Wednesday, June 29, 2016

39 167 239 | Fill the Mall, July 16, 2016 Christian Rally in D.C.

President = 110

This event will come 9-days after the United States turns 240-years old, but there is that gematria of '239' again.

Recall, this is also a date with '39' numerology, like the number of books the Jews go by in the Old Testament.

7/16/16 = 6+17+16 = 39
16/7... 167... 167 the 39th prime number

The gematria of '110' for 'Fill the Mall' is also interesting, because 'President' sums to 110.


  1. Just move one letter o er and the slogan becomes

    Fill theM all

    1. Fill the Mall
      Fill Them All
      Film Them All

    2. Also the same pyramidal I AM (9+1+13) from Invictus Games.

    3. I agree, "I am" or it's mirror is visible in this photo.

      If you looked at the cap "L"s as Roman numeral 50s, you'd have:
      FILL the MALL
      F I 50 50 the M A 50 50
      6 9 50 50 the 13 1 50 50
      695050 the 1315050
      Or something really amazing... ha! Blah, blah, blah. I bore myself sometimes.

      Gematria Jewish 55
      Gematria Reduction 21
      Gematria Summerian 234
      Gematria Ordinal 39
      Gematria English 75

      Gematria Jewish 71
      Gematria Reduction 11
      Gematria Summerian 228
      Gematria Ordinal 38
      Gematria English 101

      Fill the Mall
      Gematria Jewish 239
      Gematria Reduction 47
      Gematria Summerian 660
      Gematria Ordinal 110
      Gematria English 389

  2. The photo has an "as above, so below" feel to it.

    1. Backwards and upside down Mall becomes 1 Law.

      The zombie movie Day of the Dead took place in a mall. I was struck by the image of the zombies walking around aimlessly in the same loops as if they were live shoppers.

      Mall walkers, The Walking Dead, Paul Walker, George Walker Bush, sleep walkers, somnambulance,
      Wall King, Wall kin, Christopher Walken, Walk for the Cure,
      Walled in, Walden Pond, Walt Disney

      Ok I'll stop

    2. Don't forget Trump's Mexican Wall.


      Another Brick in the Wall -- 228 SE 102/111 ER

      United States of America = 228 SE 84/102 ER

    3. Great points, thank u! Can't believe I forgot Trump.
      Brick in the Wall/ freemasonry
      Wailing Wall in Israel

  3. In the Hitchcock film "39 Steps," a magician with amazing memory is asked at the beginning of the film how many miles it is from Montreal to Winnipeg. Curiously, he gives the WRONG distance, although this is never explained. This links up to the end of the film, when we learn that "Mr. Memory Man" is actually a spy whose memory encodes details of rocket specifications. You have to pay attention to catch the reason why he gives wrong information at the beginning of the film. A "39/Winnipeg" link: there are 39 steps in the main area of the Manitoba Legislative Building, which was built to match the exact specifications of Solomon's Temple. It is also located at approximately the exact center - or HEART - of the North American continent.

    1. Hitchcock = 44 (44 films with sound he made if I remember correct)
      Nike = 39 (In the Cold War, Nike Missiles were used along the west coast to defend the nation from Russia supposedly)
      I need to check this movie out.

  4. All I see is

    Dead Mall---52, 85(J)

    Dead Mall of America---123, 270(J)

  5. Portugal = 110... Likely winners of Euro 2016 from what ive observed.

    1. Agreed, still leaning towards a france portugal final

    2. Yes i think Germany lose to France in the semi's.

      Portugal v France im about 90% sure.

  6. You have to love that a christian event is centered around the Washington fallic/obelisk and use the words fill in the mall m, where mall is considered the vagina. But hey it could be worse, it could be fill your dude neighbor

  7. Marketing for this event includes the words "Together" and "Reset" with a reset button logo.

    Here is the link to Reset2016:

    Gematria Jewish 355
    Gematria Reduction 44
    Gematria Summerian 588
    Gematria Ordinal 98
    Gematria English 575

    Gematria Jewish 280
    Gematria Reduction 22
    Gematria Summerian 402
    Gematria Ordinal 67
    Gematria English 400

    National Mall
    Gematria Jewish 332
    Gematria Reduction 43
    Gematria Summerian 744
    Gematria Ordinal 124
    Gematria English 502

    7/16/16 = 777 or 21
    7 + 16 = 23 or 5
    20 + 16 = 36 or 9
    5 + 9 = 14 or 5 (5th Age)

    Pope Francis
    3/13/13 to 7/16/16 = 1221 or 1222 days (including end date)

  8. 9-23-15 until 7-16-16 is 9 months 23 days. 6-12-16 till 9-23-17 is 66 weeks and 6 days.

    1. I like the first date calculation! Remember that the elite are trying to ascend from 9 to 3 on their pyramid.

  9. 9-23-15 until 7-16-16 is 9 months 23 days. 6-12-16 till 9-23-17 is 66 weeks and 6 days.

  10. F is separated from I L L -- which in Roman Numerals is: 4 9 ... 5 0 ... (IL = 49; L = 50) -- which was the "Death Toll" from Orlando ... 4 9 .. +1 "attacker" = 5 0. Again, it's ALSO the numbers associated with SHAVUOT -- 6/11 to 6/13 this year (right on the Pulse event). It's one of the most important Judaic holidays because it commemorates when Moses received The Torah from God -- thereby "sealing the Covenant" that (it's claimed) "made them His Chosen People".

    If the facts were ALL known, I bet you'd find that a ZIONIST/Christian group is putting on this show. ;D :D

    1. The color scheme is BLACK & WHITE (like The Pulse sign; also subliminal Race Baiting) ... & DEEP PURPLE. Rabbi Benzion Klatzko refers to the Jews as "THE PURPLE JACKET PEOPLE" -- in his video by that title (it's very interesting). Are we going to see a band member from Deep Purple die next? Maybe some prophetic song lyrics?

      There were 2 people in "PURPLE JACKETS" in the Scottish roller coaster pic -- standing under the green, blue & pink ARCHER'S BOW (on the left margin) The bow is symbolic of 9th of AV -- coming up August 13 - 14.

      In that same pic there is a SMALL YELLOW SCOOTER in the Lower Center -- perhaps announcing the upcoming assassination -- or death (I'd have to compare the dates) of LOR SCOOTA?

      Care to bet that the main theme of this rally will be "FEAR"? ;D :D

  11. Aw Hell -- see how the Washington Monument looks like A SPEAR? Look up TIPOFTHESPEAR.ORG -- especially their "GLOBAL INCLUSIVE PLAN" page. They want DONATIONS -- of course -- & when you look at this chart, you'll see that -- yep, it's not likely any REAL assistance will EVER reach a soldier or vet (except MAYBE some left-over Halloween candy ...).

    Donations are FIRST funneled to "HOUSES OF WORSHIP" (nice, generic term), "CO-WORKERS" (whoever the hell THEY are ...), Scouting groups (who trusts THEM anymore?!), "Civic" groups (generic again ...) & "Military Veterans" (from where ... Israel? Doesn't Specify ...). This is a scam if ever I saw one! ;D :D

    1. There is meaning to the upside down changes in the Jesus Changes Everything. An inverted change. But other than that, I can't interpret it.

    2. My take on the Backwards CHANGES: Getting the viewer to READ IT FROM RIGHT TO LEFT -- as in Hebrew. A "sign" of who this rally is REALLY meant to show support for. It's astounding how many politicians are aligned with "Christian Zionist" groups. Funny thing though -- the Christians think eventually they'll "Save the Jews" by Converting them ... & the Jews (as Netanyahu said himself -- publicly) simply see the Christian Zionists as "Useful Tools" -- a $$$-making Front to help them achieve their goals (because to them, REAL Jews are "Born" -- NEVER "Made" -- it's all about The Bloodline. ;D :D

  12. At the bottom of the Photo:

    "Jesus Changes Everything" = 264
    "Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton = 264 = "William Jefferson Clinton"

    The Washington Monument is on 106 acres and is 555 ft Tall:

    It was designated the Washington Monument on 10/15/1966
    a date that equals 110.

    It exists on the 38N and 77W. The corner stone was laid on 07/04/1848 = 77 [77th Meridian] and construction did not actually finish until after the civil war and was dedicated on 02/21/1885 = 45 & 126

    "One Two Six" = 144
    "Forty Five" = 126

  13. "TIP OF THE SPEAR" is what the KIDON is known as. They are the Israeli Defense "umbrella" that includes the MOSSAD -- & other, less famous ... but MORE LETHAL ... organizations. THE TERM ALSO APPLIES TO ISRAEL ... on May 30, 2016 the KNESSET passed a "Landmark Anti-Terrorism Bill" (that's been in the works since 2010!). It GREATLY EXPANDS what constitutes "Aiding & Abetting Terrorism". A few things they're "Really Excited About" ... Now FINANCIAL ASSETS can be SEIZED IMMEDIATELY (before now, there FIRST had to be an Arrest / Indictment or Trial) ... & ... After Conviction -- Judgements can be assessed at 20 TIMES the ACTUAL DAMAGE -- OR -- 20 TIMES what it would have been under the previous law. $$$ = !!!

    Merely EXPRESSING ANYTHING (less than hatred) towards someone who LATER IS LABELED A "TERRORIST" -- is NOW A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE ... with terms up to LIFE IMPRISONMENT. -- Jerusalem Post, 5/30/16

    It's worth noting that CBN ("CHRISTIAN BROADCAST NETWORK") referred to Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) as "The TIP OF THE SPEAR in the FUTURE WAR on Hezbollah" ... published: JULY 02, 2013.

    Now look again at the pic above. Enlarge & look at the Splash of Green to the Right of the second "L" -- do you see the "0 1" worked into the photo? (I doubt there's ACTUALLY a giant Zero standing there ...) Not sure what the -- 01 -- is for (2001 subliminal reminder or some other 2001 reference would be my guess ... but??) -- it''s definitely in the pic though ... for a reason. ;D :D

  14. This event date can be read as 7/7/7 when breaking down 7/16/16

    1. July sixteenth Two thousand sixteen=448




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