Sunday, July 31, 2016

135 | The word "Me" and how manmade prophecy is being fulfilled against the wishes of humanity

The Key of David = 135

The Key of David is the instrument in bringing about prophecy.  We the people of the world, are living out a manmade prophecy, that is being fulfilled by madmen.  You know how they have done it?

M = 13
E = 5

ME = 13 5

It is very easy to see how we've been conquered as a people, as hundreds of millions of people.  We've all been duped into focusing on ourselves, while neglecting what is happening around us.  Almost every last one of us is running on a mouse wheel, just trying to keep up, focusing on ourselves and not much else.

Work = 67; Busy = 67; Freemasonry = 67; Satanic = 67 (Self serving)

We have to pay the bills, we have to feed ourselves, we need a minute to let ours minds rest.  When the whole of humanity is on this same mouse wheel, living the same way, not worrying about anything but staying afloat, it makes it easy for the tyrants to go on with their agenda, that no individual man can stand against.  Putting the focus on 'me' for all of us, has allowed them to rule over us all, with tyranny, without resistance.

We have to get past 'me' and start seeing 'we' and what kind of world we're living in, and what kind of world we're bringing new life into.  When humanity starts wanting to do something for more than just themselves, that's when we'll overcome.  It is well known to those who are aware, doing kind things for others, and living for a purpose greater than yourself, that is what brings real happiness.  Here's to more happiness, and overcoming.