Saturday, June 25, 2016

48 52 106 223 239 | #Regrexit, CNNs story on the regret of 'Brexit'

Look at the new slogan.  Keep in mind the vote was nearly 50/50, so the people of the U.K. are supposedly very divided over this vote.  Of course the Masons who script these events by the numbers, are about "divide and conquer" and "order through chaos".  As I said yesterday, the powers that be will use this vote to teach the masses a lesson in time.  It will be used as an argument for why nations shouldn't break away from a larger body and it will be used as an example to build the one world order.

Let us examine the gematria of 'Regrexit' to see how the mocking in numbers continues.

52% winning vote.  48% losing vote.

Speaking of the '52' and '48' percentages, let us not forget this recent imagery from the United Kingdom's ad for the 'Invictus Games'.

Notice the number 239 on the U.S. runner; the United States is 239-years old.  Also notice the 223 runner for Britian, the 'Masonic' number.  239 is the 52nd prime and 223 is the 48th prime.

'223' was front and center at the Invictus Games as well.


  1. Zach check out Martin Rowson picture Of the Brexit before and after believe you were looking for it its on Gaurdian Opinion

  2. And sometimes it's all about rebuilding depleted funds in times of deficit. Though the numerological wizardry of high finance escapes most observers. This civil war that is occurring in the upper echelons of world banking is not without its casualties.

    "World's 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion on Brexit: Chart"

  3. Oh, nothing, just the usual numbers please.

    William Oliver Healey -- 216/99/2292

    Ben Howlett MP -- 153/54/1320

    khembe -- 44/26/60

    Taryn Harding -- 139/67/770

    Louisa Compton -- 173/56/703

  4. The British are leaving! The British are leaving!---424