Wednesday, June 29, 2016

54 108 223 | CWS finale between Arizona and Coastal Carolina delayed for 2-hours, 23-minutes (Start time hints at Coastal Carolina)

5-4 is a good score for a 'baseball' game.  Notice the Chaticleers had 54-wins on the season.

Baseball = 18/27/54

Notice further the start time is at 1:08 tomorrow, a lot like their team name.

Coastal Carolina = 54
Chanticleers = 54

You have to also appreciate the 2 hour 23 minute rain delay.

Masonic = 223
The Synagogue of Satan = 223

Remember, '108' and '223' are the numbers that I used to predict the Cubs would win the World Series this year, ending the 'Curse of the Billy Goat'.

Lighting and thunder?  These people love their symbolism.

Remember to checkout, Brother Berg tipped me off to the reporting of the 2 hours 23 minute rain delay.