Sunday, June 26, 2016

39 93 44 191 | Ben Simmons announced he signed a $20m contract with Nike, June 22, 2016 (Death of Cousin Related)

Jimmy Fallon is Catholic.  Recall the connections between the 'Society of Jesus', aka the 'Jesuit Order', and what has been reported in the world of basketball this year, from 'college' to 'NBA'.  Villanova, the school outside of Philadelphia, won the College B-Ball Championship 191-days after the Pope left the United States, through Philadelphia, where Ben Simmons has just been drafted to.  The day the Pope left, was also the Jesuit Order's birthday, and he is the first Jesuit Pope.  That day was September 27, 2015.

Ben Simmons announced on June 22, 2016, the day before the draft, that he signed a $20-million dollar deal with Nike, a day before the draft.  Keep in mind Nike is in their 44th year of being a company, and LeBron James signed a lifetime contract with them on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2015.  Also, Ben Simmons said he has been talking to LeBron as his counsel.

6/22/16 = 6+22+16 = 44
*Think about the 33-days pope who died on a date with '44' numerology:

Read about 'King James', the 'Chosen One', and his $44m contract here:

Notice the score and clock, 22-22, for a sum of 44 at 4.4 left in the first quarter.

King James = 35/44/53/89

Also, remember what I said about LeBron James winning the NBA Finals with 93-points, in regards to his relationship with Nike:

Remember, Saturn is the keeper of time.  This year the Cavs defeated the Warriors in their 44th year of being in Golden State.

When you sign these big contracts with these masonic entities, you sign away your own life, as well as the lives of the people around you.

And what did I say about these athletes being dressed up like Barbie dolls?  What are the odds of Carmelo and Ben Simmons wearing the same outfit on the same show?  Those colors clearly signify Cleveland.  Carmelo was on the show on May 19, 2016, 34-days before Ben Simmons.  May 19 was also the date LeBron recorded his triple double against Toronto in the Conference Finals.“fallon”-lebron-james-jr


  1. Just something random I just found..

    In Revelation 3:7(NIV), referencing the words to be written to the church in Philadelphia about he who holds the Key of David.

    "What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open." in the English Reduction system equals 216

    1. Zach, please see check out your email sir. I sent new info about Charleston.

  2. He's wearing an Omega symbol on his shirt; also looks like an all seeing eye.

    Omega = 41 SE, 23 Pythagorean, and 93 Jewish!

    Also, Omega is a brand of watch, just like Invicta. Huh.

  3. Jesuit Order
    orange juice/Jews
    Perhaps the Jesuit's consider themselves the real jews? Jesus the carpenter/freemasonry was supposed to have been a jew.
    Homer J Simpson
    Donald J Trump

  4. The three black stripes on the sleeves stand out the most kind of like one of the jackets Lebron wore during the finals it must be uniform for the gang the pope even wears stripes

  5. The length of this interview on YouTube is 4:41 lol

  6. i guess it really true that you have to sacrifice sonething when you sign them big contracts

    So Ben Simmons cousin died just like carmelo sister now Lebron I'm not sure who died in close relation to him

    I heard a lot of stories about these entertainers like how the money isn't really there's its crazy when you start to find out the truth

  7. Someone asked about the College World Series. I think Arizona wins.
    Arizona is in the 112th season to go with the 112th MLB World Series.

    Their coach coach Jay Johnson is in his first year as the coach. We saw Tyrone Lue win the Finals in his first year, the same as steve Kerr last year.

    Jay johnson = 131, 41
    Championship = 131

  8. I'm waiting for Gloria James or one of his sons to go.

    1. Well his dad wasn't around so maybe that was the sacrifice. Along with the world knowing his Mom was banging a dude in the front office.

  9. The dummy at the end of the footlocker commercial is supposed to be his cousin that just died. That's why it said life before it got real.

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  11. Is melo getting sanctified in rio going for a record 3rd gold medal ?


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