Friday, July 29, 2016

14 33 39 41 42 55 59 119 | The death of Tony Dungy's son, December 22, 2005, as a ritual sacrifice for Super Bowl 41

Notice the date Tony Dungy's son died, December 22, 2005.  This was a ripped

12/22/2005 = 12+22+20+05 = 59 (Kill) (Negro) (Slave) (Blues)
12/22/2005 = 12+22+(2+0+0+5) = 41 (Tony Dungy would win Super Bowl 41)
12/22/2005 = 1+2+2+2+0+0+5 = 14 (Dead)
12/22/05 = 12+22+05 = 39 (Indianapolis Colts = 93) (39-Books in OT)

The number '409' is the same as '49', the number of 'Revelation'.  Recall how Tony Dungy's birthday and Revelation factored into his Super Bowl win on February 4, 2007?

2/4/2007 = 2+4+20+07 = 33

Notice Tony Dungy was born October 6, or 10/6.  Prophecy = 106

He would win Super Bowl 41 106-days after his birthday.  Super Bowl = 41

Look at the name of the medial examiner who made the call.

This loss of life also came after the Colts lone loss of the season, against San Diego, on December 18, 2005.  'San Diego' and 'Tony' have a connection.  Recall how '74' also connects to sacrifice.

Jesus = 74
Cross = 74

Notice the loss came on the 18th day of the month, and his son died at age 18.

12/18/2005 = 12+18+20+05 = 55 (Sacrifice = 55) (Tony Dungy born in '55) (Satan = 55)

After losing, the Colts fell to 13-1, a lot like '131'.

Also, that score, 26-17. reminds me of playing 'God', and connects back to the date of death for Tony's son.


  1. Okc sacrificed a lot of ppl in didn't win in lost durant . The Knicks had a lot of scarfices in we no there not going anywhere maybe wcf but that's it

    So sacrifice maybe but I doubt if had anything to do with the Super Bowl

    1. In I believe woody Johnson sacrificed his daughter in the jets are never going to even appear in the sb

  2. they definitely sacrificed that little bastard

  3. The worst part is how Dungy always throws his faith in everything. I noticed some teams have many deaths but do not win. I guess it's all about the " numbers"

    1. Not always about the championships, a lot of times it's a sacrifice for money or status. Big contracts often come at times of death or lucrative endorsements. And plenty of people are willing to sacrifice someone for second place.

  4. This was totally connected, very easy to see, whether it was a sacrifice or just a script for a clue oh well its def still a lie regardless