Tuesday, June 28, 2016

82 217 | Terror in Turkey, June 28, 2016 CNN frontage headline (GOP Convention?)

The headline points to July 21 (21/7) potentially, the final day of the GOP Convention in Cleveland, OH.

Barack Hussein Obama = 64/82

The Republican Convention will conclude in 23-days, July 21, 2016.


  1. Trump reminds me a lot of Malcom X. I know, I know, seems a bit odd, but both men were loud and proud, both men were opposed by the estbalishments which raised them up, and both are anti-agenda puppets. I would not be susurprised if Trump was taken down, it would be by a

    Radical Republican---149 or

    Republican Extremist- 1404

    Maybe I just see things. From X's death to election day is 18,888 days. I keep thinking the 7-11 is really a 11-7. A hit the day before the election would certainly throw a thousand monkey wrenches into the gears of democracy.

    1. From the day he flubbed and said 7/11 to 11/7 is 202 days, 6 months 19 days. That may be the 619 we've been looking for.

    2. Fun with Numbers:

      From the Publication of Frankenstien, 3-11-1818(Fun Date) to the birth of Donald Trump, 6-14-1946;

      46946 Days
      128 years, 3 months, 3 days
      6692 weeks, 2 days


      From that Publication Date to the above GOP trying to kill the Monster article on 3/3/2016

      72,311 Days
      198 years, 11 months, 21 days
      10,330 weeks, 1 Day

      From Trumps Birth to that Article Date

      25,465 Days
      69 years, 8 months, 18 days
      3637 weeks, 6 days
      But check the minutes
      36,669,60 ;)

      From that article to 7-11 is 4 months 8 days
      From that srticle to 11-7 is 8 months 4 days

    3. Gop---117

      Gop V Trump--148, 888

      Gop Kills Trump---189(Does the S exception make that 171? I never use it...)

      Gop Kill Trump---170

      Gop Dump Trump- -180, 1080, 881(J)

      Dump Trumps Body---207, 131J(The Number Seven;)

      Independent Trump---1188

    4. Trump exit Gop---203, 1091(J)

      Trexit---96, 594J (Freemason=96, Terrorist=594J)


    5. Did I forget where all this came from?
      Frankensteins Monster---911(J)

    6. Oh, you must look at this:


      An article from yesterday about the first film adaptation of Frankenstein in 1910


    7. 106 years also stands out: 2016 - 1910 = 106

      The Very First Film Adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a Thomas Edison Production (1910) -- 924/366/4730

      J. Searle Dawley -- 140 SE 50 ER 2131 JE

    8. From the date of this article 2/28/2016 from 3/3/2016 is 117 days.

    9. Thanks Ed, it isn't hard to see how Trump and Frankenstein fit like perfect puzzle pieces. That 1910 matches the 911 of Frankensteins Monster. The 106 years is great. And I was thinking of how Trump is a Golem=52, 112J, that 112 matches the upcoming Truxit I think is coming. The convention will be interesting.

    10. Funny that DeNiro keeps popping up too, he playes the Monster 26 years ago in the 94 remake, and is, of course, the Taxi Driver.

    11. From 2-18-16 to our first focus date of 7-11-16 is 19 weeks 1 day

      From 2-18-16 to our second date of 11-7-16 is 253 days.


    12. If we could find a video of Trump singing "Putting on the Ritz" while wearing a tux, I think that would seal the narrative. But this is the closest I could find:


      Lots of interesting numbers in that story:

      The story is from 3/18/1997 which is 77 days since start of year 288 days til end of year

      3/18/1997 - 3+18+19+97 = 137
      3/18/1997 - 3+18+1+9+9+7 = 47
      3/18/1997 - 3+1+8+1+9+9+7 = 38
      3/18/97 - 3+18+97 = 118

      more scary numbers

      33 hotels
      40 Wall -- 52/16/945
      Peter Grant -- 124/52/478
      Ritz-Carlton -- 156/57/983

      From 3/18/1997 to 2/28/2016 is 1006 weeks exactly, kind of a take on prophecy

      So, whatever.

    13. Funny that you say that, as Trump publicly boycotted the makers of Oreos(Ritz too), last Thanksgiving for closing factories is the US and moving to Mexico. So Trump is putting OFF the Ritz.

    14. Putting Off the Ritz---240, 1440, 1380(J)

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    16. Also, Peter Boyle, the original ritzy monster, co-stared in Taxi Driver. Now the circle is complete

      He died on a date of 12/12/2006, 55 days after his birthday

      Putting on the Ritz -- 242/89/1408