Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why Democrats are better than Republicans (but neither party is worth supporting)


Don't twist my words, I hate both parties and don't support either, but you have to be blind to not realize that the Democrats are at least willing to talk about things that actually matter to people, even though they never deliver.  For example, if you watched the GOP Convention, there wasn't a single mention of the TPP, and none of the tool Republicans in the audience had any signs showing their opposition to it.  Meanwhile, at the DNC, it is full of anti TPP signs.

Republicans, never on point and constantly spewing filth.
Democrats, spineless and full of shit, but at least mention the truth on occasion.


  1. Just goes to show you how hypocritical the Republican party is. Being the party of "limited government" (gimme a break), they should be the one's opposed to TPP. I feel like the natural way people should be is moderate on the bullshit left/right scale, as in, "I have a brain, so I don't lump all of my views into one side of the political spectrum out of some sort of prideful spite and idiocy." Yet most people change their logic to fit and justify the way they vote.

  2. Yup, both bad though I would not say that one is more/less lying, filthy or truthful/untruthful than the other. It just depends upon one's palatability for whichever lies, filth and brand of truth one wishes to tolerate.