Sunday, July 10, 2016

33 79 156 187 | Cristiano Ronaldo, born 156-days before July 10 UEFA Championship over France (and that 'left knee' injury)

Only Ronaldo took off his shirt after the game.

After the game, the camera was on the world's highest paid athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo.  He missed the majority of the game after being hurt with a knee injury in the first half.

31 is the 11th prime, soccer is a game of 11 on 11 (So is 'football')

Notice that from his 31st birthday to today, the date of the championship, is 156-days, the number attached to '33'.  Ronaldo was out with a 'left knee' injury.

7/10/16 = 7+10+16 = 33
UEFA = 21+5+6+1 = 33

His name also connects to 'Champion', as well as '187'.  There's something about '187' I am still missing.

It should be noted that the winning goal came in the 109th minute, connecting to 'European Championship'.

Note of interest:  This game comes 126-days before the November 13, 2015 Paris terror attack hoax, which impacted this very same stadium.

This reminds of the MLS Championship last year on December 6, 2015, between the 'Ohio' team and the 'Oregon' team.

Ohio = 47 (France = 47)
Oregon = 74 (Masonic = 74) (OR = 33) (Oregon is the 33rd State)

12/6/15 = 12+6+15 = 33

The MLS was established December 17, 1993.

12/17/1993 = 1+2+1+7+1+9+9+3 = 33

The CEO is 'Don' 'Garber'.

Don = 4+15+14 = 33
Garber = 7+1+9+2+5+9 = 33

The team from Oregon, the 33rd state, won.  Notice the reported attendance, 21,747.


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  2. Just as I said, Portugal upsets France. Quick +230, easy double up

    1. Nowhere, he just makes it up as he goes.

    2. Bet them at the William Hill app in Vegas last night. +230 last night, +175 this morning

  3. I feel good that I spotted a lot of the coding before the match. Learned from the best.

    Cristiano Ronaldo = 79
    Ronaldo = 79
    He weighs 79kg
    Champion = 79

    156 days from birthday to the match.

    It's 111 days from Griezmann's birthday to this match. That's interesting because Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday numerology is 111:
    2+5+19+85 = 111

    Regarding Antoine Griezmann
    Antoine = 33
    Griezmann = 53
    The match had date numerology of 33 and 53

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  6. When does your book come out? I'm looking forward to order it! :-)
    Greetings from Germany!

  7. Here is part of the Code Key: [911 is the 156th Prime]

    "One Hundred Fifty Six Years" = 123 = "Conspiracy"
    "One Hundred Fifty Six Months" = 126 [One Two Six = 144]
    "One Hundred Fifty Six Weeks" = 118 = [One Five Nine = 118]
    "One Hundred Fifty Six Days" = 113 [11 x 3 =33]
    "One Hundred Fifty Six Hours" = 127 [31st Prime]

    "One Hundred Twenty Six Years" = 119 [911 Reflection]
    "One Hundred Twenty Six Months" = 122
    "One Hundred Twenty Six Weeks" = 114 [11 x 4 = 44]
    "One Hundred Twenty Six Days" = 109
    "One Hundred Twenty Six Hours" = 123 [123 + 321 = 444]

    "One Hundred Forty Four Years" = 131
    "One Hundred Forty Four Months" = 134
    "One Hundred Forty Four Weeks" = 126 [One Two Six = 144]
    "One Hundred Forty Four Days" = 121 = "Revelation"
    "One Hundred Forty Four Hours" = 135 & 333

    "One Hundred Forty Four Days" = 121 = "Revelation"
    "One Two One" = 126
    "One Hundred Twenty One" = 96 [If a Six Was Nine]
    "If a Six was Nine" = 144
    "If a Six is Nine" = 66 [Get it?]

    "Nine Hundred Eleven Years" = 112 [Alt 911 Dialing Code]
    "Nine Hundred Eleven Months" = 115 = "Scottish Rite Freemasonry"
    "Nine Hundred Eleven Weeks" = 107 = "Shooting"
    "Nine Hundred Eleven Days" = 102 = "Key of David"
    "Nine Hundred Eleven Hours" = 116 [911 Reflection]
    "One One Six" = 48 & 120 = "illuminati"

    "Nine Hundred Eleven" = 89 [98 Reflection]
    "Eighty Nine" = 116 [911 Reflection]
    "One One Six" = 48 & 120 = "illuminati"

    "Thirty Three Years" = 89 [Eighty Nine = 116]

    "Forty Four Days" = 67 = "Blood Sacrifice"

    I bet if we followed this in the dates we will predict accurately

    1. would greatly appreciate your work blog site just getting started

    2. Just got on there! Lets try to win some money!

  8. Hey Zach and the Truth seekers i'm also new to this blog but not to this knowledge. If anybody is questioning their reason for being in this 3rd dimension (This Planet lol). This book will change your life forever i stumbled upon it by accident when i was looking for an engineering book. I read the contents and it made me understand where all these so called enlightened people came from including Einstein. Then i realised its in all of us. Check it out its called The Genius Frequency By: John J Falone. Absolutely Amazing. We are all one fight the duality. Also when is that book coming out Zach??

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    2. @Lavel. After reading your recommendation I checked out that book on Amazon - did you notice it has a pyramid on the cover and contains 444 pages? Also, some of the authors dedications are a bit mysterious. Just some observations, I'm not saying it means anything.

    3. Yes. I did notice that. This book is really about the true essence of what all humans on this planet should know. The information in this book would be considered "occult" (Hidden) knowledge. Stuff that any very spiritual person would understand. If you study Gematria And Science as well as religion you will see there is no difference between all three and we have been lied to our whole lives.

  9. Also Notice Ronaldos birth numerology this year is 43?

    He wins the Champions league and European championship 43 days apart. He went into the final missing a total of 43 free kicks something they kept mentioning as if it was important.

    Scored 61 goals for portugal, a number that connects back to championship.

    The managers birth numerology is 36 this year. He wins same day as Murray who also has 36 birth numerology. Murray won his 38th title. Portugal = 38.

    Lewis Hamilton also won the british grand prix earlier the same day. Hamilton = 38.

    The two fighters who won belts the day before at UFC200 were Nunes and Aldo. Both Brazilian fighters, we all know brazilians are basically Portuguese though.

    1. Jmontz good stuff all these events tied into each other

    2. Jmontz we are trying to figure out who's gonna win the home run derby right now any suggestions?

    3. It's today MLB home run derby we have a few options just checking to see if you looked into that

  10. The play Hamilton also came to an end