Saturday, June 25, 2016

39 42 43 68 97 105 167 | Gunmen raid hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, June 25, 2016

This has been going on since the Paris attack, stories of African hotels being attacked by gunmen.

167, 39th prime.

The name of the hotel has some familiar gematria as well.

Zionism = 42; Masonry = 42; Freemason = 42; War = 42
Zionism = 105; Masonry = 105

Perhaps it is all a tribute to the ongoing Civil War there, ongoing since 1991.

Todays is George Orwell's birthday.  The Korean Civil War once began on his birthday.


  1. The reporters are as fake as the stories:

    Omar -- 47/20/161
    Nor -- 47/20/170
    Omar Nor -- 94/40/331

    Ray -- 44/17/481
    Sanchez -- 76/31/647
    Ray Sanchez -- 120/48/1128

  2. Yeh -- there's no ACTUAL "story" here at all. Can't even call CNN "ambulance chasers" -- they only MENTIONED a video clip of AN ambulance ... & that was on Twitter. ANYBODY could probably get similar footage on a Saturday night in Chicago, lol! ALL that dramatic hyperbole about "storming gunmen, explosive blasts, sirens blaring", etc. -- resulting in ... "AN ambulance" that sped away ... lol. No more singing "One Tin Soldier Walked Away" ... NOW we've got: "One Lone Ambulance Sped Away" ... Uh oh ... I feel a Classic Hit Rap Song Rip-Off coming on ... This could be GOLDEN baby -- it'll rocket to da top a da charts! (... I think their bullshit might be affecting my brain a bit ...)

    Seriously though -- this must contain a message that needed to be disseminated to a far flung group. The hotel name alone is ridiculous. The best anagrams for NASO HOBLOD I've spotted so far: AS ON H-BLOOD ... & ... A SON -- or -- SON "A" ... H-BLOOD. Perhaps H-BLOOD = HUMAN BLOOD -- or -- the "HAPLOGROUP" OF A "BLOODLINE". SON "A" would imply there is at least one OTHER "SON" ...

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if this dinky story was actually discussing THE ROYAL BLOODLINE ... & POTENTIAL HEIRS TO THE THRONE?! (As we now know -- CNN only covers What's Relevant To THEIR Interests ... & the brewing chaos in the UK is at the TOP of THAT list!!) Just some food for thought ...

    BUT ... it was "AN Ambulance" that carried Princess Diana away ... 19 YEARS AGO this coming 8/31 ...

    AND ... Accounting for time zone differences, this "event" appears to have "occurred" when it was ACTUALLY Yesterday -- FRIDAY , 6/24/16 -- HERE in America. Diana's 55th Birthday (would have been) This Coming FRIDAY ... 7/1/16 ... 7 Days AFTER the "Twitter Video" (that Had NO Reports Of Casualties ...)

    I counted 7 words in the article that began with the Letter G ... 1 - "gate"; 2 - "government"; 5 - "gun" (or words beginning with it). It opens with "Gunmen" & closes with "Gunfire". G = 7.

    Coincidence? Lol ;D :D