Post on Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub Shooting:

Just got back from Portland.  The last headline CNN had up was 92 and 110 too... it seems to connect to 'Paris, France' which makes sense because they're comparing this to the Bataclan Theater shooting.

Pledged = 7+3+5+4+7+5+4 = 35
loyalty = 3+6+7+1+3+2+7 = 29
to = 2+6 = 8
ISIS = 9+1+9+1 = 20/38
Pledged loyalty to ISIS = 92/110

My guess is he actually pledged loyalty to the ATF, or police, or FBI.  Something in his wallet probably said 'federal employee'.

Like always, has 5  propaganda points you need to know...

Notice the gematria of his full name, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, 229 and 103.  Supposedly 50 were killed and 53 more injured, for a total of 103.  The number 229 is the 50th prime number.

CNN said that ever since September 11, 2001, he has been moving more and more in the direction of becoming a 'terrorist'  Let's remind the truth seekers about 9:11, which supposedly lasted 102 minutes, or 1:42.

United States of America = 84/102

Recall the numerology of the date of the attack as well.

9/11/2001 = 9+11+20+01 = 41

Speaking of '13', they're drawing a lot of comparisons to 'Friday the Thirteenth' Bataclan Shooting, November 13, 2015.

They're saying the perpetrator of this shooting used the AR-15 with .223 rounds.

They're saying the shooter is from,  Port St. Lucie, Florida.

They're comparing this killing to what happened at the Bataclan Theatre on November 13, 2015, in Paris, France.  Recall, the Bataclan was sold by its Jewish owners on September 11, 2015, 63-days before the 'Paris' attack.  And recall, I said to remember November 13, 20115, because it would be a measuring date.

From the Bataclan attack to the Orlando attack, is 213-days.  We have established the significance of 213 and killing.  If you're new, checkout the Tupac Shakur example.

Also notice the span of 30-weeks and 3-days.  The Bataclan attack was blamed on ISIS, just like the Orlando attack is right now in the mainstream media.  France is home of the +33 dialing code (international).

Fort Pierce

And here is '99' again, what I've begun calling the 'Bavarian Illuminati' signature.  It also connects to 'thirteen', or '13', a lot like '103'.  Remember, zero doesn't really count in numerology (it does have some meaning when at the end of a number).

The year 1986 stands out, emphasis on '86.  That is also the year the NBA Finals began, and as we covered in the earlier post, there seems to be a conniption to the NBA Finals through this shooting hoax.  You might also recall that the Belgium Airport terror hoax of March 22, 2016, was connected to basketball through various reporting of injured athletes.

The name of the street stands out, Kaley Ave, kind of like 'Kali' or 'Cali'.  The street name and the club name both connect back to '50', the number dead.

Kaley = 2/11+1+3+5+7 = 18/27; Avenue = 1+4+5+5+3+5 = 23
Kaley Avenue = 41/50

Kaley = 11+1+12+5+25 = 54; Avenue = 1+22+5+14+21+5 = 68
Kaley Avenue = 122 (Freemason)

Sixty-One = 1/10+9+6+2+7+6+5+5 = 41/50

Notice the address is listed as 1912 'Orange' Ave.  Again, this club is in 'Orange County'.

Orange = 6+9+1+5+7+5 = 33

Orange reminds a a bit of 'OJ'.  June 12 is the anniversary date of the "O.J. murder scene".

Mass = 4+1+1/10+1/10 = 7/25
Shooting = 1+8+6+6+2+9+5+7 = 44/53
Mass Shooting = 51/78

This reads as "we need more laws" and more "obstacles", aka "taxes" and "fees".

Covered herself with bodies... the drama.

If you do the math from the first paragraph, we get 39+2+11, which does not sum to 50.

39+2+11 = 52

I love the reference to Sandy Hoax.  Remember, Adam Lanza was 112 lbs at the time of autopsy.

1-1-2 alt dialing code for 9-1-1

Maybe they figured, "Hey, the national media is already in town, why not give the go for one more night!  It's the United States of Amnesia, half the country already forgot yesterday!  Muhahahahahaaa!"

Santa Monica is the right location is "almost" 'murder' and 'death'.

CNN was also sure to cover the fact that many cities were having pride festivals this weekend, such as my hometown Seattle.

It has been a span of 353-days since the White House was lit up as a rainbow in the wake of the Supreme Court decision of June 26, 2016.


  1. My work..
    Orlando, Paris France, WW3, Lupercalia, Templars

  2. Zach . I know a dude who what shot "3" times. Ironic. But it's a fact. My ex is calling me as we speak it's her cousin . He's in "ICU" unresponsive so I can't get much info for now. Hopefully he pulls through and we can get some inside answers to what's going on in this places. 100% real shooting but also 100% planned by elite (I believe)

    1. Post some pics or somethin "mr big shot"=111,666

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    3. ICU = 33
      Why do you use the name Chauncey Billups, the former NBA player? I find that "ironic" in light of the NBA connections to this shooting.

    4. I used Chris Paul when I first started using this blog

    5. Zach.. They see your blog is getting more popular by the day, so they need to send in their troll agents with the typical "Yo it was real! I know a friend of a friend, who's cousin was shot" posts.

    6. Billups has posted here for awhile, but I wouldn't put it past them to have people hang around to try and build legitimacy. Nothing about this seems real, the witnesses are all saying pathetic things on CNN, it is straight hoax-a-licious.

    7. Nah bro I'm legit haha. Alls I'm saying is ppl are actually being shot. Wish I could post a screenshot of the texts to prove it to ya. It's definitely the ELITE running the show except these shooters are real man. If u got a # I'll personally hit u up lmao and FaceTime u . My exes cousin got shot she texted me was like no way.

    8. You do realize that if your exes cousin was shot he is a statistic to help script this HOAX done by the numbers. Nothing about this is real. Lectionary hit the nail on the head when he said how does one person shoot up a nightclub with one gun and he has to keep reloading and he doesn't get blindsided. C'mon now this just doesn't pass the sniff test.

    9. Im saying my ex girlfriends cousin really was shot in Orlando at this club lol and your right. I have not being trying to disagree with THE FACT THAT THE ELITE ARE SCRIPTING THE WORLD.

    10. Alls I'm saying that while they are scripting this.. Actual ppl are being shot and killed. Well idk about killed I can only vouch for this kid who's one of the injured . He was shot 3 times by a "gun men"

    11. Chauncy -- 75/30/655
      Billups -- 91/28/401
      Chauncy Billups -- 166/58/1056

    12. Ok bro you guys are trippin. I'm a 22 year old dude who 100% believes in the scripting. I'm just tryna point out I know a guy who was ACTUALLY shot in this. I go on Zachs blog all the time, all my boys understand/can do gematria thanks to Zach. I'm just tryna help out by saying some important shit. I KNOW AN ACTUAL PERSON THAT GOT SHOT IN THIS.. I know its defiantly govt planned but still. Just wanna let ur guys know cuz that's important TO KNOW for future

    13. So you're saying this is a false flag? Lol you're a joke. How can you say the elite are scripting the world and say ppl actually got shot? That would make the witnesses on CNN even more emotional and make everything realer but according to you ppl got shot so ok.

    14. Bro give me your phone number and I'll prove it lmao listen to me man I'm telling u guys. Smh idk how else to prove it. Only reason I'm even saying it is because I know HOW IMPORTANT it is to actually know this info.

    15. We have to understand ppl are being shot. It is part of the script. Who knows maybe killer was under hypnosis. One thing that's a fact is I know someone who got shot in this bullshit so there were definitely bullets flying in that night club

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    17. You can't prove it no worser than how CNN is proving it to be real.

    18. Chauncey you just exposed yourself, if ppl was actually shot than how is it a script? Goodness that would be retarded by the elite.

    19. Send me your e mail or phone number I'll prove it man. I'll even FaceTime y'all. That's how important this truth seeking shit is to me. You guys HAVE to believe because it's FACTUAL. And I care . It's important for the progression of the truth seeking movement

    20. Govt is sending killers out or mind controlling killers. Idk to tell u truth. I do know the govt is behind these FALSE FLAGS, but I know now. They are really killing ppl in these events. Govt don't give a fuck

    21. Go on my page and see it for yourself I have screen shot of convo

    22. Click My name. My google+ bullshit

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    24. Lol that shit isn't fucking proof. You think I'm retarted or some shit.

    25. Billups has always seemed legit. I will acknowledge that it is possible they really shot and killed people at this event, and then just reported whatever numbers they wanted, but the part that trips me up are these witnesses they're showing on TV who are clearly full of shit.

    26. I hear you Darius. But perhaps they recognize that people aren't being moved by their shooting hoaxes, so they have to up the ante. If Billups can show us some proof of his bullet riddled family member, I'd like to see it.

    27. the basketball player name is chauncEy Billups. This has no E in it.

    28. That's why I did a decode of chauncEy.

  3. 1986 you mentioned. I noticed Sat was the 30th Anniversary of the John Hughes movie Ferris Bueller's Day off, Cameron wears Gordie Howe's jersey in that movie. Also I saw somewhere the the mayor of Orlando's real name was John Hugh Buddy Dyer. Just random stuff I noticed.

    1. Go on my page Zach smh u got me fucked up bro haha if u met me in person you'd take that back I'm a good dude tryna spread the truth. Smh

    2. Billups, I'm not saying you're a liar. It is just hard to determine who is sincere and who isn't sometimes online. You've always been legit.

    3. I got another 1986 thing, Mihaly "Michu" Meszaros actress who would play ALF died today, ALF came out in 1986. Plus her age was 76, Mihaly Meszaros in English Reduction is 67.

  4. They keep repeating "terror in Orlando" over and over. It equals 88.

    1. This all syncs back with Super Bowl 50. It is all a fucking agenda. Fifty people died. The half time show was about 'Believe in Love' with all the colors. Obviously forshadowing this even.

      Believe in love = 137 the 33rd Prime
      Now we have quotes like love wins on twitter

      Love wins = 38 (death), 119

      Also a picture of people protesting at white house with a quote 'where is love'

      Where is love = 60,69, 141

    2. Kevin love ties back in to this too.
      With all the no love. Number zero.

      Love wins finals MVP = 78, 96, 231
      Cleveland = 78

      Draymond Green gets suspended same day as 'Love wins' quote and 'where is love'

      Just a coincidence?

    3. That is interesting. Yesterday marked 88 days until the NFL begins too.

  5. Cavs 1-3

    Warriors 3-1

    Both tributes to King James .

  6. Representative Alan Grayson (D) Florida stated the following " The assault rifle used was illegal in (44) states. It's the same used in Connecticut at "Sandy hook"!

    Cnn at 8pm today
    Operation HOAX

    1. Alan Grayson is wrong on two accounts. The AR-15 is not an assault rifle, and the AR-15 is legal in all 50 states.

    2. Alan Grayson is wrong on most accounts about everything. I do not believe I have ever seen a slimier dude in all of politics.

  7. President Of Afghanistan in Simple Gematria Equals: 231
    Hillary Rodham Clinton in Simple Gematria Equals: 231
    It's all a joke to them!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Draymond green getting suspend would really help Kevin Love get finals map.

    3. Love get finals MVP are u insane?

    4. That was my point. Representive Grayson just wanted To send code " 44" even if it's incorrect, but I'm certain the sheep absorbed the lie.

  8. It is politically convenient that this event has occurred. The Hillary camp can claim that bigotry led to a mass shooting in the LGBT community and the Trump camp can claim that a Muslim Terrorist committed the worst mass shooting in US history.

    And it completely occults and eclipses the American Ultra-like Christina Grimmie murder.

  9. How can I send u guys the screen shot ? I'd ask for his name but I'm gon wait till tmrw. She's pretty fucked yo right now don't think it'd be right to ask. IM TRYNA LOOK OUT FOR FELLOW EARTHIANS.. PPL ARE GETTING SHOT FOR REAL. If we're going to continue truth seeking. This must be understand

    1. this guy might be on to something, these guys might be cold blooded killers and have serious plans.

  10. Isis = 198

    Gay = 198

    Terrorist attack = 198

    Date: 6/12/2016 = 18

    Pulse gay club = 1008 / 144

  11. "Fifty dead, fifty three injured"=139/283

    The 283rd day of the year is 10/10 leaving 82 days left. You highlighted 82 in your first post on this, So I thought I'd mention it.

    1. 10/10 is also 121 days from this

    2. Revelation=121 Revelation=1010(Jewish) Nice.

    3. You guys are blowing me away. Great work mad dog.

    4. 10-10-16 would also match the 11 months 16 days since gay marriage passed before the shooting if you drop them zeroes.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Nice catch LOA. And Dan with the slam dunk. I forgot revelation =1010 Jewish. I knew something important did. 

      10/10/2016 can also be broken down: 
      1 / 1 / 9 <--¬
      . 9
      Because 2+1+6=^

      The 10's stay 1's, because 1+0=1 

      If something big doesn't happen on this date, I'd be highly suprised.

    7. Dangit. I was trying to be creative and get the 9 above the up arrow. You get the idea.

  12. Ok I dont post here, I've been trying to listen and read and I'll keep my opinion to myself for now. for some reason I'm having difficulty typing because it's late and I'm baked like cookies, but this "Chauncy Billups" might not be the basketball player CHAUNCEY BILLUPS. My 2 cents. Everything happens for a reason, works in cycles like you guys decipher. Whoever these "people" are, understand this; they are greedy, patient, smart, and will do any means necessary to keep us contained.

  13. AR = 81(Jewish) add 15 for AR-15 = (81 +15) = 96 = Freemason
    AR = 19(Simple) add 15 for AR-15 = (19 + 15) = 34 = Murder
    Assault Rifle = 44(Reduction) just like "Kill" = 44
    Rifle = 50(Simple) just like the number of Crisis actors killed
    Handgun = 33(Reduction), 69(Simple), 420(English)...need i say more?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Ex-Wife Sitora Yusufiy from Colorado

    Sitora Yusufiy = 64(American)/208(28)
    Sitora = 28/82(Orlando Coordinates, Kaley Ave.)
    Sitora = 330 (Jewish)
    Yusufiy = 36/126 (Eight Six=126)
    Ex Wife = 36
    Mentally Ill = 45
    Forty Five = 126 (Yusufiy)
    Colorado = 38 (Death)

    "Sitora Yusufiy says she saw “no signs” of Omar Mateen being radicalized"

    No Signs = 34 (Murder, Orlando, Santa Monica Coordinates)
    Orlando Gunman = 59 (Kill)
    Fifty Three = 59
    Sunday Morning = 66
    Fifty = 66

    (Sorry about the deleted posts, wanted to get everything in one post only)

    1. Radicalized = 56
      ISIS = 56
      Latin = 56
      Attack = 56
      Hatred = 56

    2. Age 29
      Twenty Nine = 50

  17. My two cents.
    Every single one of these hoaxes some tard posts that, it's real! My exs/brothers/cousins/babysitters/best friends/mailmans/uncle got shot and killed/hurt/blowed up/ebola/a leg blown off. That was usually followed by "how dare u sickos question that it happened!!!#! Boo hoo spew rightousness.
    Now that doesnt work anymore, I have noticed a change in tatics where they will say stuff like "you're right it is scripted but people are REALLY getting hurt. I know this for a fact because my brother/uncle/ex wouldn't lie! I'll send u pics it's true!!#!

    Hey bitch, have u been to the hospital seen the ex's brothers cousin yourself? Did u stick your finger in the wound to see if its real? If not you r repeating hearsay not truth! So fuck u!

    They desprwtly want us to believe that people are dying or harmed because if u r still worried or unsure they've made u fear them and their awesome scary powers and they win. Don't let them. The only shots that happened in that place was was in the shot glasses those a holes were playing quarters.

    1. Yes, this is exactly what they do and have been doing the whole time I have been making videos. I'm just sad to see that another person who has been hanging around here is likely a planted mole. There are several of them.

    2. Yeah, it's weird. I'm more of a "If I don't agree, I just go away, not duke it out or try to change impressions." Kind of person. I'm pretty dubious of others who try to change other people.

    3. I'm thinking these "people" are most likely computer programs programmed with key trigger words designed to cast doubt and redirect the conversation to another rabbit hole. They re like viruses. We have to remember that we r communicating in 2d and therefore vulnerable to all kinds of shenanigans. The best weapons aren't guns and knives it's skepticism and heckling. Fuck them! They can't make me believe their trash.
      Here is my quick way to weed thru the bs quickly. If the message is empowering to me then I will consider to possibly be the truth,but if it's about how powerless we r because these sneaking evil geniuses r killing people and boo hoo were next" then it's shit and deserves to be called out and skewered.

    4. +Prunella: You're likely quite right. I'm pretty sure the perfected the 'chatbots' over the last several elections, so I'm sure it's an extension of all that.

    5. I noticed the people I have to talk to over the phone like for insurance company stuff like that r so totally programmed that if they rnt computer programs they might as well be. Pathetic can't understand anything that's not the official way. I started fucking with them, just as a test I'll say something unexpected or whatever, I call it my humanity test. Try it, they can't very from their programming it confuses them. They will stop talking or just repeat maam, maam, etc.
      Once the student loan guy was droning on so I let out a scream and then waited to see what would happen he paused and went right on blabbing so I hung up. FucKing robots

    6. Prunella --- I 100% AGREE with EVERYTHING you're saying. It's too much of a PARADOX ... saying The System has the power to script false events -- then NEGATING THAT STATEMENT with a Really Big ... BUT ... (a comedian used to say "Watch out for ANYTHING that SEEMS "pretty" -- cause it's usually followed by a REALLY BIG BUT(T)" ...! (George Carlin, maybe?)

      Here's awesome "confirmation" of the Robot Algorithms you mentioned ... I had just typed in "Watch out for ANYTHING -- & it Auto-Inserted "DIGITAL"! HaHa -- "Watch out for ANYTHING DIGITAL"! No shit, eh? Truer words were never spoken ... The Guides here at Jedi Academy DEFINIELY have our backs ... so we REAL Truth Speakers will just keep rockin' on ...!

      Yes, the tactics ARE different now -- probably some Ivy Leaguer's "CAPSTONE PROJECT" (look it up ... very interesting ...). It's intriguing to the Think Tank Set when "common folks" appear to have spontaneously obtained access to higher levels of thought & perception -- in spite of the blocks put in place ... & without the "benefits" afforded by (their) "Higher Tier of Education". They seem to be "playing" with these observations -- & while SOME may believe such anomalies should be wiped out, the NATURAL Law Of Averages indicates that OTHERS would want to Push It Forward. Even if they have to "justify" their research with claims that we "could be useful tools", the simple reality is that We Have Picqued Their Curiosity -- by acquiring knowledge that's been carefully guarded for centuries -- & doing it all on our own.

      Perhaps the best analogy is that we (the masses) are akin to a herd of cattle at a University Research Farm. (Yep, I worked on one of those too!) They're sorted & allocated to various researchers -- based on whatever "goals" they've set forth to "prove". Breeding, behavior, productivity, DNA manipulation, etc. -- they SELECT the "beasts" who seem to be the best "fit" for their "research". (For example, when they were breeding to obtain "polled" (hornless) cattle ... they didn't want any "Longhorn" in the bloodlines ...)

      BUT (there it is!) -- there are ALWAYS a few "Exceptional" cattle ... & when they're "noticed", THEY become the focus of OTHER "studies" -- conducted by those who are curious about anomalies in behavior, intelligence & perception. These are the cattle that seem to ALWAYS be circumventing The Farm's "System" -- escaping from their "secure" enclosures ... refusing to eat food that's been experimentally "tainted" ... Showing An Obvious Understanding Of Things Other Cattle Are Oblivious To (i.e. "Don't get in THAT trailer -- NO ONE EVER COMES BACK!!!" lol). Not ALL of these "exceptions" wind up at the slaughterhouse ... sometimes the're shuttled about for "closer study" -- but more often they're left in place & simply "OBSERVED" ... usually to study WHAT EFFECT -- if any -- they'll have on THE OTHERS AROUND THEM.

      The Farm Managers (i.e. "gatekeepers" ... synonymous with "Police", etc. perhaps ...?) -- they HATE these "Exceptions To The Rule Cattle" -- because THEY are the ones who have to routinely deal with the "antics". "White Coats" NEVER chase down escapees (that's what "The Help" is for) ... besides, they're too busy "observing the scene as a whole" (usually accompanied by their colleagues-- who are "Observing the Behavior of the Gatekeepers"!).

      It's all "Wheels Within Wheels" -- a living representation of the Fibonacci Circle ... the REAL "Life Of PI"!

      Damn -- I think just "enlightened" My Own Self!! Lol, lol! ;D. :D

  18. Notice how Chauncey keeps repeating that it's real people really got hurt then goes on to suggest several rabbit holes for us to go down: perhaps the killer was under hypnosis, mind control, hes just trying to look out for fellow earthlings *thereby suggesting that the elite r aliens, etc then keeps repeating 3 times, the kid was shot 3 times blah blah

    1. Pru just spent my two cents too. Totally right. I noticed that tactic change recently too, just after San Bernie.

    2. I would say it's also relative to the 'evidence' never materializing.

    3. Notice the things he writes in caps HOW IMPORTANT
      TO KNOW

      Dude, u r not credible so fuck off

  19. Israel first proclaimed by Ben_Gurion on 5-14-1948....5-14. From the date of the shooting yesterday(June 12) to 11-26(likely start date of ww3) is exactly FIVE months FOURTEEN days,like 5-14,founding date of Zionist state...

  20. Where I'm at on this right now is a falseflag/humansacrifice ritual run by US and British intelligence connecting through G4S. I'm coming to this conclusion mainly because Obama's visit to the Queen. This is probably one of the things he was doing while he was in London. Something big is up as we see with elites running around this world having meetings with each other which has been making me nervous. This is not normal behavior for these people. The Pope, Krilil, the Queen, Cuba, Kerry's visit to Moscow, Netanyahu's visits to Moscow (he's had two now) Anyway I think they have no qualms about killing people especially when they've planning something big like WW3. It's going to get really bloody sometime this fall. It's hard to figure out the timeline. Sometimes I get the feeling they're using a calendar we don't know about. It feels very occult and ancient to me.

    1. Really? It feels like a recycled plot line from Assassin's Creed IV to me.
      Tagline: coming this fall...It's about to get bloody up in this bitch we promise!!*$!!..yeah right.bloody boring

      Mockery is a weapon that goes two ways you know. You don't have to just take it. U can dish it out too. You should heckle them and also learn how to use the word "NO!"

  21. I stole this list from elsewhere because I'm super sick of the narrative being changed to have this latest shooting somehow "the worst in US history":
    "Lawrence massacre in Douglas County, KS - 185-200 dead 1863
    Colfax massacre, Colfax, Louisiana - 83-153 dead (mostly black) 1873
    Greenwood massacre, Tulsa, Oklahoma - 39-300 dead (racially motivated) 1921
    Fort Pillow, Henning, TN - 297 dead (mostly black) 1864
    There are more notably Little Big Horn, roughly 260 Americans killed and an unknown number of Native Americans as reports vary widely. 1876
    The same holds true for the Massacre at Wounded Knee where as many as 300 Native Americans, were killed, many women and children. 1890"

    Now, the thing is, there are MANY more examples.
    Why are these stations, and I found it led back to "Mother Jones" choosing the year 1982 for this this line in the sand of when US history seemingly begins?

    1. Interesting. I just Googled "occult significance of 1982" and the very first return was "Search Results
      Tron (1982) – The Ultimate Predictive PROGRAMming | Jay's Analysis"
      There's got to be other stuff as to 'why' they're using "1982" as their year of demarcation.

      Anyone know or have an idea?

    2. Oh! This!!!???
      1982... 82/28. Every 28 years, but the last 28 year cycle was 2010, next is 2038.

    3. Mother Jones is controlled opposition written a payed for in Langley Virginia.

      I also imagine that a lot of those massacres in the past were false flags. As an example, sometime, sit down and read the wikipedia page on Little Big Horn ans see if anything, absolutely anything makes any logical sense. It's one whopper after the next.

    4. Oh, I know MJ is totally a farce. It is just really weird how they're all harping on *this* shooting being the deadliest in US history, etc... and it seems to have been triggered from MJ making the statement and others following that lead. I've been going over 1982 events to see if I can find a stand-out event, and therefore, date... but *a lot* happened in 1982 (including but not limited to Ronald Reagan meeting with JPII and QEII on June 7th). There has to be a reason for them using 1982 as the 'beginning' of US time???

    5. That's an intriguing idea. Its ringing some bells for me too but yeah i dont know. I will give that one some thought

    6. Prince William's birthday was June 21, 1982...
      6/12... 6/21? 82/28?

    7. Well, 6/21 is the Summer Solstice, and he is in his 33rd year. They seem to be big into that number. His 33rd year closely matches the US's 239th year. 239 is the 52nd prime.

      Does this mean anything? I don't know, other people are better at making connections than I am.

    8. FWIW: I don't know how 'credible' this source is, but it seems to point in this general direction also.
      I'd never heard of the "Committee of 300"
      Looking down the list, I also see Wharton School listed in their hierarchy. Trump went to Wharton.

    9. +Ed Maphis, I hear ya'... and saw that too! I, like you, am not good with the connections part.
      I am frustratingly 'new' at it still.

    10. 52 is the number of prophecy.
      "Olympians" calulates to 52(EO) and 43/52(P,s exception): again prophecy

    11. I love Zach. Any time I am going to go look for something to research or go code, he's usually covered it in some way/shape/form...
      This time is no exception. Blast from the past, last year:

  22. Decided to do an Anagram Solver and "Omar Mateen" (using some/partial letters) = Man Eater and Eat Man. "Omar Mir Seddique Mateen" = Iran Summer Time, Summer Meridian, Die Monster Die, Dead Memories.

    Just thought it was interesting.

  23. Mr. Zack,

    When will your book be out please?