Thursday, June 30, 2016

44 | Istanbul Airport attack death toll rises to 44, June 30, 2016 +Russia & ISIS are connected in attack

Recall how the mainstream was making the argument that Russia was on the wrong side of the ISIS fight.  Now, they're linking Russia and ISIS.  The comical narrative gets funnier.

With regards to the death toll rising to '44' Dar has this contribution to make.

Bergen = 33

Peter, Peter, propaganda feeder.


  1. There is something going on with that 283, total number of victims. They swabbed the MH-17 site and found 283 DNA Samples. Private gun carries stopped 283 potential victims in 2015. For awhile the American's killed in mass shootings hung around 283, I think it was pre-Orlando. In the late 80s, developers near Warsaw discovered 283 victims of the Nazis in a mass grave site.


  2. And how about the

    One Armed Isis Commander Eyed---256, 1070(J), as the mastermind behind Istanbul? One Armed man Eyed? Nice wording.

    Armed One Eye--110, 660, 625

    One Eye Commander--155, 930
    The One Eye Commander--188
    One Eye Commands--151, 906
    Arm of the One Eye--155, 930
    One Arm of the One Eye---880(J)