Sunday, July 31, 2016

Reader Contribution | Rene Descartes & "I think therefore I am", another "113"

These are some great finds; 106; 113; 213


  1. "I Am" is where everything begins, everything begins with an idea - a thought,
    We are all one - that's the only way you could treat someone else as yourself, because spiritually we are all connected - do unto others as you would have others do unto you - like I've said before the elites have hijacked this knowledge and used it against us, it's time we take it back - they hijack our consciousness - we have to be in control of our own minds and then we can accomplish beautiful things in this world, only "Now" truly exists, we can only think of the past or future - but we can live in the now - I am = now
    I was = past
    I will = future
    I am is the now - that's where the power is,
    Let's stop letting the elites use this power against us - when we can just as easily use it for ourselves for the betterment of our families our communities and ourselves, there are a lot of enlightened people on this blog - thank you all for your contributions and thank you zach for waking so many people up.

    1. Ahh Rene Descartes. One of my favourite mathematicians next to Issac Newton And James Clerk Maxwell. Nice post. I would love to invite others to research these great men and understand most of them if not all were part of secret societies huge master builders exposing the physics of our beautiful universe. Again as Anthony Brownlee and Zach has said its important to unplug from the matri The Zionist have created. Every thought form you create is energy in the 5th dimension. How much your vibrate your thought forms allows that thought form to manifest into your physical reality. E=MC^2 Energy = Matter Einsteins famous equation (you see why it was so famous). Think about that for a minute. They control the matrix. Every one of our thoughts are manipulated every day. Think about this because its gonna get deep. They control the media, they control mostly Radio and Television (everything has an ANTENNA to control electromagnetic waves look for them). So Every thought form they manipulate (Mass Hypnosis) turns into a reality. As long as they control your thoughts they control reality its a cancer and we need to rid ourselves of this cancer by completely unplugging from the matrix and meditate on good thoughts good vibrations for the better of humanity and the universe.

    2. I agree with Anthony entirely, but I wasn't allowed to reply to him by the server lol. I agree with I think therefore I am, but this knowledge has been hijacked from us. The true statement in Latin from Descartes is Cogito ergo sum. I am therefore I am. There are a lot of enlightened people on this blog and we have to know that at this point we're of a small handful of people. The masons have knowledge to be sure, but they don't know how to apply it or what it even is really. They're fucking insane, lost, silver spoon pigs who never grew up and were handed down esoteric knowledge from their fathers who didn't understand anything other than self worship which is what satanism boils down to. Thanks to everyone on this blog raising awareness!!

    3. Kudos to everyone trying to spread a positive message, it's hard being positive sometimes and I appreciate reading thoughtful things like this


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