Saturday, June 25, 2016

45 | May 9, 2016, David Cameron warns of 'WWIII' with Brexit, 45-days before 'Leave' vote wins

From the date of his remarks on Brexit causing WWIII, to the 'leave' vote of June 23, 2016, was 45-days.

6/23/16 = 6+23+16 = 45
Leave = 12+5+1+22+5 = 45

Remember, 'Jo Cox' died in 'Leeds' a week before the vote.

Leeds = 12+5+5+4+19 = 45

Call it a "coincidence".  The script was in.

World War =5+6+9+3+4+5+1+9 = 42
World War 3... 42+3?


  1. The Jo Cox story is a Red Dawn reference I think.
    Roosters announce the dawn by crowing
    Jo Cox croaked (el jokeo) one week before the Brexit as a harbinger.

    Red Dawns seem to be about forcing people to make a choice, this or that, go or stay, your side my side, while pumping up both sides and throwing out warnings/talking shit like a big pep rally. It's like a forced bonding, pick your side right now! what they don't like from what i have observed is neutrality or apathy.
    Plus, the name Jo goes along with the O trend OrlandO, etc which call me crazy but I'm thinking might have something to do with blood groups
    O A B AB
    BArAck OBAmA

    1. Prunella, I think you are on to something with the blood groups. Apparently all US presidents have Rh negative blood and are all related.

      "Since we know that the United States of America, is the a D.C. corporation, owned by the ‘Crown’ of England and the fact that this country has been ruled by Maritime law under the “Holy See” of the Vatican, it is not a too far stretch at all to understand that every single appointment of U.S. Presidents are related and carry only a negative blood type traced back to the ancestral Royal bloodlines."


      who is Rh-?

    2. Thank u for the links, I will read them. Blood, breeding, bonds it makes sense as that was what was important to royalty. Everytime I see one of those blood mobile vans I have to wonder why we plenty r urged ceaselessly to donate. What r they doing with all that blood? I know it isn't for us.
      After the Orlando showting they were working the donate blood angle hard.

    3. I never bought into the idea that babies need to be painfully picked on the foot for a blood sample (within 24-30 hours of birth in Michigan, wtf, they test for 50 different things!)

      I'm sure they are getting all kinds of dna info that's not on the list. They used to test blood when getting married, probably missed too many people so changed it to babies.

      PDF, page 41 has list of heel stick tests in Michigan

    4. The rh factor is interesting. I didnt know much about all that sruff. Positive and negative just like a battery.

    5. They drink our blood and in some cases they take our children. Feed the beast!

  2. when do you guys think ww3 it gunna take place and for the nwo?

    1. Jake,
      Given that Cameron misjudged the referendum result as badly as he did, (and he definitely did) I wouldn't take what he says at any enlightened value. WW3 is not necessary. The World can be equalized by somewhat peaceful means although perhaps not without some hardships and growing pains.

    2. Reid, it is all a script. There is no misjudging. You're witnessing an act.

  3. After reading that blog entry it seems the next step is too look into the number 45 itself. These days anytime 45 comes up we must think it ties into the next President.

    Forty Five =126. WW Three=612. The 45th Prime Number is 193, and the 193rd day is 7/11. A date I believe F2FT has targeted.

    As I check my notes - I don't have anything penciled in for that date, but I do have 7/7 of 2016 as a Hot Date.....its possible 7/11 could mean 7x11=77 =July 7th.

    In any case I do think there is something to Cameron calling for WW3. Great find & post by Zach.

    1. 45 is a 9, Final, completion. I get the feeling we are headed towards the last Prez or no Prez at all.

    2. 193 is the 44th prime number. 197 is the 45th prime. Maestro, be accurate!

    3. President
      I Pressed ten
      The press