Monday, June 27, 2016

39 54 63 84 144 | Arizona vs Coastal Carolina for the College World Series (Another Carolina in a championship)

Another Carolina team is in a championship in 2016.  This time it is Coastal Carolina vs Arizona in the college World Series.  Thus far, every single Carolina team has lost in championships this year; Clemson, Carolina Panthers, North Carolina Tar Heels.  Will Costal Carolina continue the trend?

Coastal Carolina = 54/63/144 (When you sum 1-63, it totals 2016)
Arizona = 39/84

The only hope I can see for Carolina, is that when the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals met in the NFC Championship, the Carolina team prevailed.  That said, that was not the 'championship', where Carolina teams are 0-3 in 2016.

With regards to this World Series in Omaha, I'm reminded of how in the Super Bowl, the ref was partial to the Broncos and played college football in Omaha as well.  The Super Bowl was on the 38th day of the year.

Omaha = 20/38

I'd have to do more research to make a prediction, but these people are very redundant.  Let us not forget Steph Curry was cheering for the Panthers and played college ball at Davidson, in North Carolina.


  1. I want to research this as well Zach. Should I just find news articles about the matchup and look for the numbers?

  2. Peyton Mannings favorite Word during a play call is "Omaha!"

  3. OT, but England with an historic loss to Iceland, and of course they are comparing it to Brexit. Ugh, we should have seen that one coming.

    1. I had Iceland to win before the game, was pretty obvious. England havent won a knochout match in forever and there was nothing to suggest they would win today.

      These people seem to love records and records from what ive seen are only broken on significant dates this wasnt one of them.

      I like a France v Belgium final.

    2. Jmontz, I remember reading you had France from the start, props to you.

    3. I haven't ever followed, but I've been following jmontz's calls, and he's done excellent.

    4. good call jmontz, I was feeling lucky so I placed 100 on +800 iceland, however the hype from the mainstream was all on england with little mentions of the dark horse Iceland so it seemed like a nice set up.

    5. are you still high on France winning it all? Tribute to Paris attacks and France is hosting, I remember you mentioned all the syncronicities of Paul Pogba and Lbj. I would pay you for your Euro Cup picks lol

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    7. I doubt that the Brexit had any effect on the game. Iceland wouldn't be a favorite with the internationalists. Remember that Iceland threw it's central bankers in jail during the the bust of 2008/2009

    8. ^ true I thought of that angle but I dont think game was actually rigged. Iceland was just better but england was def hyped in the MSM which was a great robbery

    9. Of course it was rigged. Every match is, but this especially, with England voting to leave the EU and crashing out of Euro days apart. And if you watched the game, you can see how disgusting it is, how they toy with people's emotions, even giving England a golden chance in the final seconds which of course they muffed. The announcers kept going on and on about how calamitous and embarrassing it was, and how dire the situation is for England having just left the EU. It's all a soap opera, but people think it's real and invest everything in it. It's all about energy.

    10. I agree with those points, I guess you could say the elite weere more angry about Brexit than they were about icelands anti-bankster stance

    11. I don't think the elites are angry about Brexit (or Iceland for that matter), they staged it.

    12. Brexti = 33
      Of course they're not angry about it, they scripted it all!

  4. The World Series is being played @ TD Ameritrade Park. Thats suspicious because the Head Coach of Coastal Carolina's football (not baseball) team was once the CEO of TD Ameritrade. Ha, you just gotta laugh.

    I didn't write this Script, but if we're sticking to it - Wildcats should Beat Carolina.

    1. Arizona Wildcats = 175

      They will be 17-5 if they win...

    2. Arizona University Wins College World Series = 517

      5 wins, in 17 appearances......


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  5. Arizona is in the 112th season to go with the 112th MLB World Series.

    Their coach coach Jay Johnson is in his first year as the coach. We saw Tyrone Lue win the Finals in his first year, the same as steve Kerr last year.

    Jay johnson = 131, 41
    Championship = 131

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  7. Sean Rooks former Arizona Wildcat died on 6/7. Also Prince's Bday. Both teams played 65 regular season games. Both made the Finals 65 days after the death of Prince. Arizona Wildcats=67 This is the 67th College World series in Omaha. 2B Chadwick for Carolina was a triple short of the Cycle on 6/25. They mentioned only 1 guy has hit for the cycle in the college world series. It was Jerry Kindall in 1956. His Minnesota team went on to beat Arizona in the Championship. He later coached Arizona getting them their first 3 Championships starting in 1976. Another guy named Jerry on his team in 1956 was the MOP. Jerry=76 Sean Rooks connection to 76ers. "Chanticleers"=117=Sean Rooks Coastal Carolina made the CWS after winning in Baton Rouge. Right after Obama's state of the Union he went to Omaha, and then to Baton Rouge. Arizona last won in their 109th season. Omaha Nebraska=109

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    2. Here's a fun fact...

      From the first college world series in Omaha, to tomorrow (6/28)

      is a span of 66 years 6 days....

  8. Arizona, if they win will have a total of 46 wins this season.

    Forty Six = 816

    Arizona = 681

    Notice they won in "1980" & "1986"

    Mens College World Series = 1608

    This is their "17th" CWS APPEARANCE
    Seventeenth = 1098

    They last won in their "109th" season...
    Seventeen = 109

    Wildcats = 91

    One Hundred Ninety Eight = 1464

    From their last World Series win in 2012, to tomorrow's date (6/28)
    is a span of "1464" days.....

    Also interesting that tomorrow's date leaves "186 days" left

    "June 28 is the 179th day of the year (180th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 186 days remaining until the end of the year.

    "In common years it is always in ISO week 26."

    College Baseball World Series = 260

    "The ISO week date system is a leap week calendar system that is part of the ISO 8601 date and time standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) since 1988"

    Arizona Wildcats = 1808

    If the series goes 3 games.....

    June Twenty Nine = 199

    They would get their "46th" win of the season...

    "199" is the 46th prime.....

    Seventeen = 990
    (17th CWS appearance)

    6/29/16 = 51

    Arizona Wildcats = 1050

    Wildcats = 546
    (5+4+6 = 15)

    And the kicker....

    Arizona Wins World Series = 296

    On a date of 6/29

    1. *note*

      I haven't looked into the numbers for the other team....

      Also, Arizona is starting the Championship with "44" wins....

      Usually Not a very good number.....

      Also from their 2012 championship win, to game 3 on 6/29......

      is a span of "4 years, 4 days" ......

      People should keep that in mind.....

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    3. ***EDIT CORRECTION****

      The "46" win total for Arizona is WRONG....

      They now have "49" wins....... 1 more will be "50"...

    4. Yea thought the 44 was off when I checked

    5. So 2 more wins they're at 51?

  9. So looks like
    Game 1 : Arizona
    Game 2 : Coastal Carolina
    Game 3: Arizona.

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    2. This would make sense Zach. Arizona has 49 wins and 22 losses. Coastal has 53 wins and 18 losses. Both have played 71 games. If the script is following the NBA Finals I can see both teams finishing with 73 games. GS broke the regular season record with 73 wins and Cavs finished thr season with 73 wins.

      It would make sense for Coastal to finish with 54 wins since GS home winning streak ended at 54 in Oracle (54).
      Coastal Carolina = 54
      Chanticleers = 54

      With that said, I could see this ending tomorrow where Arizona wins tomorrow to get to 50 wins on a day with 50 numerology (6+28+16) just like they got their 49th win on a day with 49 numerology (6+27+16)

    3. That was my only argument for Arizona winning Tuesday.

      6/28/16 - 6+28+16=50. Arizona win number 50.

      But I believe Coastal wins Game 2 , AZ clinches Game 3.

    4. Date numerology is typically very strong in predicting the winner though, tough call

    5. Looks like we were right about Coastal winning their 54th game. The follow the same patterns. Nice how they won 5-4 to get their 54th win. I expect Arizona to win the next game.

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    7. Agreed.

      Im looking forward to seeing the final box score tonight.

  10. Speaking of Carolina losses, I just realized I could have predicted Brexit by the fact that CAMERON collapsed in SB 50, and Peyton means royal or regal. Peyton has a connection to Independence Day. He was born on 200th year after 1776, and also got his all time record 200th win in SB 50, his last game. The Brexit - King James connection just keeps rolling along


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