Friday, July 29, 2016

40 83 173 | 'A rhetorical face-slap', CNN headlines, July 29, 2016, Khizr Khan's DNC propaganda speech 

A headline right for a rigged election by the numbers, filled with actor agent on top of actor agent.  If you missed my post on this fraud of a man holding up the Constitution, read here:

In Simple English, the headline connects back to Hillary.

173, the 40th prime number.

And let us not forget the connection of how '40' connects to '84' and United States of America.


  1. "His son" also went to the University of Virginia and lived in Virginia, just like her VP pick Tim Kaine, seems like this contrived speech was to provoke people and a tribute to Tim Kaine.

    His son died June 8th, 2004.
    June 8th of this to year to and including inauguration day is 227 days like Pi.
    Virginia = 53 R
    June 8th to but not including Election day is 153 days like Virginia.
    He is said to have died in Iraq 27 R just like the age he 'died' at.
    he went to the "University of Virginia" 119 R an inversion of 911 which they had to code into this story to make sure people fear a fake Islamic terror threat.
    Definitely a made up story meant to pull at people's heart strings and hate Donald Trump for his remarks when she is no better, they're all the same and people need to realize it.

    1. Also June 8th written out as "June Eighth" equals 53 R like Virginia and like the span til election day.