Thursday, June 30, 2016

13 33 | 13 and 33 in sports, three quick observation (Coastal Carolina, Cleveland Cavalier

CM = 33 (Jewish Gematria)

Conor McGregor, CM, won in 13-seconds against Jose (13) Aldo, born '9/9'.

Cleveland = 33 (Pythagorean Gematria)

Cleveland won the NBA Finals for the first time in LeBron's 13th season.

CC = 33 (Simple English/Pythagorean Gematria)

Coastal Carolina (Cleveland Cavaliers) won the College World Series, making Carolina teams 1-3 in sports championships for the year of 2016.  1-3 is a lot like '13'.  It was #13 on Arizona that was crucial to the Coastal Carolina win, making an error that lead to 4 runs in the sixth, instead of zero.

We have observed that sometimes the '33' team wins in championships, but usually the '33' team loses.  I am looking for the indicator on how to determine 'when' the 'win' scenarios arise as opposed to the losing.  Perhaps this pairing of '13' and '33' is significant, which I will begin to look for.