Monday, June 27, 2016

58 229 | Just stay? Vote again? Brexit headlines continue

Some numbers in the headlines, '229', as we've seen in the recent 'Invictus' coding, and '58' for 'freemasonry'.  Again, 229 is the 50th prime, and this vote was synched with Cameron's upcoming 50th birthday.


  1. Cameron's excuse for leaving never made sense -- but now it's clear. The Masses are being steered towards panic -- heightened by the perception that he's JUMPING SHIP ... that HE can "Exit" -- but THEY CAN'T. Reporting at the same time about renovations to the SHIP -- "QUEEN MARY" is meant to subliminally encourage that "TRAIN" OF THOUGHT ... which is being DRIVEN in further via coverage of Trump in SCOTLAND. "MARY - QUEEN OF SCOTS" had her Head Chopped Off on orders from QUEEN ELIZABETH I. But the populace won't NEED to sit down & "suss all that out" (as they say in the UK) -- THEIR BRAINS WILL DO IT FOR THEM.

    Cameron's Relation -- the SCOTS-born DR. EWAN CAMERON would be Extremely Proud to see HIS METHODS so widely (& effectively) being put to use. His "PSYCHIC DRIVING" techniques are a FAVORITE FORM OF "TORTURE". As Prunella recently mentioned, playing incessant Bluegrass Music -- especially that of RALPH STANLEY (who died on June 23 -- "Brexit Day"!) is how Captured "Insurgents" are TORTURED (hands bound, a helmet is strapped on them, & the music played -- Uncomfortably Loud -- sometimes for DAYS or WEEKS(?) -- without ANY interruption. THIS TACTIC IS AN EXACT DUPLICATION OF "DR." CAMERON'S TECHNIQUES. Recall "The Donald's" Orlando speech calling for MORE TORTURE? It's being delivered as we speak.

    For those who don't already know, "DR." CAMERON's "research" at MCGILL UNIVERSITY in Canada was funded by the CIA. The atrocities committed there are recognized as being "far worse than those of the Nazi camps" -- yet he is lauded in PSY-CHI-A-TRIC Circles for his "genius". Reading up on him is A VALUABLE LESSON.

    A Close -- though less PUBLICLY known -- Colleague (C C) of DR. CAMERON'S at McGill was DR. DONALD O. HEBB -- BORN: 7 / 22 / 1904 ; Died: 9 / 8/ 67) -- equally anti-human in his philosophies & methods (read up on him too). His "greatest contribution to Neuroscience" was the 1949 book, "ORGANIZATION OF BEHAVIOR". (It's most-repeated quote is: "Neurons That Fire Together, Wire Together".) He enjoyed experimenting with ISOLATION & SENSORY DEPRIVATION -- "Useful Tools" that could COMPLETELY REMOVE A PERSON'S PSYCHE (& Memories) ... so that A NEW PSYCHE could REPLACE IT. However, he seldom "finished the job" -- leaving countless people simply "STRIPPED" ... (Or was that always his intent?).

    HEBB'S 1st of 3 wives "Died in a car accident on his 29th Birthday -- 7 / 22 / 1933"!

    "Donald O. Hebb" sounds MUCH like Department Of Homeland Security (DOHS - add the "S" to describe "Hebb'S Law" & Hebb'S Theory") -- not a good omen ... especially given the FACT that they OPENLY follow his "Belief System".

    HEBB'S wiki page (which downplays his work for the CIA) ends with a Bizarre list of "KNOWN STUDENTS". (Cameron has no such list -- I'd wager some of these could more appropriately be labeled "Projects"). Consider names such as these:

    "DONALD FORGAYS" (#6) ; LILLIAN GHENT "BRAIN" (#2) ; SETH "SHARPLESS" (#23). There's also a MICHAEL POSNER (familiar Sandy Hook name!) & a LYNN NADEL ("Nadel" was the name of the (1st) Ft. Hood "shooter" -- who was an ARMY PSYCHIATRIST ...).

    It's all a giant LINGUISTIC WORD GAME -- played out to conceal the DRIVE towards ECW ... EUGENIC-CENTRIC WELTANSCHAUUNG" (Eugenics-Based "World View Of An Individual Or Group") ... ECW also = European CommonWealth. ;D ;D

    1. Well, I could be reading for days, but you don't have to convince me that psychiatry is a political tool. You just diagnose your enemies as having a clinical problem. Thus if you disagree with any of the social program, you are diagnosed as "phobic".

      This was seen in the Soviet Union where political dissidents were routinely declared mentally ill and sent somewhere nice for treatment.

      I imagine psychiatry has been used a political tool from the beginning. It would be interesting to study the government connections of Freud, Jung and others. I bet we'd find some.

  2. Hell yeah -- you know the Think Tank Set are enamored with Nietsche, Jung, Freud, Hegel, ad nauseum. They REALLY love BARUCH SPINOZA (I learned about that assmunch from John Taylor Gatto's videos -- brilliant man -- fantastic source!)

    BTW: I just read your 6/23 post about CNN's Overload of Headlines -- HILARIOUS!! That cracked me up -- haven't laughed like that in awhile! I could read a post like that every single day ... Hell, if I DID -- it'd probably help my demeanor ... A LOT!! Lol Do that again when you get the chance -- it was fantastic.

    One More Thing -- (sounds ominous, doesn't it? Lol) -- didn't you recently write a post saying that an inordinate amount of news content was linking with details from your life? If that WAS you -- (& I'm pretty sure it was) -- it's been happening to me too. For a long while now it was names, dates, places I was associated with now & in the past -- weirdly SPECIFIC details. Freaked me out -- then I got used to it.

    NOW though, it's ALSO referencing odd things I google or post. For example, I pretty well had RFG Chosen One nailed -- as a "resident" at the Vacaville Prison (&/or prison Hospital) 47 miles outside of Stockton. (Going into how I got to that conclusion would take too much time ... & it's probably a mute point by now anyway.) What's strange though is that while looking it up, a disturbing article was listed about Dead Prisoners With Missing (Harvested) Organs -- only THAT article is from SEVERAL years ago.

    I understand how search engines work & that a new story can bring an old one back up to the front ... but what has me wondering is WHY NOW? I knew nothing about this recent Vacaville news when I began looking into who this character REALLY was. And I've gone YEARS without even thinking about that place. Only it's not just that one episode. I'd posted a comment (on Zach's yt) comparing the UK's Boris Johnson to Gary Southern -- the owner of Freedom Industries accused of poisoning the Kanawha River (& local water supplies) in W. Va. a few years ago. It was a totally random "connection" -- & not a very good one either (turns out they don't look THAT much alike, lol!) Next day though -- CNN's reporting on flooding of that same river.

    So I ask you -- is it us? Or is this A. I.? You're intelligent & have had similar experiences, so I'd really like to hear what you think. Psychic? Being toyed with? Both? I know sometimes my computer acts up -- doing glitchy things that tech experts (ACTUAL knowledgable, trustworthy people) SWEAR are "impossible". Not cool things per se ... more like annoying things -- I NEVER complain about the awesomely weird things -- haha! I'm not freaked out by any of this -- it is whatever it is -- but it HAS caught my attention. I was almost tempted to experiment by writing something totally random -- (though the Kanawha River seemed pretty random at the time) -- now I'm not so sure. Thoughts? It's Freaky Deaky, man ... Freaky Deaky!! Lol ;D ;D

    1. I would guess you are thinking of jmontz. He had a post the other day pointing his connections to 41.

      I'm not sure what to make of all of this, even though I believe in God and some form of the spirit world, I'm not really a mystic. I think the world is pretty much what it seems. I think the mystic religions have been pushed for the same reason that post modern philosophy has been pushed. Mainly to remove people from their groundings in reality. It's the same with these obviously fake stories we are given. If you can keep people confused enough, they will stop paying attention, and spend more time watching TV and smoking crack. If you look at science, specially the way quantum mechanics and relativity are taught, they push the idea that reality isn't real. So they even use science to push their nonsense. The why when ever you read a modern book on mysticism they use quantum mechanics and it's silly Copenhagen interpretation to sell you the idea that physics supports mysticism. But, it's all the same misdirection.

      Who knows though, I don't know everything, so every thing I post could be completely delusional, so take my posts with a grain of salt. I just think that life and the highly complex universe that supports it has a purpose, and purpose implies an intelligence. So I'm pretty sure that a god exists, and that the god is at least 15 billion years old. There are pretty strong arguments to be made that something always had to exist so I imagine that God is eternal. But those might just be quirks in my own thinking.

    2. Thank you! I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to write such an insightful response. I agree 100% with you on ALL points. Just SEEING & reading those thoughts has been amazingly Clarifying & Refreshing. It has put things back into perspective for me ... or perhaps I should say -- reminded me of what was always there! Being surrounded by people who get their news & form their opinions based on Facebook, can sometimes make these truths harder to recall. As you pointed out -- CONFUSION is the name of the game -- & although I've spent many an hour trying to help others understand that -- clearly none of us is completely immune ... especially when the "source" of that confusion is not easy to articulate. Having regained my "sense of balance", I reread my post & began to see more clearly how I was being thrown off-kilter. God works through all of us, & "restoreth my soul" can be as simple as someone (such as yourself) taking the time to help another person sort things out. My questions were sincere -- but as you can imagine -- trying to discuss this with a "sleeper" would not only devolve into a tirade about sanity ... but would also likely be remembered & "weaponized" at some point in the future. I don't think most people possess the ability to really hear & comprehend the ACTUAL questions being asked -- certainly not in the way that you did. The "easy route" would have been to address "who's capable of doing what to whom" -- but -- as you (thankfully) realized -- THAT was never the point, as those are issues we can only speculate about. As you said, the world IS pretty much as it seems ... & the misdirection is aimed at erasing that Truth from our conscious mind. Once again -- Thank You. Our language makes it no easy task to convey abstract concepts -- but you did it beautifully ... & succinctly (lol)! ;D :D

  3. From the release of the Clash's 80s hit "Should I stay or Should I go" on 6-10-1982 to the date of the Brexit Vote was exactly 1776 weeks to the day.

    Darling, you've got to let me know.

    1. I was thinking about that song too. After a blew my "The Warrior" prediction, I haven't been looking at songs as closely. The name Clash is suggestive though.

    2. I am the Prince of Pop Culture Cultivation

      PPC---123 in Jewish
      My wedding anniversary is 1-23

    3. Heh, there wasn't a conspiracy involved was there?