Thursday, July 28, 2016

33 52 73 106 137 | Khizr Khan's son got killed by a car bomb & the prophecy propaganda of the DNC Convention, July 28, 2016

Watch speech here:

Remember when Time said Hillary Clinton was the 'perfect' age to be President as a woman?  That was April 3, 2015, 9-days before she announced her campaign.  If Hillary becomes President, her first term will end at age 73 for Hillary.

"Hillary's America" was Hillary's introduction to the beginning of a fictitious story about a Muslim soldier in the U.S. army, who supposedly fought in Iraq 2004 and was killed in combat from a car bomb.  The car bomb reportedly killed him at age 27.

We know about the "27 Club".

Notice the name of this actor agent playing the father of the deceased soldier, Khiz Khan.  It has gematria of '106', like 'prophecy', like Philadelphia being the city named from the book of prophecy, Revelation.

Khizr Khan is the name of an Indian ruler in history:

The convention began 106-days before the upcoming November 8 election.

With regards to the election being November 8, there is a major emphasis in the story of the death of his son about him taking "ten steps" in the direction of the "car bomb" after telling his men to stand back; 'ten steps' has gematria of '118', a lot like November 8, or 11/8.  His "bravery" resulted in his death.  Sadly, no where in this story, were the American people reminded that the Iraq war was started by the numbers, based on nothing but lies to the American people.

Notice the name of the son.

It connects to 'authority', 'president', and 'Clinton'.  This contrived narrative presented by this actor agent, Khizr Khan, is a message that comes from the "authority", the people who contrive these elections, news and war by the numbers.  They are the Masonic-Zionist Jews.

137, the 33rd Prime Number