Monday, June 27, 2016

33 43 71 106 144 | 'Blacks still far behind whites in wealth and income', CNN reporting, June 27, 2016

6/27 = 6+27 = 33
Race War = 9+1+3+5+5+1+9 = 33

Black and White = 113 (Simple English) (English Ordinal)

Civil War = 43
Prophecy = 106 (Numbers coded into race war Charleston Church shooting and more)

The use of $71k and $144k for the reporting on white folks is interesting....

Forty-Four = 144
Seventy-One = 144

These other numbers standout as well, but it truly does seem these stats in these mainstream articles are always contrived by the numbers, as the rule, not the exception.  I've documented such things several times prior.


  1. The rhetoric is insane. Sure, if you go for 'degrees' like underwater basket weaving or "Black" or "Black Women's" or "Women's" studies, I wouldn't see these degrees bringing in the money like say... a legal, financial and/or even some business degrees. "A college education is a college education."... back to the "Living Wage" nonsense. One should NEVER make as much flipping burgers as someone who performs brain surgery. Sorry, just how it is.
    That says, my statement isn't even addressing the gematria issue of propagating such media tripe, but it is what it is, I guess.

    1. True, I just went to the actual report of the study:

      And found no apples to apples comparisons. What they don't report is how many people held STEM degrees or how many held Gender Studies degrees, they just report meaningless degree to degree comparisons.

      That's normal for income disparity reports. They never compare degrees, time served in one company, experience level or any thing that would be useful.

    2. Exactly. These "studies" are all social studies/social 'justice'/"income equality" actual divisive hogwash.
      Until everyone calls them what they really are instead of just nodding their sleepy heads in compliance and agreement without engaging what little bit of intelligence they *might* have, we are doomed.