Thursday, June 30, 2016

38 | Body parts wash up near Olympic games site, Rio, June 29, 2016

Notice this story comes June 29, 38-days from the start of the Olympics.


  1. Andre Luiz sounds so much like that other guy ... Andreas Lutz? Lubitz? The airline pilot who supposedly posed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge ... got depressed ... then flew a plane load of passengers into a mountain. What's next then with Rio? A plane crash full of athletes?? Place your bets now! ;D :D

    1. Oh hell yeah! (I had to think about that one for a bit! Lol)

      "TASTES LIKE CHICKEN" == 508 (J) ... 174 (P) ... 1044 (E)

      The script's ready -- I hear Spielberg's crafting in a Holocaust angle! ;D :D

  2. Mosquitoes aren't fucking around anymore.

  3. Reminds me of the "Two" bodies that washed up in Florida of that missing family.
    Plane crash full of Olympic tourist sounds more reasonable. I think an athlete may die of Zika cough cough or flesh eating ameba lol

  4. Reading the story:

    Tiffany Ap -- 98/44/623
    98 (prophecy)
    44 (kill, PsyOp)

    Tiffany is likely a newsbot they trot out to report deaths and predictions of deaths.

    Zika -- 47/20/520
    Virus -- 89/26/1079
    Zika Virus -- 136/46/1599

    47 -- Ohio (An Ohio athlete will likely catch it)
    136 -- Frankenstein (maybe man made?)
    46 -- sacrifice (everyone else but themselves)

    Andre Luiz -- 110/47/859 (Zika)
    nine one one -- 110

    human body parts -- 177/60/1066
    (Police = 60) (Conspiracy = 60)

    Olympic Beach Volleyball Arena -- 269/116/1956

    Francisco Dornelles the acting governor of Rio de Janeiro, mentioned that the games could be a big failure because Rio is bankrupt.

    Francisco Dornelles -- 84 ER
    Rio de Janeiro -- 123/69/933

    But, I'm looking for a fiasco.

    1. R D J (Rio De Janeiro) -- Bacon: 44 + 30 + 36 = 110
      (Just like Andre Luiz in Pyth!)

      "Blame it t on Rio" -- movie with Michael Caine -- 396 (J) ... 133 (P)

      Maybe Hillary will announce Tim Kaine as running mate while all eyes are on Rio, lol! ;D :D

    2. I remember that movie, it was terrible.

    3. Haha -- it sure was! Something about a Lolita-type daughter of his best friend pretty much screwing up Michael Caine's life as I recall ... but they presented it as though it was young love meets old love bullshit. HBO ran it over & over. Hey -- maybe that was one of those movies used as a cover for one of the actors to go Manchurian & assassinate someone while filming down there -- like Chuck Barris was claiming happened all the time! Haha! ;D :D

  5. I'd give an arm and a leg to make the Olympics.

    I'd give an arm and a leg---147

    The price you pay---187, 1122, 1381

    1. You've got to pay to play- --296, 1776

      I make myself laugh sometimes. Okay, a lot.

    2. You've got to pay to play -- 322 Bacon Method

    3. Every man has his price -- 101 ER 137 ERX

      We've seen 137 dollar amounts popping in sports news lately.

    4. Haha -- good ones! (You make US laugh too!) We know they're projecting their own brand of "humor" into these events -- so actually it makes sense to check out the "joke sums" too! Lol Maybe that "unidentified part" is a heart ... at all scripted events SOMEBODY "loses" their heart -- it's always "broken, ripped out, torn in two", etc.!!

      "PARTS IS PARTS" == (J) 7 6 1 ... (P) 1 7 6 ... (Interesting, eh?!)

      (Bacon) 488 / 20 ... & ... 83 / 11
      204 + 80 + 204 = 488 ..... 3 3 + 1 7 + 3 3 = 8 3

      Also 761 (J) = VACCINE ... & ... MANHATTAN, NY

      See kids -- Numbers CAN Be Fun!! ;D :D

    5. I do take this seriously, but very often I can't help but laugh at the absurdy of it all. I do think Body Parts Beach would be a great cheesey movie.

    6. Part Deaux -- Body parts blow in with a Sharkicane! Next up-- a beached whale swells up & explodes ... what it reveals no man could have imagined ... Their normal diet destroyed by radiation, the whales have adapted -- & now they're after people. Forget about Jonah ... because ... No One Gets Out Alive ...! Lol ;D :D

    7. Forget About Jonah is a great title.

    8. Heh heh -- use it ... & write that that script! ;D :D

  6. I've been reading about body parts washing ashore since the early 1990s usually a foot in a shoe, legs, or heads. One time it was a bag full of heads in Mexico. This seems related to the stories of cow mutilation by UFOs.

    I was thinking of the foot as symbolizing 12 inches or a ruler, measurement. Throwing shoes has been abother meme remember George W ducking 2 shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi?
    Legs could symbolism for a kick?

    I think there might have been a David Croninburg movie about that he loves gross body shock imagery.
    Interesting name Cronenburg, Cronos, time

  7. I always think of organ-harvesting when I see these ... or converting people into "Nutritional Protein" -- like with cattle, they'd toss out the unusable parts. Ever watch the movie "CLOUD ATLAS"?? If you haven't ... you MUST!! ;D :D