Saturday, June 25, 2016

33 67 82 | Ben Simmons cousin killed two days after attending draft with #1 overall pick, June 25, 2016, Philadelphia murder streak continues

I knew Ben Simmons face looked bewildered after being selected number one overall in the NBA Draft, June 23, 2016.  These blood sacrifices as initiation to the league are real.

The date was right for a blood sacrifice, coming just two days after the NBA Draft.  Notice the victim attended it.  His picture is below.

6/25/2016 = 6+25+20+16 = 67 (Blood Sacrifice) (Zachary Simmons)

Notice the cousin of of Ben Simmons was killed at 3:30 AM in Hoboken, New Jersey.  He was killed by a "Black SUV".

Hoboken = 8+6+2+6+2+5+5 = 34 (Murder) (One)
New Jersey = 5+5+5+1+5+9+1+5+7 = 43/52
Hoboken, New Jersey = 77/86

Hoboken = 8+15+2+15+11+5+14 = 70
New Jersey = 14+5+23+10+5+18+19+5+25 = 124
Hoboken, New Jersey = 194

The name Zachary Simmons was fitting for an NBA sacrifice.

Zachary = 8+1+3+8+1+9+7 = 37
Simmons = 1+9+4+4+6+5+1 = 30/39/48
Zachary Simmons = 67/76/85 (Basketball = 85) (Blood Sacrifice = 67/76)

Zachary = 26+1+3+8+1+18+25 = 82 (82 Games in NBA Season)
Simmons = 19+9+13+13+15+14+19 = 104
Zachary Simmons = 186

Let us decode the mother's name as well.  I would like to talk to the mother.

Monique = 4+6+5+9+8+3+5 = 40
Steele = 1+2+5+5+3+5 = 21/30
Monique Steele = 61/70

Monique = 13+15+14+9+17+21+5 = 94
Steele = 19+20+5+5+12+5 = 66
Monique Steele = 160

For those who say all of these deaths are faked, where would this little cousin go to?  What is his incentive to fake his death?  As I continue to point out, so many of these top picks lose a family member when they join the league, here is another.


  1. Cousin=81
    Zachary Simmons initials Z.S. breakdown to 8.1.

    In 1981 it was the 76ers 33rd year in the NBA.

    1. The 1981 Chicago Cubs season was the 110th season of the Chicago Cubs franchise, the 106th in the National League and the 66th at Wrigley Field.

      Cubs play the Astros 3 more times this year which would make 711 games played between them all time.

      Houston Astros=204
      Seventy Sixers=204

    2. Find any Hoboken NJ connections yet?

  2. This kid might have a great NBA career then. I play NBA 2K and in my career their is a storyline where your best friend dies and you become successful maybe samething will happen for Ben.

    1. That's a storyline in the game? Ha. And Steve, most of these guys lose a family member when they go to the league, for a lot of them nothing happens. It is about loyalty. If you can keep it on wraps your family member has been killed for your place in pro sports, you can keep it on wraps that you play in a scripted league.

  3. Zach would love to see you do a post about how gematria and numerology link in to yourself and events that have happened to you. I will be interested if it holds true for everyone or just a select few.

    Me for instance.. I woke up and found your blog this year, we've seen how significant the number 41 has been so far this year and as you say probably because King = 41 and the Kinging of Charles. The reason i bring it up is because i think its no coincidence that it was this year i became enlightened.

    My Name sums to 41.
    I was born on the 14th day of the year. Fourteen = 41 14 the reflection of 41.
    The street i grew up on = 41
    I left that home 13 years ago. 13th prime = 41
    When i was 13 i royally fucked my knee up which ended a sporting career and changed my whole life.
    I met my ex which started this process on a date with 41 numerology.

    My lucky number for some reason has always been 36 no idea why. From my birthday to my mothers is 36 days..

    My brother is 10 years older than me and has known about this for a while and has listened to a lot of people talking about numerology and has a very in depth knowledge of things. However he never knew Gematria.

    Im currently 23 and he is 33. Significant numbers, generally seems that the universe has steered me into this direction.

    Im so intrigued to see if other people can find similar connections to there past and present?

  4. I know its of topic again but a while ago you did a post about how you thought 2016 was the year of freemasonry.

    I remember you connecting freemasonry to the year but can't seem to find the blog could you link me to it up just post the numbers one more time for me?

    Cheers zach.

    1. Was it this one?

    2. No i found that one, it was a few months ago during the NBA Play offs.

      If i remember you linked the word Freemason into 2016 somehow might have been a prime number?

    3. It is this.

      Freemason = 307 (Jewish)
      307 is the 63rd prime number
      When you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.

      And I do have posts on myself jmontz, use the search.

  5. Wow an early blood sacrifice for Simmons ... looks like the Jews have big things planned for him already ...

    1. Not sure I agree -- for example, Michael Jordan's father was sacrificed well after Jordan joined the league ...

    2. But Bias was sacrificed so Jordan could be Jordan. Zach explains this in a couple posts and videos

    3. Ongoing sacrifices. How could you even start to make an argument? Did you miss all the deaths covered just in the time of the NBA Finals?

  6. I was listening to a John Keel talk about the UFO and MIB phenomenon and he mentioned that they has reports during Vietnam of these Men in Black showing up at the houses if parents of soldiers and telling them their son had been killed only to find out later that they were fine. It seems these headgames have been going on a long time.

  7. The thing about this dudes cousin, when u say where would he go to, I would say how do I know he ever existed in the first place? I see an article about him supposedly dying and a picture but that's all the proof offered and it's not enough IMO. Esp as its coming from the media who have zero credibility with me anyway.

    Kanye West has some new video out showing him in sleeping naked in a bed with all these other famous people like Taylor Swift etc.. apparently done using lookalikes and digital fuckery. If they can do it for artistic purposes they can also do it and you know they do, for day to day newz stories.

    1. What is real is the body language on these athletes when they're getting drafted. I was telling my girlfriend that we might read about a death in accordance with this man being drafted 27-days before his birthday, and the way his face looked as he was selected #1.

    2. V True body language is telling but the thing is we aren't in the same room with this guy we r watching him on a screen and that means
      1. we cannot know when it was recorded just because they say it's live doesn't mean it is and most likely it isnt.
      2. We can't know if the sequence of the scene is correct, it might look as if its flowing all in one take but it could have and most probably was edited before we see it on our tv screens which means it probably had many takes and compilation put together. Everything on tv is edited! There arent any mistakes shown if u see a mistake it was put there prob in order to cast doubt. He could have had that reaction by being told anything think of all the hidden camera prank shows that show us the honest reactions of people who are being fucked with. Their reactions are truthful but once they have been recorded then that image can be manipulated easily.

  8. Ben/Been

    Interesting name. Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of Michael Jackson's depth, and June 24th was St. Johns day apparently a lot of UFO researchers have dyed on that date. Lots of craziness going on.
    Last night we had this bizarre heat lighting storm. The night sky was filled with these crazy looking red and purple clouds that looked almost square and these silent flashes of lighting were pulsing reminded me of strobe lights just did not look normal at all. It went on for over an hour v intense.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Mike Manning is not allowed to post here, but this is what he had to say, "Arizona is winning college WS, book it"

    2. It makes sense for Arizona to win though with all of these Carolina teams losing in the last game such as college basketball, pro football, college football, and Curry's connection to Carolina.

  10. If you gotta go---161, 966

    Go with a smile--141, 846

    302, 1812


  11. This shit is sick and frustrating at the same time.

  12. simmons didn't work out for 76ers in fact he didn't want to be drafted by philly. A few months back Nike wanted to cut his deal if he did t go #1