Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016, CNN calls Brexit "biggest step backwards since World War II"

World War is a buzz word with Brexit and now Regrexit.


  1. You might remember Christine Legardes speech in 2014 about the number 7? We'll get this, Brexit comes 7 years 7 months 7 weeks and 7 days after September 29th 2008. What is the significance of that date you ask? It was the day the Dow fell 777 points.. Boom!

    1. The Dow falling 777 points on that day also represented a 7% loss for the stock...

    2. The vote also came 4,004 days after the 7/7/2005 bombings.

  2. Houston Independence Day Attack---296, 1776, 1378J

    Houston Texas Independence Day Attack---365

    Texan Independence- --666J

    This 4th has great date numerology for an attack.

    4/7/16=27(we've been seeing those)

    Don't be surprised. Texas seems prime. Marketing wise, it would be good business to have an attack in Houston that they can spend 9 months "rebuilding" before the SuperBowl. This on top of the Craigslist ads for crisis actors in Texas, seems to point there.

    Space City- -101, 606

    Screwston---186(On a Leap the 4th is day 186)

    Houston has a Problem---222

  3. It will be 4 months 2 days on the fourth since Texas Independence Day on 3-2. Which is a fun 124 days to match the 240th celebration. From 3-2 to 7-4 is also a lovely 33.88% of one year.

    1. The Big Heart---103, 618, *325*

      Big Heart---70, *420*, 212

    2. The Big Heart Attacked---168, 1008, 549J(Sixteen)

    3. Being the 4th largest city in the US and the biggest in Texas, an attack on the 4th makes since to me 4×4=16. Lots of heart symbolism with dying drummers and horses, failing engines, etc, and the Big Heart might be a big 4 chambered Heart.

      Big Heart of Texas---160, 960, 764J

    4. Houston 4th most populated
      Chicago 4th biggest(sq. Miles)

      Which would also fit a Cubs/Stros WS, but sometimes you see what you wanna see.

    5. The 4th is also 33 weeks 3 days since Gay Pari.

      The distance from Paris to Houston is 4516 miles, 4+5+1+6=16. Or 4+5(9) for a 916.

      In one of our favorite years, 1984, a 147 minute movie was filmed in Houston called Paris, Texas, which went on to win major awards at Cannes, back to France.

      Rabbithole leads to Paris, TX being mentioned in the W.H. Davies cult classic Autobiography of a Super Tramp, on page 123 of all places.

      Autobiography of a Super Tramp--360, 2160, 1844J

    6. Should be a The at the start if that title, ladies and gents.

    7. Paris Texas---736J---Conspiracy

      Maybe I am wrong.

  4. The roller coaster named Tsunami derails in Scotland