Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30, 2016, Pentagon drops ban on transgender troops "for purpose of finest fighting force"

This news comes June 30, 2016, midday.

6/30/2016 = 6+30+20+16 = 72
6/30/2016 = 6+30+(2+0+1+6) = 45
6/30/2016 = 6+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 18
6/30/16 = 6+30+16 = 52

In Ash Carter's speech he said the army does not know how many of its members are transgender.  He's just another actor in a costume, selling the agenda.  No one stands for anything, besides their next paycheck.  My favorite part was when he said how this change will contribute to maintaing the world's "finest fighting force".


  1. Seriously? "Finest Fighting Force"? F F F = 6 6 6 ... they're poking at the Gematria crowd. I can't think of a single WW2 vet who would call today's military "the finest". It's FUBAR -- Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. They're pushing this so hard, now I'm wondering if Hillary's going to "come out" after she's elected. Talk about confusing the Historical Timeline -- if she were to Become A Man in her 2nd term, could she Run Again -- AS A MAN? ;D :D


    2. "FUBAR" = 48 [223 is the 48th Prime]

    3. When was America great?
      Mason's , elite , psyop, nazi,kkk,black panthers,
      Zionist, satanist, Christians , gays , transgenders, Hollywood , federal reserve , democrats , republicans.

      America IS great and the fact that with all its issues we all Coexist!

      Truth= Fear

      Love will over power the hate...

    4. True -- our people ARE great ... or at least we start out that way. I should've specified that I DON'T blame the soldiers -- at all. They ARE trying their best. They're just stuck in a highly falsified, manipulative environment -- many times worse than ANYTHING the rest of the population experiences. That's why they come out so broken.

      Saving the young ones & helping the broken in our society is going to be something only WE can do ... & WE WILL. Because WE ARE what America REALLY is ... & can be! Good reminder! ;D :D

  2. They're definitely doing something WEIRD with the soldiers. I watched a super-intelligent, feminine (& gorgeous) Anne Hathaway look-a-like (female!) go in just a few years ago. She was thinking she'd shoot for being a linguist or translator, but instead she wound up working with Surface-To-Air Missiles. Now -- as she's soared up through the ranks -- boy has SHE changed! Her brand new husband (non-military) got dumped (without a trace of emotion) & now she's sporting pecs & abs. There was NOTHING prior to her service that even hinted at "closet gay". I still don't think she's gay (yet), but then ... her whole personality has undergone a 180 degree change.

    Soldiers sign away all their rights to informed consent when they take their oath, & it's no secret that they're viewed as no more than "the world's greatest Control Group" to both the scientific community & the gov. Capability & moral were undermined a long time ago, so I shudder to think what the REAL Agenda is now. I have a feeling though, that whatever "IT IS" (that they've been "perfecting") has already crept into society at large ... & whatever IT is ... IT ain't good. ;D :D

  3. "It" -- using Bacon for the capital "I" & Pythagorean for the small "t" -- 35 + 20 = 55.

    55 is the Government's "Signature Number" ... & often coincides with Behavioral Experiments or Conditioning (such as the Federally-imposed 55 mph speed limit).

    55 in Jewish Gematria == E O (or O E) ... fitting for Experimental Operations (or Operational Experiment) ...

    Remember Michael Jackson's "CAPTAIN EO"? It opened 9 / 12 / 86 ... to 7 / 6 / 94. Was brought back 7 / 2 / 10 ... & closed 12 / 6 / 15 ... the announcement being made on 11 / 13 / 15 at 11:18 AM in the ORLANDO Sentinel .., by CAITLYN Dineen.

    Director Francis Coppola came up with the name -- after the Greek Goddess of DAWN -- EOS. George Lucas exec. produced. IT marked the end of their personal & professional estrangement ... which began when Lucas decided not to direct Coppolas' "APOCOLYPSE NOW" (which -- oddly -- I'd just mentioned in a post about the Body Parts in Rio ... Weird! Lol)

    Coordinates of where it was show at Epcot: 28.3725 N, 81.5515 W. (There's the 55!)

    Everything IS Connected!! Lol ;D :D

  4. It is defined as a "a Matter of Principle"

    "Principle" = 57 & 102
    "A Matter of Principle" = 1206 & 201 [Reflection of 102]
    "One Two Six" = 144

    "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" = 51 = "Conspiracy"
    233 is the 51st Prime Number

  5. Whenever I hear "IT'S A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE" ... I was taught that means "IT'S REALLY ABOUT MONEY". Wouldn't doubt that lies at the root of this too! ;D :D

  6. Fiercest Fighting Force must be too much to say with a lisp.