Thursday, July 28, 2016

42 142 | Obama gives DNC address 12-years to the day of his 2004 address, when he was '42' years old

Notice how not a single thing Obama said is true (typical).  Courage?  Optimism?  Ingenuity?  Not Americans.  Cowards.  Followers.  Believers.  Sheeple.  Low skills.  Next to worthless.  These are the truths of most Americans.  These are words that a brave person would say, instead of comforting bullshit, what Obama has spewed since 2004, 12-years ago, when he was '42' years old, and his Jewish owners brought him out like the good little house 'nigger' he was and has always been.  (Nigger = 42) Also notice how he brought up the false flag events of Orlando and Nice.  Now let's go back and look at the date of his 2004 Key Note Address at the DNC, in Boston that year, also given on the date July 27, 2004.

7/27/2004 = 7+27+20+04 = 58 (Freemasonry) (George W. Bush)
7/27/2004 = 7+27+(2+0+0+4) = 40 (United States)
7/27/2004 = 7+2+7+2+0+0+4 = 22 (Boston) 
7/27/04 = 7+27+04 = 38 (Jew) (Change) (163, the 38th prime) (Barack Hussein Obama = 163)

This speech was given eight days before Obama turned 43-years old, a foreshadowing of him becoming the 43rd person to be President.  The speech was given during the time of the 43rd President, George W. Bush.

When Obama spoke for John Kerry, the Skull and Bones member in 2004, Kerry lost.  That's something else worth thinking about.  If you witnessed the speech back then, you might recall how the media instantly began asking if Obama might be the first black president, like Tupac Shakur had rapped about in his 1998 song 'Changes', which released after his death.  Here is Obama's 2004 speech:


  1. "Keynote Address" = 57 & 165
    "United Nations" = 57 & 165

    07/27/2004 = 22
    "Twenty Two" = 165
    "United Nations" = 165

    Also note that
    "Tuesday July Twenty Seventh" = 93
    "Propaganda" = 93
    "Saturn" = 93

  2. Excellent post. Those really are the truths of most Americans! Not only are most people here afraid of the objective truth, they're really afraid of themselves. They're afraid to be who they really are and know what could set them free. It's like Jim Morrison said, people love their chains and when you try to liberate them they act like you're trying to steal their most prized possession


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