Tuesday, July 26, 2016

38 43 223 666 | Machete attack Reutlingen, Germany (More Islamic propaganda)

Prophecy = 666 (This is part of the mad man prophecy narrative)

Stuttgart = 1+2+3+2+2+7+1+9+2 = 29/38 (Germany = 38) (Death = 38)

Notice this story takes place in 'fast food restaurant', immediately reminding of the McDonald's shooting, and also notice the detail about it being 'Turkish', remedying of the recent coup and ongoing propaganda coming out of Turkey targeting ISIS.

Masonic = 223
The Synagogue of Satan = 223


The attack happening at 4:30 reminds of the San Ysidro massacre (at McDonald's) hoax of 1984, which the Munich McDonald's shooting was a tribute to.

San Ysidro = 43
Massacre = 43


This story does not say the person was affiliate with ISIS, but does support the ongoing propaganda of banning Muslims from certain parts of the world, a narrative popular in the United States and elsewhere.