Monday, June 27, 2016

37 43 79 141 | Reported Amtrak crash in Trinidad, Colorado kills 5 people in van

I'm wondering if this story is a tribute to a championship of the past, or one to come.  Perhaps this is connected to the Super Bowl 50 winners, the Denver Broncos.

The coordinates of where the wreck happened are interesting.  They said it was a 'van' that was hit in the accident.

Van = 22+1+14 = 37 (37th Parallel)

Notice the coordinates sum to 141.

From the Super Bowl to the date of the accident was a span of 141-days.

Super Bowl = 41/50


  1. Trinidad, CO = 52, 97
    Prophecy = 52
    Civil War = 97

    Colorado State = 49, 58
    6+27+16 = 49

    Colorado State Patrol = 77, 86
    Today is 179th day of the year leaving 187 days remaining
    187 is homocide code

  2. Makes me wonder which actor with Trinidadian roots is going to be one the Hitlist. Which brings me to Alfonso Riberio, Carlton from the Fresh Prince, he is 44 years old. Exactly 44 years 9 months 5 days yesterday, or 2335 weeks and 5 days. His birthday is 2 months 26 days or 12 weeks 3 days or 87 days from the wreck. (9-21-2016 he will be 45)

    His birthday is 21 weeks 6 days since Prince died, 153 days.

    His birthdau is 48 days from the election, 1 month 18 days, 6 weeks 6 days.

    1. Basing this on your post and Rigged:
      Five dead = 38
      Colorado = 38
      birthdau = 83/38

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  4. This actually reminds me of 50 Cent getting arrested for his language recently at his concert in St. Kitts (4 hours and 40 minutes away by plane from the actual Trinidad).
    50 Cent= 45(EO,P)
    Here's the '37'...
    St. Kitts = 118(EO),37(EO) and 12th prime, 31(J) like cube, 19(P) 8th prime

  5. Get this, I was looking up Trinidad, Colorado because I"m pretty sure it's connected to the CWS. As Gary Gilmore the Coach of Coastal Carolina's son played for the Virginia Cavs but then transfered to Coastal Carolina. He last played in 2009 but Virginia won the CWS last year. Anyway moral of the story the search engine popped up with Trinidad, Colorado Sex Change. I guess it's the Sex Change capital of the world, so makes sense especially after the Gay night Club shooting.

    1. There's even a Starkville, Colorado that is 4.4 miles away from Trinidad, Colorado. Starkville, MS is where Arizona advanced to the CWS from.

    2. You may be right...
      In my search, this same story came up again, but nothing about sex change. More details in this updated story... 3 girls killed, one (4 year old) survives, etc. also!
      Seemingly, it's reset the search engine and isn't as readily showing additional searches like the sex change stuff. (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

    3. Wikipedia mentions a South Park episode where the doctor (Biber) who performed these gender reassignment surgeries in Trinidad, Co. "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" is the first episode of the ninth season and the 126th overall episode.
      Stanley Biber = 72/63(Eng Gem), 52(J), 132/60(EO) and 123(EO, s exception), 51(P) and 60(P, s exception)

    4. I guess it's not the Capital anymore, but it was at one point.

    5. +Dan, right...
      Further states Marci Bowers took over Biber's practice in 2003 and moved it to San Mateo, California
      Marci Bowers
      126(EO)/63(EO), 117(EO,s)
      54(P), 63(P,s)

      San Mateo
      88(EO), 79(EO,s)
      317(J) 66th prime

      "Trinidad is situated in the Purgatoire River valley in far southern Colorado at an elevation of 6,025 feet (1,836 m). The city lies 13 miles north of the New Mexico border. On the northern end of the town is Simpson's Rest, a prominent bluff named for early resident George Simpson, who is buried atop. North Avenue leads to a rut-prone county road to the top of Simpson's Rest for overviews of the city. The vista from Simpson's Rest includes Fisher's Peak, a prominent mountain of 9,600 feet (2,900 m) in elevation, southeast of the city. To the northwest are the prominent Spanish Peaks as well."

      Purgatoire is from "purgatory" and is also aka "Picketwire" and is mentioned frequently in the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance."

    6. Nice stuff, I'll have to look more into even more now. I just made a video on it. They take hours to upload though. There's a lot of 54 connections lately all connected to the Gay Agenda and connecting to the Royal theme. "The Gay Prince"=68, 131 "Prince Charles"=68, 131 "Gay Agenda"=38, 65 Prince=38, 65 Even the boy who stares down the Camera at the CWS is "Sammy DiDonato"=54 Michelle Obama=54 I never explained the point correctly on how I found it. Trinidad is the Trinity that's what I meant when I said it's connected to the Father and Son at Coastal Carolina, not sure what the Holy Spirit would be though.