Wednesday, June 29, 2016

33 52 239 | Peter Bergen on ISIS and 'Ramadan' (+Brother Berg decode on Istanbul)

Bergen, the man who leads the "terrorist narrative" in the mainstream, the man who supposedly had the "inside beat" on Osama bin Laden.

Bergen = 2+5+9+7+5+5 = 33 (Peter Bergen)

Nice post time little Peter.  The 239 is standing out.  Brother Berg points out that 'Terror in Turkey' sums to '1239' as well:

Remember, 239 is the 52nd prime number, the number of prophecy.

Ramadan = 18+1+13+1+4+1+14 = 52 (Prophecy) (Tennessee)

Remember, last year, the Tennessee shooting on the last day of Ramadan, July 16, 2015, where the shoot was "52-days" from his 25th birthday.  Ramadan = 25/52

Feel free to read the rest of the propaganda.  The only thing I want to say is this:  The day these scum are held accountable, I want to put Peter Bergen through the wood chipper myself.