Tuesday, June 28, 2016

50 106 | 50 Killed, 106 Injured in Turkey blast (Reporting by the numbers up to the final toll of 36, 147)

Of course '106'.

This is just for documentation.


  1. Fifty killed = 56, 119
    Fifty killed one hundred six injured = 162,171,360
    One hundred six injured = 106, 241(53rd prime)

  2. The 147 reminds me of France = 47. and England = 147 shock exit from the Euro's.

    If im correct about the rest of the tournament France will be knocked out by Germany on a date with 50 numerology, France's coach also has 106 draws in his career to date and will lose on 33 Wins.

    Bomb = 38

    1. Sorry Meant to put - Germany = 38 not Bomb.

      Germany = 38
      Death = 38

    2. Will also be the 28th game between the two nations.

      28th Prime = 107 (Shooting)
      Turkey = 28

      July Seventh = 44 (Shooting)

      I know for a fact 7/7 is significant as well, London bombings happened on 7/7. The 77 has some significance to death and terror attacks but i cant remember the link - sure someone will enlighten me!

    3. 77 is Oz/unreal.

      28 relates to the moon, and menstruation, the 28 day cycle is 4×7=28
      4 weeks
      7 days in a week

    4. Portugal>Poland.

      That's what you have JMontz?

    5. Im torn between a Portugal/Belgium on the other side of bracket, to play France in Final.

    6. It is what i have at the moment, however i need to do some more work on Italy. I don't think they will reach the final, but you cant over look the fact Germany have never beaten them in a tournament, cant see much to suggest that record will be broken yet.

      If France make it to the finals with two wins, Deschamps will have 226 managerial wins. European Championship = 226... Prince Roger Nelson = 226.

      I made a mistake on Germanys coach i thought if they made the final it would be his 137th game in charge but his 137th game will actually be against France.

      If France Beat Iceland they will enter that game with there coach on 33 wins and Germanys coaches 137th game. 137th Prime is 33.

      That could go either way, however i have a feeling Germany could progress against Italy in extra time or penalties which means there coach would also have Ninety wins going into his 137th game against France. Both numbers connect back to 33.

      If im honest i dont see to much going for Belgium compared to Portugal - Other than them being the only team with 33 numerology and the final being on that date..

      80 days from Princes death to the final. Eighty = 38.

      Germany + Portugal the only two teams with 38 numerology.

      Im still leaning towards Portugal v France - but if im honest its all just a web of numbers without anything to clear cut. The only thing im positive on is Portugal beating Poland haha

  3. As usual when u look at the pictures the story being told does not mature up with the images. Blood and body parts everywhere? Everything is so oddly tidy the fallen tiles and shattered glass are in little piles that just look so staged, and no one seems all that hysterical except for a few hugging photos with scrunched up faces simulating years while smirking.

    I noticed this one image they keep showing contains a large billboard says, "Our Lounge in Istanbul is bigger than some airports" maybe somebody could run those numbers it strikes me as significant but I'm not sure why.

    1. That should read match up not mature and tears not years, sorry my phones autocorrect needs to be slapped. I tried to get rid of it but nothing works