Tuesday, July 26, 2016

38 49 57 106 163 | Team USA beats China 106-57 at Staples Center, July 24, 2016

Notice they won with 106 points, and by a margin of '49'.

Prophecy = 52/106
Revelation = 49/67/121

Also, the game was in the 'Staples Center'.

Staples Center = 49/58/67157

7/24/2016 = 7+24+20+16 = 67

The total sum of points was also 163, the 38th prime number.

Gold = 20/38

The 57 losing points also pops.

Fifty-Seven = 131
Championship = 131
Super Bowl = 131

4-2, 7-4... you have to like how they start the numerical reporting.

Notice #35 Durant lead in scoring.

China = 3+8+9+14+1 = 35


Here is the box score:  http://www.usab.com/news-events/live-stats/2016/07/box-score-2016-mnt-showcase-game-usa-vs-china1.aspx


  1. Right after their 111-74 win over Argentina. Nice to know the world is on board with the rigging.

  2. LOA, it just keeps keepin on! Argentina = 44

    I just saw the news about the reported Rouen attack and did a quick post on it here, if anyone is interested.


  3. Josh Gordon wr for the Browns was reinstated yesterday and can come back week 5. If he does indeed come back week 5 he would have missed 33 of 68 games.and that week they play the patriots which their suspend star tom Brady would be making a return week 5 as well just throwing it out there

  4. Hey Zach could you do a video on the Yankees trading Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs?

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  6. I wanted you to know how incredibly on point your opening for the (excellent) Wikileaks/Bernie Sanders video was ... Just spent a few weeks with family & am still reeling. Your comment about "Buzz" was SO accurate! Having truly seen what now passes for "intelligence" in our Nation Of Fucktards, it's hard to maintain any kind of positive outlook for the future. I've got a lot of catching up to do, but it's good to finally return to your sites -- where TRUE "reality" still exists!

    BTW -- your piece on Jeff Young's show was great too ... & much support for your decision to change the release date for your book ...

    Thanks for sticking with us & working so hard -- hell, it's gonna take awhile for me to even be able to write logically again ... my brain's gone mushy! Duhh -- I'll just keep reading your posts & watching your videos til this fog of stupidity dissipates. :D ;D

  7. Forty Nine Points" in the English Reduction system equals 84 / 93

    China Fifty Seven Points" in the English Reduction system equals 106

  8. Plane crash is coming, hopefully it's trumps!

  9. Durant will play his 1st game at oracle against china