Friday, June 24, 2016

138 139 | Donald Trump and from the June 23, 2016 Brexit vote to the November 8, 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

From the June 23 Brexit vote to the November 8 U.S. election, is 138-days.

From the June 23 vote to the November 8 vote is also a total span of 139-days.


  1. White hat--94, 564, 1311

    White cap--85, 510, 1086

    White Knight--134, 804, 1196

    White Night--123, 738, 1186

    White Rider--119, 714, 1200

    White Horse---130, 780, 1255

    Trumpet---113, 678, 575

    White Trumpet---178, 1068, 1597

    White Light---121, 726, 1166

    Whatever you do, lil moths, don't fly into the bright light when you "die". That's the recycling plant.

  2. Did you notice in the video he says he's told them about 219 times? I keep seeing this number all over. 8/7 normally the 219th day. It's the exact halfway point between "Queen Elizabeth II"=87 64th and 65th anniversary of Queen. It's 183 days between each. "Orange"=183 It's 87 days after the Philadelphia Train Wreck. Philadelphia Trainwreck to Pope's 79th bday was 219 days. 8/7 to his 3rd anniversary being Pope was 219 days. 6/24 to 8/7 is 44 days. This year 8/6 is the 219th day which reminds me of Hiroshima. "Olympic Games"=138 "Paris Attacks"=138 "Andrew Jackson"=138 Jackson famous for winning the Battle of New Orleans. I noticed yesterday "Louisiana"=38 "Napoleon"=38 Bonaparte=38 Napoleone di Buonaparte=223 France in it's 223rd year.

    1. I think France is in its 224th year, but very good work.

  3. Stephen Collinson -- 200 Se / 74 Er / 630 Je

    We'll see him for a big story on July 4th.

  4. I keep thinking that is Sara Michelle Geller with him.

  5. I just remembered something about Trump that I wanted to share. For many years, I was a follower of Astrology and am very good about acknowledging and remembering loved ones birthdays. This was before the internet was popular. During those years I would make mental notes about celebrities birthdays, too. During the past 5 to 10 years, I noticed that many celebrities that I followed or had a memory about their birth date actually had a totally different birthday listed online or acknowledged in present day media. Trump is one of those celebrities that I thought had a birthday earlier in the year (I thought he was an Aries) but was surprised to hear this past week that he had a birthday in June. So, after following this blog I'm really starting to wonder if these birthdays are legit or set for certain dates to fall in line with gematria or whatever may be the reason.

  6. How about that GIRAFFE NECK on Ivanka?? WTF? She looks like a visitor from E.T.'s planet who's "donned" a Human Meat Suit. (yeah ... that's gross, Lol!) Hmm ... E.T. couldn't stand bright light either. The kid in the Red & Black jacket seems to have noticed something "odd" about her too (OR ... is his stare meant to draw us in & "follow his gaze"? Just wondering ...). Either way, she STILL looks like this golf course is actually on Dr. Moreau's Island.

    Also -- WHY is she TRYING to imitate Stevie Wonder with that pose? Another in-joke -- because she happens to be shown standing in front of a black man? (Probably the ONLY black man at "Trump's Very Own Scottish Golf Course".) Of course that's IF he was ever "really" there at all. Her neck has OBVIOUSLY been photoshopped -- so why would they stop there? As smarmy Don gave his podium performance, I couldn't help thinking that The Entire Event appeared to be a Green-Screened production. (Can't have Candidate Trump's comb-over flip-flopping in the breeze like it USED to do ...!) ;D ;D


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