Wednesday, June 29, 2016

51 87 139 221 | ESPN reports record $87m guaranteed, up to $139 for Andrew Luck, June 29, 2016

National Football League = 85
Buddy Ryan dead at 85

"God isn't worth that."  That phrase has a connection to the upcoming Super Bowl, 221-days from the signing of the contract.

A Pro Bowl defensive player, eh?  Thanks for narrowing it down.

The mainstream media is the least credible thing in existence on all front, news to sports.

And the dollar figure of $139m being reported here stands out; Freemasonry = 139

I remember when the local Masons opened the MNF in Indianapolis last year.

Indianapolis = 123 = Conspiracy
Houston Texans = 51 = Conspiracy

6/29/16 = 6+29+16 = 51 (Date of contract)

All the recent tributes in Texans and Colts games.

Bringing LeBron and Luck into the same conversation.  LeBron, fresh off a championship.

Seahawks = 1+5+1+8+1+5+2+1 = 24 ($24m guaranteed)
Hero = 8+5+18+15 = 46

Andrew and Eli?  Ha!  I'll remember this photo.

12 10, but in the shot it reads 120 with a quick glance, the 1 is hardly showing.

Illuminati = 120 (Game 7 of NBA Finals 2016 was 120th Warriors and Cavs game all-time)
Revelation = 121

It's funny it was between Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers, because Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers were involved in a draft day trade, after Archie Manning pitched a fit about his son playing for the Chargers, getting him sent to the New York Giants.

That was 2004, 12-years ago, and nearly 13 by the time the Super Bowl rolls around.


  1. "total of $47 million guaranteed at signing and $44 million cash paid out in 2016"

    "44" million cash in 2016.....

    foreshadowing a super bowl loss?

  2. He got paid, he can lose the Superbowl now.

  3. Eli and Andrew born 8 years 8 months 8 days apart.

    1. "The book of Eli"
      ole miss investigation by NCAA
      Dolphins #12 draft pick Tunsil
      Arizona controversial pick Robert Nkemdiche
      Minnesota Laquan tredwell

      These stories all signal attention on Eli this football season.

  4. The Giants will be the dominant team so that the suckers can bet against luck. Bill Parcells better watch himself I think his time is up!

  5. @Zack
    For some reason ESPN is bringing up Ernest Byners "The Fumble" , and he's all over sports radio talking about it. After all these years I just noticed he wore #44 lol

    1. Ernest Byner or Jim Brown are two possible sacrifices for the Cav's championship I've been looking at. My bet is on Jim Brown.

  6. That first picture is picture perfect. Look at the dude behind Luck, you can see his 1, plus Luck's numbers 12 = 112. Houston/Andrew Luck/Horseshoe.

    Colts @ houston 10/16/2016 to the date of superbowl 2/5/2017 = 112 days

    If the colts go 10-6, it'll give them 51 wins since Pagano took over and when they drafted Luck.