Thursday, June 30, 2016

13 37 42 47 96 99 101 104 106 | Coastal Carolina defeats Arizona in College World Series, June 30, 2016

Game 3 Rescheduled for '1:08':

On the 101st pitch by Arizona, an error by the second baseman, #13, Cody Ramer, allowed two runs to score.  The pitcher was #3, the batter was #7.

Cody = 3+6+4+7 = 20
Ramer = 9+1+4+5+9 = 28
Cody Ramer = 48

Cody = 3+15+4+25 = 47
Ramer = 18+1+13+5+18 = 55
Cody Ramer = 102 (Key of David)

Moments later, #37 would homer on the 104th pitch of the game, reminding of 3 (Pitcher) vs 7 (batter) just a moment earlier.  The #37, GK Young, has the name to match.

The announcer said it was his 99th hit of the season, a team record.  Recall how 'thirteen' connects to '99'.  It was #13 on Arizona that made this moment possible.

You have to like when they brought this stat up, the 96th home run, with 106 pitches.

There would end up being six runs in the sixth inning.

Six = 19+9+24 = 52 (Prophecy = 52)
6/30/16 = 6+30+16 = 52

GK = 7+11 = 18
Young = 25+15+21+14+7 = 82
GK Young = 100

GK = 7+2 = 9
Young = 7+6+3+5+7 = 28
GK Young = 37 (Wears #37)

37 is similar to '307', also for Freemason; the man who hit the 96th home run of the season.

307 is the 63rd prime, and when you sum every number up to 63, it totals 2016, like the year of this College World Series, with this new record.

His birthday is similar his initials GK, or 7 11.

10/17/1994 = 10+17+19+94 = 140 (Number often attached to prophecy)
10/17/1994 = 10+17+(1+9+9+4) = 50 (America)
10/17/1994 = 1+0+1+7+1+9+9+4 = 32 (America)
10/17/94 = 10+17+94 = 121 (Revelation)

This game comes 109-days before his 23rd birthday.  Today's game is in 'Omaha, Nebraska'.

76 mph "meat".  It might as well have been a home run derby pitch.

Arizona Wildcats = 67/76

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104

GK = 7+11 = 18
Baseball = 2+1+1+5+2+1+3+3 = 18

I notice Coastal Carolina are wearing black, like the recent championship Cavs, but also like the Panthers, who went down in the Super Bowl.

On the 93rd pitch of the game, Arizona would bring the score closer, 4-2, with a two RBI single.

While the score was 4-2, #47 was on the mound for Arizona, and the camera focused on his number for a lengthy period of time.  His name, Cameron Ming, #47, corresponds with 'Freemasonry'.

The name Cameron also has gematria of '33', the Freemason number of obsession.

Notice Cameron was born in '96.  The Freemason tribute came while the score was 4-2.  If you sum the divisors of the number '42', it totals '96'.

It should be noted that the first College World Series was played in '47, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

6/30/16 = 6+30+16 = 52 (Prophecy)

The game ended on the 49th pitch by the reliever, giving the title to 'Myrtle Beach'.

Revelation = 49

Arizona went down on the strikeout.

They won it 4-3, like a 'champion'.


It was also a fitting date to end the 'World' Series.

6/30/2016 = 6+30+20+16 = 72
World = 23+15+18+12+4 = 72


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  2. I overlooked AZ being 4-4 in CWS finals with a loss today.

    44 and 144 have a relationship

    Forty four = 144
    Coastal Carolina Chanticleers = 144

    1. How are you getting 144 for the team?

    2. Sorry, coastal carolina = 144

    3. Dont forget the game should of been played yesterday....

      4 years 4 days after AZ won their last championship in 2012.

      And now with a 4-4 record....

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  4. Did anyone see the mega zoom in on the '47'? I'll put it in the video I make.

  5. Now you wanna be Thorough with the sports predictions fuck face..should had did this with the Thurman Porter fight bitch

  6. Great pick Zach. Another winner, we cash again. Congrats everyone

    1. yea a win after a loss last saturday with that fight

    2. Sounds like Damon put his whole life savings on the fight. lol

    3. Damon, I never told anyone to take my pick, I said I spent 10 minutes on it and taught how to do it yourself plus said what else to look at. Learn the skills, use the information, don't trust me.

    4. Why you mad man?I won 5k on Coastal

    5. Mike Make a donation to Zack to pay his publishing costs. Itd the least you could do.

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    7. Mike = great picks sports guru

      Zachary= great at everything else.

      Work together we all want the TRUTH.

      Hopefully Lawrence Taylor, Julius Peppers or coach Roy William's don't get sacrificed for this.

      MJ too 😳

    8. I do not make any donations because it was my pick and my money I risked. Ive been gambling for way longer than Zachs been doing gematria. You dont need it to figure out winners

  7. You didnt even mention that the son of the cc chanticleers coach son played for the former champions, the virginia cavaliers.

  8. You didnt even mention that the son of the cc chanticleers coach son played for the former champions, the virginia cavaliers.

  9. You didnt even mention that the son of the cc chanticleers coach son played for the former champions, the virginia cavaliers.

  10. The Jersey Numbers from the Top Photo"

    24 + 33 = 57
    "Championship" = 57

    34 + 24 = 58
    "Freemasonry" = 58

    34 + 33 = 67
    "Blood Sacrifice" = 67

    34 + 24 + 33 = 91 [467 is the 91 Prime] & 46*7 = 322 or the reflection of 223. "Mirror" = 91

    The mirror of 91 equals 19 [8th Prime Number]
    "Nineteen" = 41 [13th Prime Number] & 86
    "Symbol" = 86

    Cody Ramer wears Number #13

  11. Portugal progress on penalties against Poland (62) 33 days after Ronaldo beat Atletico Madrid (62) in the final.

    Portugal are now 4/3 in penalty shootouts all time. 43 = Champion.

    Lewandowski opened the scoring for Poland as i said he would. On his 81st appearance on the 181st day of the year, 52 days before his birthday on a date with 52 numerology.

    Renato Sanches then equalizes on the 33rd min. Renato Sanches - 52. The game ended 1-1 in the 11th meeting between the two teams. Played a total of 121 mins - revelation.

    Queresma - 73 (Sacrifice) scored the winning penalty to knock out portugal, the round before he scored the winning goal that knocked out croatia in the 118th min - death - 118.

    A fitting player to keep knocking out these teams, he's 32 as well. 32nd prime = 131.

    Ronaldos having a mare of a tourney but he will score his 61st goal and equal platini's record of 9 goals in european championships in the final against france.

    Michel Platini = 131 so fitting the records matched or broken in a final. He's also french who will be portugals likely opponents if ive read it right.

    1. Great stuff. Did you catch my post yesterday/are you aware that Eusebio's death was exactly 131 weeks before the final?
      I actually had Portugal winning in penalties, as the coach now has 14 wins against 4 draws (yesterday technically a draw, depending on who is doing the bookkeeping), and his next birthday was in 14 weeks 4 days, AND the last match between Portugal and Poland was 4 years 4 months and 1 day.

      Zack my bad on the Toronto pick, they def had the numbers, but them the breaks. But my conclusion is that when a game is covered in the number 33, as that one was, it tends to go to the team with the 33 gematria.

  12. I think your hitting this out of the park Jmontz.

    Everyone else seems to be all over France.